antaresia stimsoni


  1. SerpentWanderer

    Types Of Lights And Supplements For A Stimsons?

    Hello guys, tomorrow is the day. I pick up my beauty and start everything. Now I have everything I know I need, even bought "Keeping Childrens Pythons by Greg Fyfe & Darren Green" to have a read etc. All I struggle to understand is what exactly all the different coloured lights do and which...
  2. R

    Wheatbelt Stimmies

    For sale 2 wheatbelt stimmies Male and female 5 y/o from same clutch Bred by Congo python Enclosure available 350 each or 600 for pair Located Sydney city region Must have valid licence
  3. nick_75

    Alice Springs Stimson Python Keeled Scale

    Hi All, I have recently watched a video on youtube in which Peter Birch was talking about some Alice Springs Stimsons pythons having keeled/rough scales. Are there any keepers with this locality/variety in their collection? Scale description and photos would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Nick
  4. J

    Childrens Python feeding question

    Hi all, first post here but I've been reading the site for about 3 months. I have a Children's Python, about 1 year and 2 months, maybe a little less, and I had a question about his feeding. He used to eat every week, except for maybe the one or two weeks when coming on to shed, and was...
  5. Kitah

    QLD Pair of Windorah Stimson Pythons

    Species Common Name Windorah Stimson Python Age 5 Length ~90cm Quantity Available 1m 1f Bred By "Bonustokin" General Description 1x male ("Koda") and 1x female ("Tarni") 5yo Windorah Stimson Pythons. Very placid snakes, once out of their enclosures they have never bitten. Good...
  6. B

    Diamond Python Care

    Hi guys! Its that time of year again when im looking at snagging a new snake at next years Expo- and as of now I've narrowed my list down to a Diamond Python (or perhaps a Jungle, but I'm 100% certain it will be an arboreal species). Just a few general questions- I would really appreciate any...
  7. B

    What do get next- suggestions?

    Well, it's that time of year again when I'm sure all you guys have got your eggs cooking away in your incubators, and I'm over here jumping up and down waiting for some babies! Ive got a R1 NSW license, so I don't feel all that limited in what snakes I can buy. Ive currently got a Stimsons...
  8. K

    Feeding Bredli python quail.

    So as the topic suggests what's everyone's experience or views on feeding your python foods other than rats or mice. I was given a couple of baby quail which are slightly larger than a pinky rat. I was thinking I'd offer one soon to my girl but was unsure how it would go or if I should...
  9. nick_75

    QLD Log Book Recording stimsoni subspecies

    Hi, A quick question for any stimsoni keepers in QLD, have you recorded the scientific name of species to the subspecies? eg Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni or Antaresia stimsoni orientalis Has orientalis been officially recognised? Cheers, Nick
  10. I


    Hi all Same old question! feeding in enclosure or tub ok my boy has only been with me for 2 weeks and he has taken a rat each week but he wont eat if I put him in a tub will refuse it but if I feed him in his log in his cage he takes it but if u make a movement he stops I have put this down to...
  11. K

    Newbie/Stimson Questions

    Hi all! I am a newbie here at Aussie Pythons and at owning snakes - I got my first Stimson Python juvenile early June and he has been fine ever since. However, about a week ago I was watching him in the tank and noticed he blew what looked like a snot bubble. I immediately began to suspect an...
  12. Repliz

    Choosing a social / non cat eating snake

    Hi everyone, I've recently got my R1 licence after 5 years of no reptiles. I'm now getting back into them but since having snakes last we now have a cat. The cat is a smaller cat and other people in the house are worried about larger sized snakes for fear that it will eat her. So to make them...
  13. R

    housing snakes together

    hey guys, I'm new to the forums, I currently have a male stimson python about 20 months old (75cm) hes going well my first snake, but I am thinking of getting a south west carpet aswell and wanting to know if possible to house them together? or would this just cause problems? would the carpet...
  14. N

    Stimson Python Help

    hi! so, i know this is probably just me being paranoid that my snake is sick, but i really would like confirmation. ive read that stimson pythons will occasionally go off of their food during the colder months, but is it normal for them to not leave their hide? i got Lacy second hand from a...
  15. Mangles

    QLD Wheatbelt Stimson Hatchlings

    Species Common Name Stimson Pythons Age 5 Months Quantity Available 7 General Description Wheat belt Stimsons, hatched January 2016 from Snake Ranch line. All feeding well on Pinky or Fuzzy mice and all handle well. Full feeding and shedding history available. Photos of parents...
  16. M

    What to get

    keen on either a turtle but not longneck -Monitor - Dragon - Equlies - legless lizard - small snake up to about 40cm - something I can see and not real hard to look after - the biggest problem I see is they are near impossible to buy - I like them all but any help would be greatly appriciated...
  17. J

    stimson python feeding issues

    hey guys. really need advice. stimson python around 8 to 9 months old. has had 4 feeds with me. one pinkie a week then the last feed was a hopper. week after the hopper feed he came into shed for about 3 weeks he wouldnt eat. the next feed was a pinkie mice and it was assisted. this week no...
  18. Striker94

    Sick snake?

    Hey all have a stimsons i fed it thisarvo and it ate fine but ive noticed it doing this really weird thing with its body like its twisting and flattening itself out weirdly. Any help im really worried!
  19. J


    Hey guys. just wondering who feeds of tongs and do other peoples just leave it in the enclosure? Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  20. dragonlover1

    NSW Male Stimsons Python up for swaps or sale

    Scientific Name Antaresia Stimsoni Common Name Stimsons Python Age Approximately 4 years of age Sex Male Size Just under 1 metre Quantity Available 1 Willing to Trade For A Childrens python (no gender preference), or a guarenteed female Stimsons, or other R1 reptiles of interest...
  21. D

    How long do Stimson Pythons live

    Does anyone know the longevity of the Stimson Python? My wife has one and I have one that are 3 and 4 years old now. Just thinking of their future.:|
  22. missie66

    Best beginners snake

    Wanting some help pls, would like some advice on the best beginners snake, the least aggressive and doesn't grow to large Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. M

    Carpet python tub size?

    I am thinking of getting a stimson python and a childrens python at the up-coming reptile expo in gosford. It'll be a long drive, but worth it as its my first reptile expo. Anyway, i was just wondering if you guys think a 25G tub will be an okay size to keep a childrens python in. Also, any tips...
  24. M

    Stimson python tub size?

    I am going to the Reptile Expo at Gosford Showground this sunday, and i am strongly considering getting a stimmie hatchling. Just wondering what size tub you'd reccomend to keep it in for its whole life? I figured i'd get the large tub and keep the hatchling in a smaller container inside the...
  25. J

    first meal after shedding

    Hey guys. my stimson python is still going through his first shed (since ive had him) he did shed in one piece and still has some skin just behind his head im assuming his enviroment was humid enough. anyway i was just wondering how long it takes them to come around and eat again. its probably...
  26. BredliFreak

    Where has banter been?

    We haven't had a huge argument/debate in a while, what's up with that? Normally there's one every couple of months! Anyone want to start an educated and controversial debate? *Side note:this is a joke thread but feel free to have some casual banter below
  27. RoryBreaker

    Poached WA reptiles found in Vic
  28. Elite_Reptiles

    QLD Wheatbelt Stimson Python

    Species Common Name Stimson Python Age 18 mths Length 40 cm's Quantity Available 1 Bred By Me General Description Selling this stunning little Male Wheatbelt Stimson Python... Smashing down either velvet mice or pinky rats, in perfect health, approx. 40 cm's in length, parents are...
  29. J

    stimson python enclosure size and feeding size

    Hey guys. i have currently got a stimson python that was hatched late last year so he would be around 6 months of age currenty. i have him in a 30cm by 30cm enclosure with a heat mat. my question is what would the ideal size be 60cm 90cm? when he is older and out grown his enclosure. also he...
  30. Striker94

    What next?

    Hey all i am new to snake keeping but am already hooked and so fascinated by them. currently have a stimsons python that is just over a year old but am already thinking about another addition. I would love to hear people opinion on what the bet snake to keep is? I would like something that will...
  31. Striker94

    First time owner

    Hey all I'm a first time snake owner, i have wanted a snake since i was probably about 10 years old. So now ive dinally moved out of home i have finally got my first snake, its a little stimsons pyrhon have had it a few days now its just over a year old seems to handle really well heres some...
  32. alichamp

    Daily interactions with your pythons

    We are in the research phase considering whether to get a snake (possible Stimson) next year, so doing lots of reading and thinking. Consider yourself warned that there are many stupid questions to come ;). Something I'm wondering now is what kind of interaction you get from your python on a...
  33. M

    Help on Sexing Stimsoni Python (No Probe)

    Hi everyone! Just to start, I really and honestly did try my best to scour the forums for an answer or advice but there was very little on sexing of a Stimsoni, except what I explain here. The real question I have is WITHOUT probing, how can I sex my python Whil Wheaton. I have desperately...
  34. Elite_Reptiles

    QLD Pygmy Pythons

    Species Common Name Pygmy Python Age 4 months Length 20 cm's Quantity Available 2 Bred By Elite Reptiles General Description We only have 2 x Female Pygmy Pythons left... Very healthy and very placid little guys. Eating pinky mice and come from an exceptionally clean, disease free...
  35. sara_sabian

    QLD Hatchy Wheatbelt Stimsons

    Species Common Name Wheatbelt Stimsons Python Age Hatched new years day Quantity Available 6 Bred By Me General Description F2 wheabelt stimsons pythons. Feeding really well on fuzzy mice. All handle really well. Seconds generation captive bred from wild caught grandparents. Not...
  36. J

    Just havin a crack

    Hi ladys and gents I built this enclosure recently i will be building 2 more and a hatchie rack aswell. I would like some tips or ideas on improving the design and look of it. I already feel it needs a bottom lip of atleast 50mm for substrate. I have used gas struts and kitchen cupboard...
  37. 1

    New Spotted Python Owner Temperature Question.

    Hello all. I recently got my first snake, a fourteen month old SP, and I'm a little confused as to what the correct temperature is supposed to be even with a lot of research . Some caresheets say 34-36 on the hot side but just as many say it should be 31-33. I've got a ceramic heat emitter...
  38. J

    new to pythons

    hey guys. as the title says im new to pythons. i currently have a juvenile stimson python. i was just after advice with handling him. i know they are ment to be one of the more snappy breeds when young. how long does this take for them to calm down? he is currently feeding and once he is out...
  39. aoife

    Does anyone have a Pygmy Python?

    Does anyone on here have a Pygmy Python with pics they would like to share? I am very interested in acquiring one :D - - - Updated - - - Nevermind I just read in another post how rare they are, I was looking at a yearling yesterday, adorable! I might have to suss out a childrens instead.
  40. M

    Personalized Mossy Hollywood Sign!

    Hey guys! I've been away for about a month visting the states and we managed to pick up some gifts for our lovely snake Whil Wheaton on the road. We visited all over the southwest USA and decided it would be cool to give Bill his own Hollywood sign he could climb in and out of. All you need...
  41. Snowman

    WA's new additions to the pet reptile list.

    WA has a very small list of reptiles we can keep. So it's pretty exciting when we get thrown another 6 species. Today the following was added: Childrens Python Common Tree Snake Yellow faced whip snake North western red faced turtle Banded knob tailed gecko Northern blue tongue skink...
  42. alichamp

    New Intro - working our way to a snake

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd introduce myself since I'll be lurking for a while. My 8 yo daughter is in to reptiles in a BIG way and has been for a couple of years. She is a very responsible kid who craves knowledge so I'm doing everything I can to support her in her interest. We are members of...
  43. P

    Freshly shed

    Let's see some fresh sheds Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  44. Elite_Reptiles

    QLD Wheatbelt Stimson Python

    Species: Antaresia stimsoni Sex: Male Species Common Name Stimson Python Age See DOB on photo Length 50 cm's Quantity Available 1 Bred By Elite Reptiles (Snake Ranch Parents) General Description Only one male left, eating confidently on velvet mice, in perfect health and comes from...
  45. N

    Show us your: Forgotten Reps / Reps you would like to see more of or in captivity

    I agree with @BredliFreak for the Delmas, and I personally would love to see some more Pygopus. The common scaly-foot, especially with the variety of colours it can be, is gorgeous and would make a very interesting animal to own ("thrives on banana in captivity" -Cogger 2014). Also think...
  46. winchester

    Beginner snake suggestions?

    Hello :D I've thinking about buying a snake for a few years and deemed it too difficult without researching beforehand. I since house-shared with some friends who owned an olive python and Darwin python and have since decided I quite enjoy snakes and that with research and some tips from the...
  47. A

    Name for spencer monitor

    Hi guys new to the site but not new to keeping reptiles.we have just got a male spencer monitor and having problems thinking of a cool name for him. All our other reptiles are named by my young daughter but don't think any names she comes up with suits such a large strong reptile. Was hoping you...
  48. P

    VIC Hatchy stimsons

    I have a few of this years babies available now feeding strongly on pinky mice every 5-7days with more hatchlings ready soon, I have sexed them and can offer pairs if wanted $100 each Buyer must hold valid Vic wildlife license adults are not for sale Best to contact via pm Mum Dad Sent...
  49. J

    QLD 2 x Adult Wheatbelt Stimson Pythons

    Species Common Name Stimson Python (Wheatbelt) Age 3 years Length Adult Quantity Available 1 x Male $150 + $50 freight (if required) 1 x Female $150 + $50 freight (if required) Buy the pair $300 + $50 freight (if required) Bred By Snake Ranch General Description Feeding and...
  50. T

    QLD SW QLD Stimsons Python and Dalbarb Enclosure for Sale

    Price $500 Age 8 Years Length 1.2m Quantity Available One Bred By Rob McLeod General Description Great snake and excellent enclosure. Handles well and feeds great. I have had him since he was a hatchling but moving overseas and cannot take him with me. Needs a good home. Would make a...