Trip to Rhodes(Greece)

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    In August I went on a family holiday to amazing island of Rhodes only a 4hr trip from U.K.
    Hotel was really nice and was plenty of reptiles about[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] this big guy came sunbathing while having breakfast one morning think he agame family[​IMG][​IMG] some other bits around [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    I went looking for snakes but sadly didn’t find any, the locals said there’s normally loads about and often find them in the fields, it was all farmland each side of the hotel and was a big dried up river bed , there was loads of lizards darting about,think it was too hot in the day for them to be out, didn’t fancy standing on a viper if I looked at at night when it was still 25-30 as i didn’t have a torch
    Better look next year, never seen any snakes in the wild

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