Sugar Glider Pics

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Mrs I

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Super happy with my new female sugar glider from Dixilizards...

She is awesome... thank you very much...

I was concerned about introducing her to my male, but they seem to get along great and are sharing the same box.

She has a cute little white tip on her tail.

I am so hoping that they like each other enough to produce some offspring.

Still havent named them, they are very friendly the male comes down every night and eats treats from my 3 yr old daughters hand.

The female will let me feed her treats but i have only had her a few days so i am sure she will become just as tame as the boy, as when i first got him he wouldnt come near me..

Anyway here is a few pics...

And no they arent kissing he was stealing her treats lol ...


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They are neat little critters. I'm currently in the process of designing a larger outdoor cage for mine.

Nice fluffballs Tazza (aren't you happy I'm so good at convincing you to buy animals...?).

Mrs I

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Yeah thanks Shawn, love them to bits.... they are so awesome to keep.

Treats atm are dates and cherries ... but i mix it up they will take their first piece of food from me (or my daughter) every night, and sit and eat that while i put their other food out.

I put some around their cage so they have to search around. Basic food goes in a dish..

I would like to add a section to my avairy like what they have at the zoo with 2 doors... so their is no chance of escaping..

I know SA and VIC can keep them i think thats it ?? unless you have a demonstrators license.

Super happy !


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I believe you can have them in NT also. Great pics, glad your girl is settling in well.
They are such great pets, I just love mine! :)


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Good to see all is well Taryn, hope you do enjoy these guys for years to come and the joys of baby gliders next season.
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