aspidites melanocephalus

  1. S

    Baby Spotted python wont eat

    so i got her on the 22th of may and she didnt eat till a month later and then only ate twice and its been about 2-3 weeks since she hasnt eaten and she is only a baby. spine and ribs arent visible which is good, the cage heat is 32-35 hot side and the size is big for her75cmX50cmX50cm but the...
  2. S

    NSW Calico west aussie black and white black headed python available

    Species Common Name Black and white calico this male has produced stunning young Age 7 years Length 7 feet Quantity Available One Bred By Me General Description This male w.a black and white is a proven breeder Location Western suburbs Willing to Freight...
  3. K

    New snake decision???

    Hi guys, So i have had my Woma for 6 months now and love the little guy. However it seems i have caught the bug and am finding myself wondering more and more of what my next one might be. I dont plan on getting another for another 18months but i like to be prepared and know what im getting and...
  4. Marzzy

    Best store bought incubator

    Just wondering what the best store bought incubator is ? And which ones to stay away from. Wanted to do a bar fridge conversion but not sure on doing that for my first lot of eggs.
  5. 0bradl14

    Breeding bhps ?

    Hi everyone I'm hoping to breed my new bhps in the future I was wondering if anyone could help me out give me a list of what I need how old they have to be etc an some what of an instruction manual this will be my first time breeding snakes so I'm a Lil nervous lol any pointers an advice are...
  6. zeke

    Just some pictures of the zoo

    My male albino I got from swampie My female albino My blue tongue My Bredli I could post so many pictures but ill leve it at these few
  7. M

    Woma Feeding

    Hi guys I was wondering what you think about this? Should I feed my new woma in or out of the enclosure in a separate tub, he is 18 months old, thanks let me know what you think.
  8. S

    grumpy grumpy carpet python

    I'm looking for advice on my current situation! A few months ago I purchased a 2.5yr old male south west carpet from someone who had handraised him but no longer had the time and space to care for him. So basically he'd neglected him and the snake went a bit feral -the seller was clear on this-...
  9. Shiresnakes

    NSW Axanthic BHP Hatchy Male

    Species Common Name Black Headed Python Age 7 Months Quantity Available 1 General Description Axanthic Black headed python hatchy male, nice markings, eating well on rats. Location Sutherland Shire NSW Willing to Freight? Yes Contact Details Please call on 0420204068 as I dont check...
  10. OldestMagician

    ID on Bunnings snake

    Anyone know what this bad boy is? Sorry for the dodgy crop, not my photo but I'm curious as to what it is. Was at Bunnings along with a BHP you can see in the background (just). Cheers
  11. S

    VIC black headed python male 4.5 years old

    Species Common Name black headed python Age 4.5 Years Length 7ft approx Quantity Available 1 Bred By Roy pails General Description Up for sale is my 4.5 yrs old . black headed python male . He is approx 6.5 - 7 ft and he eats and sheds well never ever had a problem with that. He is...
  12. BeZaKa

    Jeckyll and Hyde feeding response

    Hey all, thought I would put this out there to see if anyone has experienced something similar. My 7 month old BHP whom I believe was a slow starter on feeding has had a significant change in his feeding response which I haven't come across with any of my other pythons. My first few feeds with...
  13. Marzzy

    SIM Tubs

    Where can I get them Amazing Amazon haven't had them for months.... Have googled cant seem to find anything. Tried eBay...
  14. Lockie_1

    BHP in new enclosure!

    My male blackhead enjoying a bask on his shelf :)
  15. Mortevicar

    BHP and brumation

    Hi everyone Ursula is 18 months old and this is her first winter with me. The weather here in Melbourne has really dropped - hitting 2-3C outside in the morning and only getting to around 14C during the day. Even though her enclosure is 30C at the cool end, 37C at the warm end and 40C on her...
  16. M

    Chased for 100 yeards by a king brown!?

    An old post on another forum, skip to page 4 for a bit of a laugh
  17. onthillside

    NSW Het Axanthic BHP's

    Species Common Name Black headed python Age 7 months Length Quantity Available Bred By T's BHP's General Description Location Willing to Freight? Yes Contact Details [email protected] License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Other Details pair one is a 100% het...
  18. A

    spotteds in click clack

    hey guys thinking of getting a spotted python and just wondering is it posible to keep it in a click clack permetly or any antarisia for that matter
  19. BeZaKa

    I know they do it from the front but I've never seen them do it from behind.

    So like the yeti and the loch ness monster I've heard the rumours about snakes eating rats from behind, tail first. Until today I had never seen it. My new boy BHP had his second feed with me today and took two fuzzy rats the first tail first the second head first. None of my others have ever...
  20. M

    Litchfield BHP

    Hey folks I'm just getting back into the hobby after many years break. I'm looking at starting off again with BHP's does anyone know about the Litchfield locale? I've found that things have changed a bit since I was keeping snakes back in the early to mid 90's. I was more an elapid fellow...
  21. zoe87

    Why didn't anyone tell me???

    Now don't get me wrong I love my MD. Hisskers is perfectly behaved, eats every time, happy to get out and about, and his colour is amazing. He throws so awesome colours, goldy browns and blue slates. But today I had the pleasure of holding a bredli. OH MY GOD. When I was deciding what to get why...
  22. S

    VIC NT Black headed python 4.5 years old male.

    Black headed python 4.5 years old male. Species Common Name Black headed python Age 4.5 year's Length approx 6.5 -7 Ft . Quantity Available 1 Bred By Roy pails General Description Up for sale is my 4.5 yrs old . black headed python male . He is approx 6.5 - 7 ft and he eats and...
  23. A

    snakes hiding during daylight hours

    this is probably a naive thing to post but some things i come across seem to conflict one another unless young snakes are the exception but basically this is the deal; most sources recommend giving your reptiles a natural light source for their skin and general health and basking etc. the thing...
  24. 2.3casper


    Hi guys ,just want to ask is it to late to breed my black heads :oops:
  25. G

    Aspen Chips or Kritter's Crumble

    Hey guys, I've recently picked up my first snake (adorable intergrade hatchie) and I'm not a huge fan of the shredded bark substrate I've got. So I've done some reading and narrowed it down to two possible replacements, based on appearance and effectiveness in removing odours, moisture etc...
  26. S

    Snake missing most of it's tongue

    Another thread about a flighty snake made me think of this, here's the story. A friend of mine bought a male BHP, great condition and awesome colours. He was told the snake was a bit 'flighty' when he bought it. That's the under-statement of the year as far as I'm concerned. Imagine the worse...
  27. C

    Look but don't touch - Need Help Please

    I have a quick (although slightly noob) question. I have had my little albino darwin for approx. 5 months now (my first snake) and love her to bits. But every time I try and touch her, let alone hold her, she squirms so much that I'm afraid she'll get too stressed or worse, hurt herself. She's...
  28. BeZaKa

    Climbing BHP

    Put my Bhp in his new intermediate enclosure today. He will be staying in this till his final full sized home is ready. Now I know these things arent arboreal so whats with all the climbing? He just wont stop shimmying up to the top of the terrarium. No probs with the heat on the floor standard...
  29. harlemrain

    Holy smokes!

    So I like a few reptile pages on fb and saw this! Captioned: "Australia's biggest snake?" Doesn't looked photoshopped in any way but is it even possible for a bhp to grow this big?!?!
  30. Becca-Marie

    New enclosure

    Just wondering when everyone moves new snakes (hatchies in particular) into new enclosures after they get them?