WIRES calls for owners to control dogs after spate of attacks on lizards

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    Zoe Cartwright

    WIRES has called on dog owners to control their pets, after five lizards were attacked in a week.

    Spokesperson Sandy Collins said it was a “horror week”.
    This badly-wounded goanna had to be put down. Photo: Kay Mallitt.

    “One day alone (we) had to euthanise two adult blue tongues, both from dog attacks,” she said.

    “At this time of the year blue tongues are more active, finding food and looking for safe places to have their babies.

    “And, of course, there are visitors to the area, with dogs that might not be used to large, lazy lizards in the garden.”

    She said over the past weekend volunteers Kay Mallitt and Tony de la Fosse attended a dog attack on a goanna.
    This badly-wounded goanna had to be put down. Photo: Kay Mallitt.

    “Usually these animals are very dangerous to capture,” she said.

    “The lizard was badly wounded, and besides opening its mouth was unresponsive to being restrained and transported.

    “The vets discovered a punctured lung and broken ribs, and the animal was humanely euthanised.

    “If you have visiting canines in your garden, keep them on a leash, or closely supervise them.

    “We also encourage you to have effective control over your dogs when out and about.”

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