black headed python


  1. T

    SA 2 yr Black headed Python

    Hatched around Jan 2020. Have not been able to successfully probe as tenses, but has been suggested they are female. Have had it attempted twice. currently sitting around 8ft, big thick snake. Fabulous feeder, can be tank reactive, not too bad to handle but isn’t big on it. If hungry...
  2. V

    How long does it take for a snake to lose weight?

    My BHP has been living with my parents for a few years due to circumstances. I've only just taken her back a few months ago and I've noticed she's become super fat to be quite frank. My parents had been feeding her every 10-14 days (1 extra large rat). Since having her living with me again...
  3. orourke

    NSW Looking to buy BH python hatchling/juvenile

    Hi there, As the title states, I am looking to purchase a black headed python hatchling or young juvenile. I am located in NSW, Australia and happy to pay freight or pickup within the NSW region. Please reply on this thread or PM me :) I would love to see photos so please don't forget to...
  4. A

    BHP hatchlings

    Hi all new to forum just wondering who would I contact for the best quality BHP hatchlings after a female and also what’s the best setup for a hatchling BHP cheers for your help
  5. J

    NSW Black Headed Python Male 2m + enclosure

    Healthy male black headed python, sheds, poops well, behaves well Approximately 2m long Includes enclosure if needed of H:198cm x W:119 x D:68 included ceramic heat lamp Must have reptile license (easy to apply if you dont have) Call: Jarien 0490211591
  6. C

    NSW BHP Pair

    G'day, I have an NT based male and a WA based female. He is of around 4 years of age and she is around the 3 year mark. Feeding well, never had any health issues. Living in 6 ft tanks that I am hoping to include in the sale. Haven't had success in breeding as there hasn't been any effort into...
  7. Hanz Hapin

    (Help!) BHP 4 month old - defensive & elusive

    Hi all, I this is my very 1st snake I purchased from VHS Expo yesterday. A 4 month old black headed python. I noticed that I cannot seem to handle him well as he always try to escape or coil up in a defensive pose. He also twitches or get spooked out very easily when I make sudden movements...
  8. medic1147

    Black-head won't eat

    I have an approximately 6-7 year old male black-headed python about 6 feet long. Over the last month or so he has refused to eat. Normally he would eat F/T rat every 1-2 weeks. Recently he has started refusing eating and I've wasted several large rats. He is still very active and seems healthy...
  9. S

    NSW BHP's x 3 - axanthic hets

    Good Evening, I have 3 BHP hatchlings to pass on to a new home. They were hatched on December 30, 2016 and are in great condition, currently feeding on Fuzzy Rats. The male and female were both purchased from Tyron Kilpatrick (T's BHP's), and have been a dream to keep. Details are in this...
  10. H

    Black Headed Python Tips? - First Snake

    So, I just got myself my first snake, he's a Northern Territory Black Headed Python, about a year old and around 90cm long. I've only had him for 2 weeks and he feeds well so far and is getting used to being handled. I don't have any real concerns, I am more just after some husbandry tips or...