Water dragons fish diet?

Discussion in 'Australian Lizards and Monitors' started by Rocksher, Mar 22, 2020.

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    Mar 22, 2019
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    Just trying to find new treats or diet for our water dragons

    Can they eat fish? Or pieces of chicken?
    If so what type of fish? Ones that can be out in their little pond and catch them? And ones you can get from the pet aquarium?

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    Feb 19, 2020
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    I could be wrong but I don’t think they “fish” for food so they most likely will not eat any fish you put in a pond, although if you were to put it in front of them like a cricket they would probably eat it if it isn’t too big, and yes bits of chicken, the occasional bit of ham, mice pinkies or fuzzies even ( depending on the dragons size) just for treats though.
    If you can make sure to give them their veggies as well they would have a good diet.
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    I recall seeing wild water dragon submerge in a pond and come to the surface with little fish in it's mouth , which it proceeded to bash the crap out off ( stun and tenderise I guess ) before munching it up and swallowing it.
    I think if they can catch them they'll take submerged worms, frogs, tadpoles, water insects, yabbies, shrimp, and small fish.

    Make sure the chicken is lean boiled mince.
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    Hi Rocksher,

    They are scavengers and will eat anything including their own kind. Like all lizards they don't decipher the difference between what's considered a treat and what's not all they're concerned with is getting something to eat. If you want to offer live fish go ahead and see how it turns out. They do dive and eat both salt and fresh water fish in the wild. They'll also eat dead fish that wash up on the side of waterways or on the beach. We have them in abundance around where I live and it's not uncommon to see them dive underwater and come up with a fish. I don't know where you live but if you're ever on the Gold Coast go to Greenmount Point where, if you're patient and lucky enough, you might see them actively diving amongst the rocks for fish or even eating dead fish washed up or disguarded by fishermen or (to be politically correct) fisherwomen. If you're ever in Brisbane city go and have a look in the parks or around waterways and you'll see that they will eat food scraps and any other food left lying around that they consider edible. If you're in Sydney spend sometime around the scrub on the outside or inside of Taronga Zoo and again you might be lucky enough to see the same things. You'll also see that all the Water Dragons around Brisbane, Greenmount and Taronga are very health.

    If you want to feed them chicken (cooked or raw) you can give it too them in small bite sized pieces and if you want to use mince (or any type of mince for that matter) it's ok to give it to them raw as well. In saying that remember that they don't get cooked diners in the wild.


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