1. S

    VIC SALE: Baby Southern Angle-Headed Dragons: $80

    10 young southern angle-headed dragons for sale. Between 2-4 months old. Too young to be sexed. Will not freight; pick up only.
  2. Noureldebal

    Children’s python not eating ADVICE

    ADVICE PLEASE:Hi I have a 5 month old children’s python that I was feeding a pinky to once a week that he would happily take, after his shed I upped his meal to a fuzzie and gave him a few extra days before feeding him so around 12 days between each feed, I have noticed since switching the size...
  3. V

    ID and is this little guy ok?

    This little lizard has been hanging on my screen door for a couple of days. I checked it out yesterday, it wasn't upset about being held which was a bit concerning, and it seems a bit thin. I let it go and this morning found it back near the screen door again, and isn't really moving. I'm...
  4. Laikin

    NSW WANTED Bredli Hatchlings

    Hi, im looking for a bredli hatchling, i live near Coffs Harbour, NSW
  5. Tim015

    VIC (CLOSED) Baby Bearded Dragon free to a good home

    Hello, Due to living circumstances, we are unable to continue looking after our Central Bearded Dragon, Kaiju. Located in Edithvale, VIC. Required Valid Reptile License. Enclosure not included.
  6. Flax1

    What to feed baby tree snake?

    Just got a baby tree snake and I'm unsure what to feed it, I'm trying to get it to feed on live sprats at the moment but not sure if he'll eat those, would he eat small crickets and skinks? What are your recommendations, cheers!
  7. J

    Brown Children's Python + Functioning Enclosure

    FOR SALE!!! 17 month old Brown Children's Python. Eating and Shedding well. Excellent condition. No known health issues. Gentle nature. Excellent handling. Food; Weiner Mice Comes with fully functioning enclosure inclusive of; - Heat Lamp - Temperature Control/Lamp on-off regulator - Drinking...
  8. K

    Any Tips On Handling Baby Top End Python

    Hi , i recently got a top end python female about a week ago ,just after a few tips on how to handle her she has eaten a fuzzy 2 days ago with no problems at all she seems fine when she left alone but get quiet agitated when i try to hold her ive let her smell my hands when i change her water...
  9. Cjwooster

    What Do I Need For A Click Clack Set Up?

    I know I need the container, the heating mat, thermostat, thermometer, water bowl and hidey box. What else do I need?