Wombat attacks tradie in Bathurst

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    IF you were to rank dangerous Australian animals, wombats would rarely come to mind, if make an extended list at all.

    But a tradie in New South Wales learned very quickly that the docile marsupial has plenty of bite.

    In a two-minute clip video titled “When wombats attack!!!”, the tradie captures his attempts to dodge and flee the animal.

    The video starts with the wombat making a number of charges on the man who calls for the animal to leave him alone.

    The tradie then flees, but the persistent wombat isn’t done yet and continues to stalk him.

    After more attempted strikes, the tradie uses a ladder to buffer himself from the advancing animal.

    Slinking off into the shade, the wombat appears done. With the ordeal seemingly over, the tradie uses the opportunity to show the cut the wombat inflicted on his leg.

    But the encounter isn’t over and the wombat decides to make one final charge.

    “I didn’t realise wombats had such big ... teeth. Through the pants,” the tradie says, again pointing the camera to the cut on his leg.

    The fiery Bathurst encounter was shared to YouTube where it has been viewed close to 4,500 times.
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