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Win a pair of Olive Pythons!

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We are running a competition on our Facebook page where one lucky keeper will win a pair of Olive Pythons.

Check it out HERE

In the mean time, heres a pic of an amazing three metre Albino Olive Python.

We can't wait to bring more of these special animals into the hobby this season. It's gong to be a cracking year with plenty of clutches laid and more females to go.


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Done, It was an Olive Python that got me interested in Reptiles and I have dreamed of owning them ever since. Damn I hope I win a pair of these beauties.


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done and dusted
i want some so bad my wife says we cant afford to buy any more'
so i figure i wouldn't hurt to enter


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Shared twice so far, will share a few more times and will happily upset my entire FB friends list for the possibility of snagging some olives... Love olives...


Damn WA and their regulations. Excluding us from the rest of the country yet again.


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@YayPythons click on the link to their facebook page. Scroll down to the picture of the albino olive. Then you just like and share. All instructions are above the pic on fb.


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Good luck everyone :) And a big thank you Snake Ranch for this fabulous opportunity for a lot of people to enter :)
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