1. Nutsy

    Aggressive Female BHP

    Needing some advice on an aggressive BHP.. she is very cage aggressive only has started the last couple months, and lately now she is getting a bit of attitude while being handled. Any tips and advice
  2. E

    Bobtails - one was aggressive to the other, first time in 6 yrs

    Hi! I have 2 bobtails, and I have had some issues lately with one having bad sheds. I dont think this is a new issue for him though since when i bought him he was missing one toe from each of his back feet (im guessing he lost them form a bad shed). I bought these two about 6 years ago. I dont...
  3. G

    Jungle python being aggressive?

    (I just joined so apologies if this is the wrong forum, just tell me and I'll repost it somewhere else!) My 2-year-old jungle python who I've had since he was a baby is being aggressive for the first time. Well, possibly aggressive? Whenever I go near his tank he'll move from where ever he...
  4. Hanz Hapin

    (Help!) BHP 4 month old - defensive & elusive

    Hi all, I this is my very 1st snake I purchased from VHS Expo yesterday. A 4 month old black headed python. I noticed that I cannot seem to handle him well as he always try to escape or coil up in a defensive pose. He also twitches or get spooked out very easily when I make sudden movements...