Wildlife strikes back: Plea to keep cats safe inside

Discussion in 'Reptile News' started by Flaviemys purvisi, Jan 18, 2019.

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    NOOSA snake catcher Luke Huntley has issued a public plea to residents to keep their cats inside, after a python had an afternoon feast on a beloved family pet.

    The cat had reportedly got a little too curious about the snake in its backyard when it was eaten.

    Mr Huntley says there are too many risks involved with letting a cat roam free, including cars, dogs and snakes.

    "Keep your cat in and get an outdoor enclosure for them,” he said.

    "Keep your loved family cat inside and safe.”
    Noosa snake catcher Luke Huntley often posts videos and photos of remarkable snake catchers, but the internet went into meltdown after he posted a video of him holding his pet red belly black snake, Russell. He wants to show even venomous snakes are not inherently aggressive, while urging people to keep a safe distance from snakes and respect them.

    Mr Huntley said his message didn't stem from a "hatred” of cats, but from wanting to keep them and native wildlife safe.

    "They're not going to get hit by cars, they're not going to get attacked by dogs if they go into a dog's yard, they're not going to have fights with other cats and they're not going to get diseases,” he said.

    "If you really care about your cat, why would you then risk your cat by letting it go roaming?”

    About three in 10 calls Mr Huntley receives are related to cats, most of which are cats that have brought snakes into the house.

    "About a year ago a lady called me saying she had a red belly in her house,” he said.

    "Her cat found it in the forest next door and ran in with it, the cat then dropped it at the feet of her five-year-old Autistic son. Lucky he was OK.”

    He said situations like that would never happen if cats were kept inside.

    "We have such a beautiful country and our wildlife is precious. Let's keep it that way,” Mr Huntley said.

    Anyone needing assistance with a snake can call Mr Huntley on 0499 920 290.
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    Good luck getting cat owners to keep their cats inside or in outdoor cat runs , most don't and don't care what their cats get up to when not inside with them (for visits).
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    Pretty much this, they have the cat make appearances once in a while and that's it. When I was younger we had outdoor cats and one got hit by a car, another died of an STD it picked up and another just went missing.

    Now I make my own choices about where my cat lives its strictly indoor.
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