bredli python


  1. S

    NSW Wanted Python Hatchling

    Looking for a hatchling python; bredli, jungle carpet or spotted python :)
  2. D

    NSW Looking to buy Centralian Morelia Python - Hatchlings

    Looking to purchase Centralian Bredli Carpet Python Hatchlings. I live in Parramatta, happy to travel anywhere in Sydney or Newcastle. I have my license and ready to go now! Desiree
  3. Laikin

    NSW Looking for BREDLI breeders

    Hi everyone, i'm looking into getting a bredli python hatchling, i know that bredli season is long gone so i was wondering if there are any breeders near me that will be breeding next season. I live near Coffs Harbour, NSW
  4. Laikin

    NSW WANTED Bredli Hatchlings

    Hi, im looking for a bredli hatchling, i live near Coffs Harbour, NSW
  5. Laikin

    Baby Bredli Husbandry Help

    hey everyone, i'm getting a baby Bredli python in a month or so and was wandering if anyone could help with the general husbandry (i've done my own research just wanted to get more opinions)
  6. Sherlock Bones

    NSW Sold Bredli Hatchlings

    Sold I have 20 Bredli python hatchlings available, these little guys have shed, are eating and pooping like champs and are now ready for new homes. $75 each Located Lismore N.S.W, but will be doing a run down to Port Macquarie mid May.
  7. Dastwitch

    QLD Bredli or jungle breeders?

    Hi all. Went from "I want to own a snake one day" to "ok I'm ready" thanks to a mate's Darwin python using me as a jungle gym . I'm looking to get a bredli or a jungle, and I'm looking for reputable breeders who can ship to or are located in the SE corner of QLD (I'm in Brisbane). I've done my...
  8. Y

    Qld Recreation License

    Hi there, I'm going to be moving to QLD soon, and taking my Bredli and snake-neck turtle with me. I've read the gov. website and the extremely long PDF that came with it, and I just wanted to get some clarification, because I don't want to accidentally do the wrong thing. Bredli aren't on the...
  9. The Hiss-issippi River

    Should I Put A Hatchling Snake In Its Full Sized Enclosure??

    I was thinking about getting a Bredli Python and I have researched a lot and was just wondering can I get an enclosure that it can stay in life or do I have to get new ones as the snake grows?? Thanks Hope my question makes sense
  10. Ashleyyedwards7

    Mites, Please Help!

    My 9 month old Bredl has mites. I have bought permoxin and TOD. The TOD hasn't arrived in the post yet so only have the permoxin. My current plan is to treat her with the permoxin and quarantine her in a treated click clack in a different room to her enclosure, bathing her everyday in luke warm...