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    Angleheaded Dragon Eye issues

    Hey guys, Im wondering if anyone else has come across this weirdness. I have a baby (6 months old), Angle headed Dragon, and just yesterday I noticed the inner eyelid looks like its swollen and bulging out of the socket. My friend had the same issue with her Adult AHD, and unfortunately the wee...
  2. C

    Angle headed dragon hatchlings

    Hey all. I have got 30 hatchlings ready for new homes, and another 20 still to hatch. $120 each, if you are wanting more than one then we can negotiate a better price. I am located in Victoria, but am more than happy to ship anywhere in Australia. At an extra cost, usually around $80 depending...
  3. C

    Southern angle headed dragons

    Hey all. I have a decent breeding set up going at the moment and have 16 hatchlings about 6momths old now that I'm looking to sell. Will have plenty more this coming season .
  4. L

    Angle Headed dragon advice

    Hi everyone I have had one angle headed dragon for 6 months now and have recently acquired a second one which is currently in a quarantine enclosure, i plan to house these two at a later date and as one is slightly bigger then the other with it being 7 months old and the new one 5 i was...
  5. L

    Want to buy Angle headed dragon

    Looking for a hatchling to juvenile Angle headed dragon in Victoria
  6. E

    Southern Angled Dragon Life Expectancy!?!?!?

    Can someone please let me know how long these guys live? I cant find out anywhere