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  1. A

    Bearded dragon gender ID off photos

    Hi I bought this grey bearded dragon as a female but I am really uncertain due to its black bearded and aggression. I have photos attached. Please help thank you
  2. A

    What is the best reptile (bearded dragon) egg incubator?

    I am new to breeding (egg-laying) reptiles and have gravid female bearded dragons. I am looking to buy an affordable, high quality incubator (and one that does not waste too much electricity) for them. I have had egg incubators before to hatch chicken, quail eggs which cost around $20 off ebay...
  3. A

    2 year old adult bearded dragon $200

    Bought a month ago and was told it is female but I doubt it as 'she' is quite aggressive and defensive to me and my other dragons. Puffs up, hisses and has a really dark throat. She is a normal grey or wildtype colour. Selling for how much I bought her for, $200 Otherwise is healthy and eats a...
  4. Laefiren

    Beginner Reptiles

    Hi. I've kept fish (tropical and cold water) since I was a child (now mid-20s) I've currently got 3 juvenile Green Tree Frogs in a bioactive tank (see DP). I love them and they're gorgeous energetic babies who absolutely do not mind my hand intruding into their space to clean and feed them. Now...
  5. D

    Transporting Bearded Dragon by air

    Hi all, I am moving from Adelaide to Queanbeyan for work in December and need to organise for my Daughter's 1 year old Central Bearded Dragon - Phoenix, to be transported. The pet transport company is picking Phoenix up in early DEC and transporting her to an exotic pet carer, then picking her...
  6. lesschops

    Beardie Crisis Advice

    Hey guys, we have a crazy situation that I need some advice on. My partner had been talking about getting a bearded dragon for her birthday in April. I decided to organise it, and offered to split the cost with her brother. Her brother in his infinite wisdom just went out and bought the dragon...
  7. D

    Building a vivarium

    Hi all, I am about to start a long term project which is building a vivarium for my daughter to house a (yet to be purchased) bearded dragon. I have already decided on a few things, being: Construction: Timber frame with sliding glass doors. Size: 1200x450x600 (the height - 600, is not set...
  8. A

    Pygmy bearded dragon help

    Hi there :) I've very recently bought a pygmy bearded dragon (around four days ago) and I'm not sure what to do with a few things and i have a few questions... I'm not sure how old she is? the people I got her from said that she was born late December to early January maybe, but she is quite...
  9. M

    W.T.B. red or black morph bearded dragon and tank

    I am a new R1 lisence holder and I am looking to buy my first lizard. I have my heart set on either a red or black morph bearded dragon, preferably female. I am happy to skip the baby stages if you have an adult one needing a good new home. If i could get a tank as a part of the deal that would...
  10. TristanS

    Crested Dragons

    Sadly in november my bearded dragon (P. Minor) died and im looking for a new reptile, im considering Crested dragons. They appear to have similar care to beardies and the same size as my dwarf bearded dragon. Will they be a great second pet lizard and are there any care tips.
  11. Conner the dragon

    what kind of bearded dragon is he? and a guess at how old

    hey i hope I`m in the right area for this. so today i picked up young bearded dragon. they said he was a dunner but was wondering if he had any colour morphs they also said he was 5 months old but he seems a bit small as my last one was way bigger at five months.unless they told me the wrong age...
  12. M

    Bearded dragon and enclosure for sale

    One Pygmy breaded dragon And full enclosure All stuff in side Will need new lights in 2/3 months Eating well on live crickets and vegetables Great little dragon My kids just don’t play with him anymore All up cost me $950 Happy to take $350 for the lot Ono Sorry couldn’t upload pictures...
  13. Badass Snake Mumma

    Hi! I'm new...

    Hi, I recently acquired an NT carpet Python whom I've called Fluffy. My 8 year daughter is keen on getting a bearded dragon; since Fluffy will soon outgrow his/her enclosure, I'm looking to upgrade to a bigger enclosure and use Fluffy's current enclosure for the bearded dragon. So I'm on the...
  14. Conner the dragon

    bearded dragon runny poop

    hey my 5-6 month old bearded dragon has runny poop. he eating really well as normal. he tank clean as i cleaned it out yesterday and he veggies are all fresh i make up fresh stuff every 2 days. maybe stress but he gets the same deal every day. maybe parasites but im not sure. if its parasites...
  15. R

    Leatherback colours

    Hi all, I am new too this forum so sorry if this has already been asked/answered. Just curious to know the difference between a leatherback dragon and a red leatherback dragon? Does anyone have photos to see the difference between the two. Thanks
  16. Conner the dragon

    Sudden Bearded dragon behaviour change

    My young bearded dragon has be acting off lately he been going to bed early he likes to bury himself in he bedding. He done this for 3 days in a row. This morning I came home from work to feed him. I went to pick him up which I’ve done number of times. He flattened out and puffed up at me black...
  17. Conner the dragon

    is this normal

    hey i'm new to keeping a reptile and this is my first and loving it. i got a bearded dragon only a few months old got him on the 16th of may. i noticed his tail been a bit dark on the lower half i'm worried it might be tail rot but not sure. he had it from they day i got him. he eats fine he...
  18. L

    Bearded Dragon lost outside!

    This afternoon my 8/9 month old bearded dragon slipped out of his harness after he was scared by a bird and ran off into the bushes and greenery around my house. It is a large area of bushes, trees, grass, and other greenery. It is in my front lawn too, so he can easily escape all throughout the...
  19. ByBeardie

    Bearded Dragons Outside in Western Australia

    I was wondering if it is illegal to take licenced reptiles out for a trip, possibly to a pet store that allows animals etc. I know if you were to display reptiles to the public or for education talks etc you need a another licence for that, but what about just a one time thing or something. Are...
  20. Tim015

    (CLOSED) Baby Bearded Dragon free to a good home

    Hello, Due to living circumstances, we are unable to continue looking after our Central Bearded Dragon, Kaiju. Located in Edithvale, VIC. Required Valid Reptile License. Enclosure not included.
  21. S

    Looking to buy baby Bearded dragon pine rivers

    New owner looking to buy a baby Bearded dragon i live in pine rivers
  22. D

    Why are eastern bearded dragons called jew lizards?

    Heard this for the first time today, wanted to find out what bearded dragon was in French (fyi it's lézard à barbe or pogona) and one of the google results was which also mentioned they were called jew lizards in English, what's the etymology of the name?
  23. R

    Morph? (Bearded dragon)

    Hey I've (hopefully) attached a file of my friends beardie, just wondering what you guys think the morph is? Thanks :)
  24. R


    Hey so I've been on the lookout for a new baby beardie for quite awhile now, specifically a red normal scaled one. But I'm struggling to find anything that is following through. If anyone has any contact info or links it would be greatly appreciated..! (Queensland specific, more so keeping it...
  25. M

    ***SOLD*** Central Bearded Dragons & Full Set Ups

    Sadly we have to let go our beloved bearded dragon, due to other commitment. I am selling a central bearded dragon with full setup. Price $300, pickup only at Rosebery, 2018 License required Bearded dragon Gender: male Age: appx 1 year 9 months Eats well, loves his crickets and veggies. When...
  26. J

    Norther Territory Frilled dragons

    Hi am new to this site i am wondering if anyone has any northern territory frilled dragon males they would want to sell looking for high red and black contrasts and sundials if possible please email me at [email protected] Looking to start a breeding project I have indy frilles already...
  27. I

    Are my girls Central or Eastern Bearded Dragons?

    [Apologies for the large images] Hi there, I'm a reptile owner from the US. I've owned dragons for several years but never figured out how to tell the difference between these two breeds. I have two females, the older 7 1/2, and the younger approx 3 years (a rescue, so I do not know her exact...
  28. P

    Reptile books

    Hey guys, Looking to expand on my knowledge of reptiles, specifically bearded dragons and southern angle-headed dragons. Wondering if anyone has any book recommendations?
  29. A

    Eastern or Central Bearded?

    Hey, so we were sold this little guy a couple days ago as an Eastern bearded dragon hatchling, but have been told that he may actually be a Central, just wanting to get more experienced opinions please :) thank you. IMG_6787 by Allie posted Feb 25, 2018 at 4:50 PMIMG_6815 by Allie posted Feb...
  30. Barmy

    Just got a new rick walker red beardie!

    Today I picked up an approximately 5 week old rick walker red!
  31. Barmy

    How many gallons is the Exo Terra Medium Low terrarium?

    I am getting a bearded dragon and I was wondering what the size of this terrarium was in gallons, and whether or not this size is suitable for a bearded dragon. I’m pretty sure the dimensions are 60cm(l) x 45cm(w) x 30cm(h).
  32. jared_tst

    Is this normal? - Beardie walking funny

    Hey, Our boy Spyroh has been healthy as ever lately but randomly started doing this in his tank and freaking out, we got him out on the floor and he kept doing it, changing sides/legs that he is limping on. After a while he would do this at the start of his run and then return to normal. He's...
  33. L

    Pygmy Bearded Help

    just wondering on people's opinion on pygmys co-existing together or with other small species such as netted dragons Thanks