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  1. S

    Black headed python. Respiratory infection

    Hello everyone my name is Sean from Raleigh NC USA, I have a 3.5 year old black headed python who is starting to show symptoms of a respiratory infection as of now just some light whistles when being handled or moving too quickly and a small amount of mucus in her mouth. I've already made an...
  2. onelife

    Black headed python behaviour - help

    Hi, just wondering if any ones black headed python does the same - I purchased Betty 10mths ago and she was very under done for a 3yr old - since then she has doubled in size and weight so about 2.5mtr and 3kgs but has always been a bit skittish to touch but has never struck - just a lot of...
  3. apprenticegnome

    Advice on letting snake incubate eggs to full term

    Not quite happy with fluctuating temps here at the moment and considering letting Blackheaded python incubate eggs to full term. Anyone else let this occur naturally and are there any steps I need to take? If I go down this road do I need to remove female around day 60 or when the first egg...
  4. apprenticegnome

    Information needed incubating Blackheaded Python eggs in Zoomed Reptibator

    I have a Zoomed Reptibator and my Blackheaded Python is due in the next 10 days roughly to lay eggs. I'm after information on how to set eggs in incubator given that it runs slightly different to a typical home made bar fridge setup. The Reptibator has water channels about 1 to 1.5 cm deep on...
  5. Repliz

    Choosing a social / non cat eating snake

    Hi everyone, I've recently got my R1 licence after 5 years of no reptiles. I'm now getting back into them but since having snakes last we now have a cat. The cat is a smaller cat and other people in the house are worried about larger sized snakes for fear that it will eat her. So to make them...
  6. james.carroll

    4 year old Black Headed Python

    Species Common Name: Black Headed Python Age: 4.5 years old Length 4 foot (approx) Quantity Available 1 General Description Feeds well on small rats. Was once a very lovely snake, but I’ve had less time to handle him since having a kid 18 months ago. He’s fine to handle once out of his...
  7. Woma_Wild


    General Description I am after timber enclosure. Either single 4ft or 4 x 2 x 2. Second hand and empty as I have all the lights, etc. Location Windsor NSW Willing to pay for Freight? depends on costs Contact Details Pascale 0414 667 145 I have just purchasd a large male BHP who came...
  8. B

    What to get next?!

    Ever since seeing my first snake, I've been hooked. I was lucky enough to get my first snake a year ago, and a couple months ago I got a little Woma Python. And I'm rather pleased to say that I've finally gotten my own R1 reptile license (my mother holds the current license for my two current...
  9. S

    Adult Axanthic BHP + Double enclosure

    Species Common Name 2 Axanthic adult female BHP Age 4 Length 4.5 to 6 feet Quantity Available 2 Bred By stuart Barns neil sonnemann General Description both snakes are is good health and nice size to breed next year. have had both snakes from hatches and have never had any health...
  10. pinefamily

    Blackheaded python for sale

    Species Common Name Blackheaded python Age 2 Length appropriate Quantity Available 1 Bred By Sonnemans snakes General Description Reluctantly selling our BHP. Photos on request for serious buyers. Location Adelaide Willing to Freight? At buyer's expense Contact Details...
  11. Stuart

    So its been over a year

    So it’s been just over 12 months since I took over ownership of Aussie Pythons and Snakes and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the patience, feedback, advice and support through the transition period with its up and downs. All site stability issues that I could see at the time are now...
  12. drake84

    Hibernation/Brumation HELP NEEDED

    Hey guys, I have a 5 year old Woma python. The other week I noticed he hadn't been very active and wasn't due for a shed so I checked his temp and noticed that the heater wasn't on and the Thermostat plug had come loose. I plugged it back in to get him back up to temperature. It was working...
  13. S

    EOI axanthic BHP

    Species Common Name BHP Age 4 Length 6fy + Quantity Available 3 Bred By General Description 3 female for sale selling due to work commitments nice and healthy great feeders and a nice breeding size need to sell asap pm for any other info wanted Location Sutherland shire...
  14. B

    NT Male BHP

    Common Name ... Aspidites melanocephalus Age - 7yrs Length - 6ft (Approx.) Qty - 1 Location - Lockyer Valley, QLD Compact is quiet to handle. We have owned him since approx. 1yr old. We have always fed him outside his enclosure in another tub. No problems eating. Eats rats well. Selling due...
  15. B

    QLD Female BHP

    Common Name ... Aspidites melanocephalus Age - 7yrs Length - 7ft (Approx.) Qty - 1 Location - Lockyer Valley, QLD Rippa is quiet to handle. She may sometimes bluff you when she is hungry. We have owned her since approx. 10wks old. She has always been fed outside her enclosure in another tub...
  16. dee4

    66% Poss Het Ax/Calico line BHP Hatchies

    Species Common Name Black-headed Pythons Age 7 Months Length 60cm est. Quantity Available 3 Bred By US @ Jenbert Pythons General Description Well here we go, some lovely male BHP juveniles that need homes & are priced to sell. These guys are from 100% het Axanthic...
  17. jacques92


    Can anyone tell me if you need a permit to export a black headed python from Victoria to Queensland
  18. P

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and to reptile keeping. I have (from what I believe) a coastal/diamond python that's a little over a year old. He/she has only just started to let me handle it without being snappy. It's name is George (four year old stepson named it).
  19. S

    The cons of owning a python

    Hi all I don't think this topic has been posted before and everyone here obviously loves their pets but.. Are there any downsides to owning a python? I would really love a python and I've done my research. I've filled out the wildlife forms which are really to post. Have your say because it...
  20. SupernovaReptile

    NT Black Headed Python Pair

    Species Common Name Black Headed Python Age 2 Length Quantity Available 2 Bred By Contact for more info General Description Beautiful NT black headed Python pair, both are around 2 years old. Feeding well on rats. Second pic Male is placid and dream to handle. First pic Female is a...
  21. Iguana

    Help, green in urate/feces

    My diamond left this for me this afternoon, I'm worried about the amount of green in it, especially the mushy consistency. I haven't seen any changes in behavior and he's eating well, although I recently changed my rat supplier, could a bad rat do this? I've heard some bad things about green in...
  22. Sam123


  23. AirCooled

    WTB: Male WA BHP (possibly look at a NT male)

    Species Common Name Aspidites melanocephalus Age Under 12 months Length Appropriate for age Quantity Wanted 1 Bred By Quality breeder General Description looking for a healthy male WA BHP or a NT Location Brisbane Willing pay Freight? Yes Contact Details Please message Other...
  24. AirCooled

    Wanted- Male WA BHP

    Species Common Name Aspidites melanocephalus Age Under 12 months Length Appropriate for age Quantity Wanted 1 Bred By Quality breeder General Description looking for a healthy male WA BHP Location Brisbane Willing pay Freight? Yes Contact Details Please message Other Details...
  25. M

    Calico/colour changer bhp

    Does anyone have before and after/progress photos of a black headed python changing colour?
  26. illuminartis

    Scale Rot ? Female Woma

    Is this Scale Rot? - Female Woma Hello everyone. This is Chay-Ara, Female Woma Python approx 6-7 months old. about 1 week ago I noticed that she began to form discolouration on top of her head. At first I thought she managed to burn herself on the lamp mesh cage because it wasn't growing in...
  27. S

    Any Big Bredli's out there?

    Hey everyone Lots of fact sheets on Bredli's say they can get to 3m or just over. Does anyone actually own one over 3m? And at what age did they get there.
  28. dee4

    66% Poss Het Ax/Calico line BHP Hatchies

    BHP Hatchies 5 Months 80cm 4 Jenbert Pythons 3 males & 1 Female. Parents are 100% Het Axanthic with Dad being minimal speckled Colour Changer. They are feeding on 50g fuzzy rats & do everything a typical BHP Hatchie's do, shed fine & be tuff when it suites them but handle...
  29. dee4

    Dajarra local Hatchies

    BHP 5 months 80cm 2 Jenbert Pythons Male & Female Dajarra Local BHP Hatchies. Feeding on 50g fuzzy rats, typical BHP Hatchie temperament, hissy bluffy tuffy, shed fine & handle perfectly once picked up. They will come with full lineage & feed/Shed record. Male...
  30. alichamp

    Daily interactions with your pythons

    We are in the research phase considering whether to get a snake (possible Stimson) next year, so doing lots of reading and thinking. Consider yourself warned that there are many stupid questions to come ;). Something I'm wondering now is what kind of interaction you get from your python on a...
  31. B

    Aspidites melanocephalus

    Female, 7yo, had her since she was 10wks old. Quiet to handle. Always fed outside her enclosure in another tub. She is approximately 7ft long. Included in the price is her melamine/glass, locakable enclosure $800 Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  32. B

    Aspidites melanocephalus

    1 male, 7yo, Northern Territory Blackheaded Python, we have had him since he was 1yo. Quiet to handle. Always fed outside his enclosure in another tub. Included in the price is his melamine/glass, lockable enclosure. $800 Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  33. J

    Just starting out

    Hello everyone I have had a female stimmo for 2 years now i got her when she was a hatchie and just recently got a woma hatchling and i have been very busy setting up a new enclosure for my stimmo i thought id build my own so i had a crack. I thought i would just have a sticky beak and...
  34. Widdup

    Breeding pair Black headed pythons

    Species Common Name breeding pair black headed Python Age 5+ Length 3m Quantity Available 2 Bred By General Description successful balck headed Python breeding pair female is the larger one with a less defined pattern she is a QLD local the male is darker and a WA local. Both bred...
  35. Ekans

    What's your holy grail of reptiles?

    What's that one native snake, lizard, invertebrate etc that you want to someday own but your skill, its care is slightly intimidating or its rarity is holding you back? :)
  36. B

    Hey all just a few questions about black headed pythons

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows anyone who breeds nt black headed pythons as I have one but it doesn't look like I can find anyone with them? So my next question is is it possible to breed my nt to a qld form if I can't actually find any nt forms? I would prefer to keep it pure I really...
  37. J

    my new black headed python is worrying me!! shedding individual scales etc etc

    hi, my BHP is about 5 months old and for the 3 months hes been in my possesion he hasnt shed but instead sheds individual scales. he also has only done one solid poo whilst ive had him and that was in the first week. since then he has only been doing bird poo looking ones. He is eating fine and...
  38. alichamp

    New Intro - working our way to a snake

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd introduce myself since I'll be lurking for a while. My 8 yo daughter is in to reptiles in a BIG way and has been for a couple of years. She is a very responsible kid who craves knowledge so I'm doing everything I can to support her in her interest. We are members of...
  39. callumsikone

    BHP, Jungle Carpets

    Species Common Name Jungle Capet Python, Black Headed Python Length BHP-6ft Male Jungle-3.5ft Female Jungle-6ft Bred By Male Jungle-SXR Line (B&G) Female BHP-have it written somewhere if interested let me know and I will try to find it. Female Jungle-Unknown. General Description Female...
  40. L

    Head Butting Python

    My 2 and a half year old Woma python has developed a habit of head butting the glass doors of of his vivarium, he doesn't seem to hurt himself or anything but once he starts doing it he won't stop till he gets tired. He's done this since I've had him, I bought him from a reputable woman breeder...
  41. Herpo

    What Snake?

    Hi all, So I might be moving to Tumut in future, and if we do move, I'll be able to get a new snake. Which one is my question, I'm looking for something different, and olives do impress and interest me. Do you think they would suit me as a second snake? Size isn't an issue, my family is always...
  42. U

    Varanus pilbarensis

    I saw one of these critters a long time ago in a cave in the Pilbara and have been fascinated by them since. A few years ago when I had a pair of glauerti I used to dream of owning a pair. After alot of searching and phone calls I was informed they were around in very small numbers and basically...
  43. C

    First snake!

    Hello everybody! My name is Dimitri and im from NSW. I recently bought my first snake and i'm loving it! Her name is Mimoccari and she's a beautiful albino carpet python.
  44. S

    Black Headed Python hatchie male

    Stunning healthy BH hatching Age 2 months Length 40 cm Eating and shedding Well Quantity Available 1 Bred By Slateman Eating well defrosted pinkie rats. great handlers BH pythons are recommended as first snake for beginner. Location South Sydney Willing to Freight? Only NSW $25 freight Contact...
  45. bowdnboy

    BHP egg incubation time

    Hi all, Been a while since Ive been here, but anyway,... Ive got a clutch of 7 BHP eggs cooking at the moment. Issue is they are now at day 68. Havnt started caving in yet. Still look good. Can see movement of the hatchys in some when I candle them. Last clutch two yrs ago went 64 days...
  46. G

    Enclosure planning, am I on the right track?

    Hey everyone, So I'm in the process of planning a enclosure for my Woma and maybe one to stack on top for a future scaly friend and was looking for some feed back to see if I'm on the right track. So planning to build a 1200x600x450mm (LxWxH) from ply wood, 12mm back, top and sides and 18mm...
  47. M

    Female Black Headed Python

    Black Headed Python Age 5 years Length Around 6 feet Quantity Available 1 Bred By Southern Cross Reptiles General Description Beautiful female BHP feeding on large rats. No issues with shredding, she is a little definsive while in the enclosure but once she is out...
  48. S

    Axanthic bhp

    Species Common Name Age 2 x 4years 1 x 5 years Length 5 to 6 feet Quantity Available 3 Bred By Neil Sonnemann Stuart Barnes General Description selling due to not having the time and getting out of keeping snakes. all 3 are great the handle and good size and really healthy regrettable...
  49. S

    Black Headed Python yearlings $300

    Stunning healthy BH yearlings Age 13 months Length 85 cm Eating and shedding Well Quantity Available 12 Bred By Slateman Eating well defrosted juvenile rats. great handlers BH pythons are recommended as first snake for beginner. Location South Sydney Willing to Freight? Only NSW $25 freight...
  50. S

    Black Headed Python female 25 months old $320

    Stunning healthy BH Female Age 25 months Length 100-120 cm Eating and shedding Well Quantity Available 1 Bred By Slateman Eating well defrosted juvenile rats. great handlers BH pythons are recommended as first snake for beginner. Location South Sydney Willing to Freight? Only NSW $25 freight...