aspidites melanocephalus

  1. S

    Hey thanks for having me

    Hi everyone. Have scrolled past the forum for a while but decided to join as I love all reptiles and would own them all on a herp FARM! haha Owned many for years preferring the desert pythons rather than the smaller ground and tree species. I have a BHP, SA woma. Several beardie, blueies...
  2. J

    putting weight on a python

    I have a female carpet python she is 1.6m and she eat 1 large rat a week but she is not putting on weight she is about 900-1kg she will not take a larger rat or eat more then 1 at a time. I was told you can put abit of beef or chicken mince in the rat every 2nd feed and this will hepl put on...
  3. Y

    NSW Four Coastal Pythons 2 male 2 female

    Species Common Name Coastal Carpet Python Age Various Length From 5 feet to 8 feet Quantity Available 4 General Description I have four coastal pythons for sale they include two males and two female two have breed for me this year producing 24 eggs. The other female is just off breeding...
  4. apprenticegnome

    Female BHP odd behaviour

    My female BLack Headed Python has been acting odd over the last few months. She tends to rub head on tank glass and through substrate. Despite not being able to see mites or parasites I have treated tank twice with top of descent and followed procedures on can. She settles for a few weeks then...
  5. R

    Snake Supervision??

    I've seen a lot of pictures with people's snakes just on their floors and even outside laying in the grass. How do you guys keep a handle on them and stop them from holing up somewhere or flat out escaping? I get paranoid when my spottie tries to get to the floor in my own room let alone taking...
  6. cagey

    "Mistakes" you have made.

    Given we see the admonishment of newbies on here for ignorance, I am throwing it open to admit a mistake you have made re your reptiles over the years. I will start the ball rolling by admitting my mistake in understanding the size of a mouse or rat a python can eat. Even after weighing the...
  7. HayleyChuck93

    White patch on water Python after shed

    Hey guys! My water Python shed today and now he has a little white patch on his head. He seems fine otherwise. Could this just be from a bad shed? Will it go away?
  8. ben_smith2000

    Christmas Tank Upgrade

    Just picked up a new Setup for my Diamond Python, let me know what you think. The dimensions are 1850 High 1650 Long 650 Deep There's a pipe leading from the main tank to a separate breeding tank below. Im still working out the heating and a few other things but hopefully will get her in there...
  9. T

    food item size

    hi all..i'am looking for a general feeling of food item size for my murry darling he is almost 12 months and 1100mm long aprox. he currently has fuzzy rats which barely show now when eaten...the next size up weaner rats are huge in comparison and much bigger than the widest part of his body..i...
  10. P

    QLD Blackheaded python proven breeding pair

    Species Common Name Blackheaded Pythons Age 5 years Length Approximately 240cms and 210cms Quantity Available 1 x female and 1 x male Bred By General Description 5 year old unrelated proven breeding pair of BHP's. They have given me 2 clutches of eggs.The latest...
  11. S

    NSW Hatching's Black headed $450

    Price: 450 Species: Aspidites melanocephalus Sex: Male , Female Sex: 8 available 4 females 4 males Price: 450 each Species: Aspidites melanocephalus Species Common Name Black headed Python Age 30 days Length 50-60 cm Quantity...
  12. B

    Thoughts on cross breeding

    What's everyone's thoughts on cross breeding snakes (jags)? My thought is that I don't like it at all. If this is ok than what's stopping me from breeding a roughie with a GTP? Or a black headed python with a woma?
  13. V

    QLD Bright qld bhp hatchys

    stunners with high orange are 450 darker ones $400 send me your email for pics lic req feeding well and settled can drop off brisbane area
  14. E

    QLD Black Headed Python

    Species Common Name Black Headed Python Age 8 mths Length 80 cm's Quantity Available 1 Bred By Peter Kraus General Description Stunning little female W.A. BHP with a perfect black dorsal stripe, ok to handle and was bred by Peter Kraus. $450 Serious enquiries...
  15. zeke

    Afew pics of my bhp

  16. 5potted

    QLD Adult male black headed python

    Species Common Name Black headed python Age 4-5 years Length 7ft8 Quantity Available 1 General Description Up for sale is my stunning male black headed python. He has a light cream background with bold black stripes. Great to handle (hisses while being handled but this is all for show)...
  17. F

    VIC female black headed python

    Species Common Name black headed python Age yearling Length 4ft approx Quantity Available 1 General Description qld black headed python yearling, sexed as female sheds great, has been feeding well on rats and also handles great $375 will freight via aae for $70 pm me here or email...
  18. W

    Help! Bhp gone squishy

    Black headed python has stopped eating about a month ago and today I realise his bottom half has gone what feels kind of squishy and also seems to be full of liquid. Any ideas? - - - Updated - - - Don't worry the squishy ness was a result of an empty belly and for some reason he has just...
  19. P

    diamond python personality change HELP

    I have a large diamond python 2.5m, I have had her for approx 8 yrs and she has never bitten anyone, never even looked aggressively at anyone, she has a large enclosure in our living room, she has always been fed monthly and eats medium to large rabbits. today I put a rabbit in her enclosure and...
  20. tazleon7

    NSW 1x BHP 2x Jungle pythons

    Species Common Name Black headed Python Jungle Pythons Age BHP- 3yrs M Jungle- 2yrs 10months F Jungle- 2yrs 1months Length BHP- 2m M Jungle- 1.5m F Jungle- 80cm Quantity Available 3 Bred By BHP- Kel Worley Jungle pythons- South Cross Reptiles General Description These pythons have...
  21. zeke

    Just some nee pics of my colection ( very pic heavy)

    My normal male spotted python My olive python My beardie My woma python My male bhp My frill neck My bluey
  22. P

    Olive python feeding question.

    I have not been able to find much info on this subject but I read the Mark O'shea book BOAS AND PYTHONS OF THE WORLD In the book he mentions the scrub python having a potential predator, and that predator was said to be the Olive Python. I don't think I have seen much other info on the subject...
  23. Z

    moody python

    Have a 3yr old childrens python.. This last week hes been really aggravated and restless. Trying to go me through the glass. Not liking being out and handled... when I feed him yesterday was going my hand rather than the mouse... Any advice as to why he may be like this? Any tips to get him...
  24. 5potted

    QLD Female black headed python

    Species Common Name Black headed python Age Approx 4-5 years (hatch date unknown) Length 7foot+ Quantity Available 1 General Description Female black headed python. Creamy/yellow base colour, black/brown stripes. Will eat anything! Will be great for breeding; as soon as my male was...
  25. B

    Female woma is about to drop a clutch ;)

    But there seems to be just one small problem. She's pushing underneath the carpet (it came on a roll and is a lot like astroturf) that I laid down into her tub so that the clutch wouldn't glue itself to the floor of her tub. The tub isn't really glossy at all, it's more of a low sheen tub with...
  26. 5potted

    Turning Calico or?

    My BHP just shed and I want people's opinions on whether you think he is turning calico? Most of the white scales are all down the one side of his body so I was questioning whether he's damaged himself (I hadn't seen any injuries); the scales are smooth to touch. Looking through previous posts...
  27. J

    Old member that forgot original login

    Hello all, been around on this site for years. After a break, I cant remember my old login so here I am again.
  28. bruce34

    QLD Female bhp

    Species Common Name Black Headed Python Age 10yrs Length 2.1m Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Lovely nature, never bitten. She weighs 6kg Location Boonah area Willing to Freight? No Contact Details Ph 54630053 or [email protected] License Number (Required...
  29. P

    My spotted heavily gravid, no incubator ???? HELP

    Hi guys I'm in urgent need for an incubator have just returned from a 2 month holiday and my snake is heavily gravid and I have nothing ready for when she lays and I'm freaking out. They haven't bred the last 2 years so I wasn't expecting babies and have not bred before I just kept both my...
  30. cooperftw

    NSW BHP - beautiful orange/black coloration + enclosure + all accessories

    BHP - beautiful orange/black coloration + enclosure + all accessories price ONO Price drop: 700 ONO for everything. The enclosure alone, without any accessories (heating etc) is worth $500. Everything being sold together. Species Common Name Black headed python Age 4 Length 1.5m +/-...
  31. G

    Heating a Bigger DIY Enclosure

    Hey guys, So about 5-6 months ago I embarked on a project of building my own enclosure for a Diamond Python. I started a thread on here detailing how I was going and then stopped suddenly when I suffered a pretty bad back injury playing golf (how someone gets badly injured playing golf I'll...
  32. shamat

    BHP refusing food after cooling

    Hi all, our 4 yo BHP has been refusing food since we started to warm her up again. Her male companion (separate enclosure) took food immediately after it was offered, as did the other pythons we cooled over winter. We did observe copulation when pairing the male and female and suspect she may...
  33. R

    Pommy new to Aussie herp scene

    Hello everyone, My name is Stephen and I am living in Warrnambool,Victoria. I have kept many species of reptiles from the age of 8yrs old (31 now) but have been out the hobby for the last 6 years due to travelling and moving around a fair bit. I am originally from the Uk but have settled here...
  34. M

    whats a good snake to have when u have kids?

    Hello Just curious witch snake is best around kids I have eastern long neck turtle and my kids dont try touch him as i told them he bites ( he doesnt tho ) Kids wont be touchin snake unless my partber is around we just r snake people .
  35. snakelady-viper

    NSW All must go

    Species Common Name mixture Age 4 plus Length 5 plus Quantity Available 12 SNAKES 1 LEGLESS LIZARD 15 PLUS ENCLOSURES Bred By N/A General Description 2 Breeding pairs of diamonds one pair yellow other pair balck and white Yellow diamonds mating 1 pair of womas .1...
  36. S

    Thermo for my DIY

    Hello, another question from me. I guess this comes in 2 parts. Firstly is do I need a thermostat and heating? I was going to put one in anyway and if it switched on for 10 minutes a day, well its on for 10 minutes a day. I live in the NT, and have an NT Carpet, so really the natural...
  37. S

    Vents for my DIY

    Hell All, I am building a 3 tier enclosure out of an old book case I picked up to be a bit of a feature in the lounge. First project so it is experimental, and I wouldn't call myself overly handy. Where do you guys get your vents from?
  38. ThatGuyAdam

    Enclosure build

    I'm planning on building my lil guy a new enclosure. Basically I have read that you should not feed a snake in its enclosure so I was thinking about building a feeding box at one end. I open the door only when I'm going to feed him, he goes in and eats then leaves when he is ready. Has anyone...
  39. H

    NSW Female 66% het Axanthic BHP

    Female 66% Het Axanthic BHP for sale 21 months old from T's BHP's, She is 66% het Axanthic and from calico lines $800 and $120 freight if needed located Beaumont Hills NSW Pm me if interested. First 3 photos are of her now and last photo is when she was a hatchling - - - Updated - - - $750
  40. News Bot

    Body retrieved after croc attack

    AUTHORITIES have shot the crocodile believed to have taken and killed a 57-year-old fisherman on the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory. Published On: 19-Aug-14 07:40 AM Source: via Go to Original Article
  41. ThatGuyAdam


    Hi there, I am new to the reptile world and have just bought my first snake - Coastal Carpet. Did want something that stays a little smaller but am still happy with my new boy. I am still hesitant towards him though as I have never really handled snakes before and the guy (petshop) I bought...
  42. Djbowker

    Female axanthic or 100% het BHP

    1 year old +, with freight to Rockhampton
  43. M

    Cost of pythons

    With all the morphs coming and the amount of ppl breeding Albino Darwins . The price of these stunners are going to drop even more . Should breeders stop breeding or carry on flooding the market ?
  44. E

    QLD Male RP Darwin x Tully Jungle Carpet

    Species Common Name Darwin Carpet x Jungle Age 18 mths Length 3-4 ft Quantity Available 1 Bred By Me General Description Making room, so have decided to part with this 18 mth old (Hold Back) Male RP Darwin x Tully Jungle Carpet. Very cage defensive, may settle down...
  45. R

    BHP - Projectile Vomited Water

    Hi. I have an 18 month old female Queensland variety Black Headed Python that this evening projectile vomited water over me. I have never heard of a snake doing this and wanted to get some comments as whether it is normal. She is my first snake so I've been learning as I go since I got her as a...
  46. congo_python

    NSW Wanted Albino BHP's or hets

    Hi Please contact me as I am after them and can afford them. Cheers kurt Pm initially, then I'll give my number. - - - Updated - - - Closed.
  47. B

    Can't decide ><

    I'm going to reptile expo on the gold coast in a few weeks and I have my eye out for a new little baby for my birthday. Can't decide what I'll be getting between a Water python, Roughie or a Blackhead python or a woma. I guess I'm just posting this to see what others think about thier...
  48. tahniandshae

    QLD BHP juveniles, $450

    Species Common Name Blackheaded python Age 6 months Length average Quantity Available 3 Bred By me General Description beautifully marked young bhp's, bold patterning, inquisitive natures. feeding really well on weaner mice. 1 female and 2 males. Location Mooloolaba...
  49. G

    NSW 7 Month old Male Black Headed Python

    Species Common Name Black Headed Python Age 7 months Length 80cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By David Evans General Description Priced to sell quickly! Great looking snake. I purchased him off David Evans and am now selling due to new house arrangements. Eats like a pig and is growing...
  50. Jacobxvx

    VIC Black headed python QLD form

    Species Common Name black headed python Age hatched 20.11.11 so about 2.5 years Length 1.2m at a guess Quantity Available 1 Bred By private breeder General Description feeding/shed records since hatch currently eating small rats sheds normally great feeder, quite active, handles...