antaresia maculosa


  1. Z

    Need help

    I have a spotted python who is about 40cm long im just wondering is someone can tell me when i can put him in his bigger enclosure (45x45x60) he is about 10-11 months old thanks :)
  2. K

    NSW Blonde spotted python (tri) male adult

    This male stems from our multi generation / selectively bred bloodline. PRODUCING BEAUTIFUL OFFSPRING. (Father to some of our tri colours in previous seasons) 3 1/2 YRS OF AGE, GREAT FEEDER,HANDLES WELL. WE ARE RETIRING FROM SNAKE BREEDING AND SELLING OUR ENTIRE COLLECTION(slowly winding...
  3. Dr-Zoidberg

    Eastern brown

    An eastern brown I moved on from work last week, there's a lot of rats around the port. Not the biggest I've seen but had a lot of girth to it. The brown was hiding in the water main box, glad I look first before sticking my hands in there. Not the best picture, it wasn't very cooperative lol...
  4. Z

    Advice on spotted python

    OK this maybe a stupid question but I recently got a spotted python (my first ever snake ) has anybody got any tips to get him more people friendly ? And also how much is over handling ? At the moment I'm handling every day for about 15mins-20 mins (unless he has had a feed or grumpy ) thanks
  5. shamat

    BHP refusing food after cooling

    Hi all, our 4 yo BHP has been refusing food since we started to warm her up again. Her male companion (separate enclosure) took food immediately after it was offered, as did the other pythons we cooled over winter. We did observe copulation when pairing the male and female and suspect she may...
  6. S

    Feed/shed cycle

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere. Have just joined forum, and could not find my question covered. This is a question about regularity of shedding cf feeding. My gorgeous 3yo female mac has recently altered her feed/shed cycle. She usually enjoys small adult rats;about 3 weeks apart in...
  7. HerpAddict

    Breeding spotted pythons

    Hey everybody, ive noticed my spotted pythons tied together a couple of times over the last couple of weeks. Is there a rough estimate of how many days until they lay? Or is it just oct-dec. I've found all the info about shedding and egg hatch times, just nothing on egg laying
  8. HerpAddict

    Spotted python incubation

    Hey reptile gurus. I'm getting prepared as I'm potentially about to have my first clutch of spotted python eggs. The only issue I'm having so far is humidity. critique my pictures, let me know if it's a good design etc. Main question- can it be TOO humid? I have a digital gauge and it's...
  9. M

    ID Stimsons or Spotted?

    Hi Guys Just wondering i got this snake given to as a Stimsons python but from my knowlege they are not Stimsons markings, i could be wrong but i'm thinking spotted python, any opinions would be great Thanks
  10. Sarahthebanana

    Photos of you and your snakes!

    Not sure if we have a thread for this, but here is an excessive amount of photos of myself and my M. bredli and A. maculosa. Apologies for the pic-heaviness. Also I'm aware of health risks for these ones, but I actually yawned and the snakes went in my mouth so I took a quick photo...
  11. D

    Hi, we are new here

    Hello! I just started keeping! After about 5 years of considering it I finally did it. I decided to start with a Spotted Python Hatchy. Haven't handled him/her (not sure how to check just) much yet. Just enough to change the paper on the bottom of the tank and put the water...
  12. J

    what snake should i get? begginer help!!

    Hey guys! im new to the whole reptile owning experience that i want to start very soon although i have been around snakes for the past 6 years or so from fanily friends who have owned olives, jungles, diamond, black headed, green tree and the list goes on haha :) my question for you guys...
  13. K

    NSW Yearling tri/blonde spotted pythons

    FROM $400 2 males and 2 females available. Pics below are the 2 females and 1 male partial railtrack pattern, the other male is in shed. ALL YEARLING HOLDBACKS, SELLING ENTIRE COLLECTION. This is a selectively bred , mulit genearion captive bred line,raised in pristine conditions...
  14. M

    NSW Spotted python female

    Species Common Name Small blotched python Age 2 Length Long Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Sheds fine has never missed a feed is massive for her age or so I have seen of others of similar age. Was sold to me as female but have not had her sexed.. Handles...
  15. B

    Hatchling into Adult (Childreni)

    I've recently decided to return back into the world of (pet) reptiles after a long hiatus and have decided upon a Childrens Python. Their size, temperament, feeding response, hardiness, etc all very much appeal to me - I had a Spotted Python many years ago that I enjoyed immensely. I have found...
  16. Wild~Touch

    How It All Started

    Please share how you got into reptile keeping Always had a fascination A friend kept some reptiles Your kids wanted a snake My son wanted a snake from the time he could talk....LOL saw one in a pet shop in Melbourne and that was it
  17. snakegirlie

    diamond python

    what do you guys think of a diamond python as a first snake?
  18. shell477

    Unusual Situation

    Hi Everyone, So my sisters boyfriend Michael has just traveled up to Sunshine Coast to be with his family as his brother passed away recently. This brother has a spotted python, and these people have no idea what to do with it. I don't even know what happens in a situation like this where the...
  19. L

    NSW Blonde Spotted Python - adult female with enclosure

    Species Common Name Blonde Spotted Python Age 3 years Length 1 metre General Description Our beautiful 3 year old female blonde spotted python is looking for a new home. We are travelling overseas in a month’s time and would like our snake to move into a home where she will be very...
  20. emmadactryl

    Scrappy Shed

    My spotted python is about fifteen months old. I've had her for a little over a year. She's always been an excellent shedder; never had a problem, never even seems like she's about to shed and then I'll find a perfect, complete skin in the tank the next morning. She's been fed quite a few times...
  21. K

    My baby spotted python wont eat...

    My baby spotted python wont eat. I bought him/her on Sunday and it has only had 3 feeds on scented pinkies (scented with skinks) she is 2 months old and was fed 2/3 weeks ago. I'm not sure what to do as this is my first snake, I'm not panicking, I'm just a bit worried as it is coming into winter...
  22. S

    Hello everyone

    My name is David. I've recently got into keeping snakes after wanting to try it for quite a long time. My beautiful fiancé got me my license for my birthday this year. I currently have a 6 month old platinum spotted python and a 6 month old patternless children's python who are both beautiful...
  23. swampie

    QLD 66% Possible het for albino Maculosa pairs

    Species Common Name Spotted python Age 5-6 months Length 30 cm Quantity Available ??? Bred By me General Description I have a few pairs of 66% possible het for albino Spotted pythons available. Pairs only, will not separate, will possibly have a spare male though...
  24. N

    NSW spotted python pair

    Species Common Name spotted python Age 2 Quantity Available Pair General Description Blonde and normal pair both eat and shed perfectly open to swaps email through your offers. Location NSW Willing to Freight? At Buyers Expense Contact Details [email protected] License...
  25. lucaroselli123

    convincing mum to get a python?

    As the title says, mum is a bit sceptical on getting a snake, I own 1 lizard and I would really love to get a snake, but mums not on board... I would love a spotted python. but Im not sure how to swing that around so she would let me get it, I have no problem with money, I have enough for an...
  26. C

    Help in identification please!

    Hey all, Found this little guy on the verandah this morning investigating the rest of our collection... (a spotted python 'Monty', Cape York jungle python 'Cleopatra', Bredli 'Esmerelda' and children python 'Zeuss'). Can anyone identify him properly please? We live in Weipa, western cape of...
  27. T

    Rough scales on spotted python a problem?

    Hi, one of my spotted pythons has a few scales on his belly that appear to be cut/rough. i tried to take photos of this but could not get a good enough picture. his enclosure is very clean and the substrate of paper towel is dry, and because the scales feel dry i don't think it's scale rot. he...
  28. Reptiles78

    Where do people stand

    Hi As winter is getting nearer should I let my spotted python berenate (sorry can't spell) and turn the heat off? Or should I reduce the hours that the heat is on? Or leave it how it is at 12 hrs a day. Advice would be great thanks.:)
  29. S

    Loosing Belly Scales

    Hi everyone I have a 2 yr old spotted python ( not quite blonde in colour) all is well with him, he eats 1 small adult rat every week roughly and I dont offer the next feed until he poos, so I know its passed. He has wood shaving substrate, big wood logs and the usual stuff( water hide rock) I...
  30. snakegirlie

    can't decide! grrr

    i am looking at getting my first snake and can't decide between a blond spotted python or a tanami woma. what do you guys think? any pros and cons?
  31. bredli

    QLD spotted python

    Species Common Name Age Adult Length 1m Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Has bred before, Excess to my needs so is up for sale. Not a good handler very food orientated, May calm down with handling. Feeding well on small weaner rats...
  32. M

    Spotted python enclosure.

    I am considering getting two adult Spotted Pythons, sadly they do not come with an enclosure. I am just wondering, What size enclosure I would need for them? They will be getting housed together.
  33. ellab1ack

    What could 'she' be doing?

    2 days after I fed my 4 month old Spotted python I was handling her and she stared nosing the back of my hand and then opening her mouth and trying to bite me sideways, but not really biting me or striking, just casually rubbing her open mouth on my hand. I wash my hands with the same soap...
  34. Amynickid

    Why did you call your snake that?

    Hey guys, I have heard some funny and interesting stories on how peoples snakes got there names? I am posting this to ask for people to share their naming stories and names for entertainment. Cheers :) I have two stories one of my own and one of a old friends, my old friends first, had a Bredli...
  35. M

    Legal trading of wild caught reptiles

    which states are you allowed to catch wild animals?
  36. Reptiles78

    My spotted python

    My handsome boy Furry having a feed.
  37. 2.3casper

    Do we have

    Hay guys I've been told we have pie macs here,but can't find any thing on auz snakes being pie and if we do how much are they .are there 100% heats and what kind of aussie pythons can you find in a pie?and if one has pic or knows where to get info that would be sweet any help would be great thanks
  38. J

    Can I put Two Pythons Together?

    Hello, I currently have a Male Murray Darling Python, if I get a Spotted Python, can I have them both together if they are the same size? Either a female or male? I have read all different things saying you can and you can't. If that can't happen because they will attack each other or hurt each...
  39. Reptiles78

    Hi everyone

    Hi all I just signed up today. I have a spotted python:)
  40. Reptiles78

    Spotted python very bitty

    Hi I have a spotted python and I had worked though the biting and he had become very tame. About 2 weeks ago he shed I left him alone for a couple of days, and ever since then he has gone back to his old bitty self. Was wondering if there is something I have done wrong or if this is normal and...
  41. D

    How to tell if a captive bread reptile is inbred?

    How to tell if a captive bred reptile is inbred? Hi guys, Conclusions can be drawn that captive bred animals being sold are... well inbred. Is there a way to tell a inbred animal from a non-inbred? (particularly in frogs and dragons) cheers
  42. moosenoose

    Woman calls triple-0 after pet python wrapped itself around her neck

    Alright, fess up! :lol: Personally I'd lock myself in the laundry & let the snake finish me off. How embarrasing. I wonder what was said when they phoned 000 ....."gasp, gasp, gasp" ...not a good look for the hobby. Woman calls triple-0 after pet python wrapped itself around her neck -...
  43. P

    VIC Spotted python females

    Female needed pm your asking price please and I'll get back to you thanks vic only
  44. C

    Has your snake ever escaped? Share stories

    Mine did this morning for the first time (and hopefully last) at about 4am. I was fast asleep and woke up out of instinct I guess, then heard a noise and went over to inspect to find Amity was 3/4 through a hole in the wall. I grabbed her tail and tried to slow her moving down while I tried to...
  45. Ris80

    First feed

    Hi everyone, As you might remember, I brought home a blonde spotted python last week. I've been eagerly awaiting the 7-10 days mark and I thought today being the 7th day, I'd try her with a feed. Got her out a pinky, defrosted it, heated it up and opened the lid... BAM! She loved it! Snaffled...
  46. notechistiger

    QLD Spotted Python Babies and Holdbacks

    Species Common Name Spotted python Age Hatchlings and yearlings Length Baby sized! Quantity Available 4 Bred By Me General Description Two yearling holdbacks. Both have a nice stripe and come from a striped animal (father). Also two hatchlings. One striped, the other is not. All...
  47. M

    What is this Python?

    My friend brought this python a year ago and was told the it is a Childrens Python, but he has been told that is a Blonde spotted. I personally think it is a normal Spotted Python, can anyone confirm what it, please? (Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question.)
  48. A

    Spotted Python

    Hi Guys and Gals I'm Adam, This will be my first post about my first snake that I am buying, First off i would like to say i chose this due to the fact that it has 99% of the things i will need to start caring for a snake with the snake included. Basically I have a few Questions and being...
  49. rav3r23

    Seems like my spotted python is gravid

    Hi guys I've kept snakes all my life but never bred them and it seems my female spotted python is gravid as I'm new to breeding I would really appreciate any pointers on it from anyone who is experienced in breeding spotted pythons thanks heaps guys :)
  50. T

    Spotted going off her food.

    Has anyone had any trouble with snakes going off their food and will only eat it if it is brained or slit in the stomach?? She used to eat really well, no problems at all previous until we moved to Ipswich. Now not only does she go off her food during winter but it is getting harder to get her...