ball python


  1. S

    Ball Python Please!

    So ive recently have gotten into pythons and snakes so i convinced my partner who is scared of most snakes to let a get a ball python because its the only snake that isnt scary. I myself am in love with a ball python because they dont grow that large, some come with pure black eyes which are...
  2. Link the Noodle

    Night heating for pastel ball python

    Hey everyone! New owner here, I was wondering if it would be ok for me to turn off the heating lamps at night for my ball python, Link. I don’t have an UTH yet, so I’m still cautious with the whole heating arrangement. I know it’s not healthy for there to not be an established day/night cycle...
  3. Imported_tuatara

    Wall Pythons....-_-

    So, i dunno if this should be here, or in exotics, because it's a ball and woma cross. Yes, you heard me, some american/british breeders are that stupid, for something not even legally there they're pushing buttons. At least they fixed the duck bill?... this isn't just the woma morph either.