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  1. Tsuchinoko

    Adult Spotted python food size

    Hey guys, I just got a 3 year old spotted python a couple of months ago and have been feeding her medium rats which she's taken to well. I recently switched up my supplier and the medium rats I've gotten from them seem significantly larger than the ones I've been feeding her - I'm a little...
  2. cooperftw

    Adult friendly Murray Darling Carpet Python + optional enclosure

    Hi there, Just welcomed my first child, am moving house and need a larger enclosure for my beloved Murray Darling Carpet Python (morelia spilota metcalfei). Too much for me to take on at the moment so I've decided to sell the family pet. Also included (if you want it) is a used but in good...
  3. H

    WTB adult diamond pythons

    Hi, Looking to buy adult high yellow diamond pythons - 3 years and older. Please send through what you have available. Will pay good money for the right animals. Located in Sydney, NSW.
  4. mrnofear


    Hi I'm selling my awesome Lacey pair (yet to breed) with large outdoor enclosure. Male is 11yo, Sex Verification from Reptile Specialist Dr Tristen at Lortsmith Animal Hospital He has an old scare on he's back from when he had a fight with another male when he was very young Female is 7yo...
  5. M

    Scale burn jungle python

    I think my jungle carpet python may have scale rot and/or vicious scale burn? He is very rough to touch on his underside, especially on the end of his tail - His scales look totally mutilated, "healthier" parts are bright red/pink. I think he may have gotten ontop of his heating lamp that has a...
  6. S

    2 coastal carpet pythons

    New to forums so apologies if not posting correctly 2 coastal carpets - 10 years old One of the snakes is a fussy eater Not handled enough anymore - life has gotten busier and busier In the Logan area