blonde spotted python


  1. G

    Jungle carpet python for inexperienced person

    Hi, this is my first ever post! I'm planning to get a blonde spotted python soon but I've always wanted a jungle more than any other snakes. Problem is I've never owned a snake before (hence, I'm planning to get the spotted python) and the only reptile experience I have is with my current pet...
  2. M

    Needing Advice on Blonde Spotted Python

    I've recently came across a baby Spotty in my garage which almost fell on my head when i closed the garage about 3 weeks ago. So mom must have had her babies in the roof and this one decided to go lay on the roller door. He/She is about 30 cm long, ive had a couple of snakes in the past so...
  3. Foozil

    Blonde A. maculosa locality

    G'day, Does anyone know what locality/region blonde macs are from? Or are they just line bred normals? Please share your opinions! Thanks,