boiga irregularis


  1. K

    ID please - Not a great photo

    I want to apologize in advance for the bad photo quality. Was at night as I released the snake into the bush and used a torch and my rubbish camera phone. So if the quality is too poor I understand. Location: Cairns QLD. In the garden of our apartment complex. Lots of kids wandering by so I...
  2. snakegirlie

    Night tiger/ brown tree snake

    Are you able to keep a night tiger/ brown tree snake on a qld recreational license? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. andynic07

    Who is into reptile photography?

    I love photographing my reptiles and wild ones. Here are some of mine.
  4. happynagini

    Skin ID please

    Any help is appreciated!
  5. K

    Brown tree snakes

    Hi all new member here, :) been keeping reptiles for a few years now and love it!! i have only kept pythons but wanna get into colubrids in particular brown tree snakes(Boiga irregularis). So any advice or care tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Kaelem.
  6. Virides

    Name Plates by Virides Reptile

    Get the museum look at home! We now have a wide range of popular species including snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and crocodilians! Over 100 in fact. The Name Plate is customised with your pet's name, the species' common name and latin name, it's hatch date and gender. It features a map...
  7. Virides

    Name Plates by Virides Reptile

    Get the museum look at home! We now have a wide range of popular species including snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians and crocodilians! Over 120 in fact. We also now have over 40 popular species of invertebrates! The Name Plate is customised with your pet's name, the species' common...
  8. BredliFreak

    What have you been bitten by?

    What have you been bitten by? Categories apply Skink: Small skinks (i.e eulamprus, saproscincus pseudemoia lampropholis). Blueys have tried (inlcuding pet one), haven't been bitten yet and am very paranoid lol Dragon: Many jackies Geckos/pygopods: Christinus marmoratus, once Monitors: none...
  9. Stuart

    The Boiga Thread

    A couple of Boiga pics to get the thread started
  10. RoryBreaker

    Video of brown tree snake in surgery for eating a car part
  11. Scarred

    NSW FREE TO GOOD HOME - Male olive & Male BTS night tiger morph

    FREE TO GOOD HOME - Male olive & Male BTS night tiger morph Species Common Name Age Length Olive is about 2.7m long, BTS is about 1m Quantity Available 1 ea Bred By General Description Olive is pretty typical of the species, good handler when outside his tank, never bitten...
  12. J

    What kind of python is this? Thanks.

    Hello! I found this python in SE Queensland(Tiaro). The nearby habitat was mostly Eucalyptus forest, but I found it stuck in a bird aviary and released it back to nature. It was 60-70 cm long, bright orange, almost patternless and with a darker head. I have been here many times before but never...
  13. Snakester

    Brown tree snakes

    After any brown tree snakes. Either eastern or northern forms. Will pay good $$ for the right animals. PM me.
  14. Firepac

    Brown Tree Snake

    A few photos of a Brown Tree Snake I got called to relocate recently.
  15. stusnake

    After photos for guide book

    G'day all. I'm currently writing a small book called 'A Guide To Snakes Of The NSW Mid North Coast'. The book is now in the design stage getting backgrounds and cover sorted and photos to accompany species information. Currently I'm short a few images for certain species and some species pics I...
  16. G

    Boiga Irregularis: Brumation behaviour

    Hi folks, I need some specific information on BTS, at Byron Bay (new south wales, northern rivers) Latitude, regarding their brumation habits. Does anyone know enough about this species to guide me regarding: 1. do BTS actually brumate at this latitude? 2. if so, what various hibernacula ared...
  17. jordanmulder

    This seasons Hauls (Pic heavy)

    So I thought I'd post a thread sharing some of my photo's from this years sightings. I've been able to find a whole heap of new species for me in my local area, a rather broad definition of the word 'local' too. I will start with reptiles from the newcastle-central coast vicinity... Red belly...
  18. L

    brown tree snake vs common tree snake

    Hi all, I have a couple of pythons and have been keeping them for a while now and was thinking of trying out maybe a colubrid. I have been reading up on both boiga and dendrelaphis, common trees are one of my favourite snakes though I read they can be trouble feeders and prone to illness...
  19. M

    Snake identification

    Hi All, i live in Innisfail, North Queensland and found this little poor might dead on my lawn today. It would be great if someone can identify him cause I often see these guys around the yard at night. Thanks Heaps
  20. Unclewo-wo

    Colubrids help

    As I have been trying to find info on Boiga irregularis (night tigers) and I have loads of questions the internet is not giving me answers to. : i would like to see peoples set ups for ideas. : Do's and don't's : ect ect
  21. Allan

    QLD Brown Tree Snake hatchling

    Species Common Name Brown Tree Snake Age 3 Months Length 20cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Hans Lindahl General Description Last one to go from the clutch, feeding on thawed pinkies. Location Cairns Willing to Freight? Yes Contact Details PM Please...
  22. M

    ID Please - Small Snake - found Pullenvale Brisbane (IMAGES)

    Hi Guys, My friend found this little guy (already dead) near a walking track in Pullenvale. He said that it had a diamond shaped head and tiny fangs. Any clues as to the species would be appreciated :) Cheers, Mike
  23. C

    Colubrid LOVERS

    Hello all. My first solo post. I would love to hear from everyone who keeps, breeds colubrids. Love to see some pics of your own snakes and set-ups.
  24. Fuscus

    Brown tree snake

    Well - its, um, a tree snake and its, um, brown
  25. S

    5 snakes in Australia - ID requested, please

    Hi all, Last november, I've encountered several snakes. Could you please help me identify these creatures? I tried to catch them on camera. Not all of the pictures are showing the entire snake, but I hope it's clear enough to analyze. Myself I thought that these are 1. Eastern Brown, 2...
  26. M

    Rat pinkies vs mice fuzzys

    Is there any reason to use a pinkie rat versus fuzzy mice . From a growth and nutrition point of view . I feed my two month old darwin het a day old pinkie rat every five days and and just want to know if the one has better benefits . Price is not an issue . Thanks Sent from my GT-I9300T...
  27. Vengeance

    Snake ID Please?

    Hello forumers, My Nanna sent my mother a photograph of a snake she wants ID'd. I wasn't sure so wasn't even going to attempt to give her an ID. I told her it could very well be venomous and to stay away from it - she's terrified of snakes so that shouldn't be a problem. Just had an update...
  28. S

    Need help to ID a snake from snake skin

    Hi, I've just found a snake skin wedged between brick and weather boards under our main bedroom window. The skin is in two pieces and is just over 1 mtr long. I've tried to id it from scales using arod website but that search came up empty. I'm not a snake person and found it quite...
  29. Royziee

    I posted my Olive on Facebook, jokingly called it a Brown Snake and now this's happen

    I have an inside joke with my mates calling her a Brown but now it's accidentally going viral... I don't expect everyone in the world to know the difference between a python and elapid but it proves most people will believe anything they read on the Internet. I wonder how far it will go...
  30. JasonL

    NSW Night Tiger form Brown Tree Snakes

    Species Common Name Night Tiger BTS Age Various Length 1 meter Quantity Available 4 General Description Highly Banded Katherine form BTS Location Sydney Willing to Freight? No, Nil, Never Contact Details 0425414454 License Number (Required for NSW and...
  31. eddie19

    green tree snakes vs green tree pythons

    Hey sorry in advance to all the people that are going to say this question has already been asked as I m sure it would have been but I m new and just suck at digging up old post (I don't know how to do it as it never seems to work for me even post I have read before I can never seem to find them...
  32. zulu

    NSW Brown tree snake

    Species Common Name Eastern Brown tree snake Age 5 Length 1.5 metres Quantity Available 1 Bred By unknown General Description Good disposition for a brown tree snake ,ive had it for a year and it feeds well on adult mice and occasional pink rat. Location Sydney...
  33. happynagini

    Penalties for killing a snake ever enforced?!

    Hello everyone, It is that time of year again when we all start to see photos of dead native elapids popping up in our Facebook news feeds, accompanied with a spiel on how the killed has done society a huge favour by killing a brown/red belly/tiger snake today. My question is, does anybody...
  34. F

    Snake ID please - Noosa Hinterland, QLD

    Hi there, So we leave on a bit of acreage up in the hills, have a dam where we regularly see red-belly-blacks slither around (just saw 2 today hanging out together). We also have an absolutely gorgeous massive carpet snake who comes to visit (sorry no pix). And we also have a frangipane tree...
  35. T

    How many different snake species have you seen in your own yard?

    I was just reading another thread which got me thinking about how many species of snakes I've spotted in my yard. On an acreage block in SEQ, I have seen a couple of RBBs pass through. There was a communal nest of yellow-faced whip snakes under the thicket adjacent to the house. I once removed...
  36. mikey_mike

    finally a snake in the backyard

    I was beginning to despair - two ponds, abundant green tree frogs (so noisy I can't watch tv when it rains), plenty of trees, chickens, more rodents than you can poke a stick at (feral rats + a caged population of snake food) & I've never found a snake in the garden. I reckon this fella was...
  37. B

    help what snake is this?

    hi guys just wondering what snake this could be? our dogs were barking furiously at it and unfortunately killed him but still would be nice to know? not very good pics but Might help
  38. PilbaraPythons

    Good news, new W.A species addition's approved

    Good news, new W.A species addition's approved. Water pythons Rough scaled pythons Pygmy Pythons North Westerns Carpets Brown Tree snakes Time to go herping and have me some paid fun I think Regards Dave
  39. Armo6

    ID please

    Hey guys, I've attached a pic of this little fella I found this morning. It's a bad quality photo and I know that makes it hard to be exact an I'm sorry but I thought I would give it a go anyway. I found him getting warm by the boilers at the suger mill I work at in Mossman North Queensland. Any...
  40. longqi

    Debate......Can you train snakes??

    Bit of discussion about training snakes in another thread about this So lets throw it open to debate Hopefully the answers will be more than yes or no
  41. HaberfieldsReps

    VIC Yearling male Night tiger (boiga irregularis)

    Yearling NT male night tiger (boiga irregularis). Feeding well and in perfect condition. No time wasters. Willing to trade for female green pythons with cash adjustment. Willing to Freight? Can freight by AAE at buyers expense. Contact Details Local enquiries contact Chris on 0414 501...
  42. Fuscus


    Well that was interesting. I really didn't expect to find anything let alone a nest of snakes. The site was a microwave repeater station at Cooloolabin, one of the little hamlets at the back of the Sunshine Coast. If you ever wonder where the kids whose reports cards say "Doe's not play well...
  43. troycoop

    Gold Coast Reptile Expo 2013

    Hi All It's that time of year again for the 4th annual Gold Coast Reptile Expo . The dates this year are July 13th & 14th. It would be great to get more private collectors to come and show off what they have. All private displays are free of charge. It will be held at parklands showgrounds...
  44. Sleazy.P.Martini

    Boiga Irregularis (Night tiger)

    Paid the deposit on this little fella the other day. He'll be touching down at the start of May. Very happy! I'd love to hear from any others who keep them, any particular husbandry and feeding tips etc. Also love to see some enclosure pics
  45. Sleazy.P.Martini

    QLD Brown tree snake

    Looking for Brown tree snake, preferably night tiger. Adult
  46. Jay84

    VIC Brown Tree Snake (Night Tiger) Male

    Species Common Name Brown Tree Snake Length Approx 5 foot Quantity Available 1 Bred By unknown General Description Gorgeous male Brown Tree Snake, stunning markings and colours. GREAT feeder on mice and chicks from either tongs or just leaving in cage. Not a great handler, quite...
  47. L

    How do you find snakes at night?

    Last night I took my little sister outside at 11:30 to try and find some snakes... All I found were lots of hidious rats, possums, and one very pudgy green tree frog. I was looking forward to finding some snakes (Their was three, one was relocated, other two still out their some where) (their...
  48. I

    Candy Cane Brown tree snake out of Australia?

    Hi Guys, Are there observations of Candy Cane BTS outside Australia? For example, in New Guinea, or in some neighboring islands? Here is a pic of one of my 2011 babies :D
  49. J

    Possible Eastern Brown inside

    Hi, A friend of mine has spotted a possible Eastern Brown in her kids room. She has had a number of people come in and try to locate it, to no avail. It is definitely in there as fresh droppings have been found. They have moved out of the house, but this has been 5 days now and with 4 little...
  50. H

    Weekend Herp at Mount Glorious (Pics)

    My girlfriend and i had a nice herp up Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious on the weekend. We found a coastal, Rough-Scaled, Golden crowned snake, hatchling Brown tree snake and a few of this species of frog. All photos were taken by her on a Nikon D5000. Enjoy