T8 Lighting systems.

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    Hello all,
    Seeking advice about an alternative for dual t8 lighting systems within an enclosure that don't require a range/ballast. Currently have 20+ enclosures with an assortment of different t8 branded ranges/ballasts lighting systems but I'm wanting to do a complete makeover of all turning them into bio active enclosures so don't want to see the range/ballast. Have seen the Eco terra 40 w t8 dual Flexi lighting system and wanting something like that just not that price with a few systems to install so any other alternatives would be appreciated. Has to be dual per tank. Any other advice in regard to lighting for live plants would also be appreciated. I have some plant glo tubes laying around so was going to dual that tube with a uvb suitable pet species, any other method?
    Anyway thanks for taking the time to read and any help would be appreciated.

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