breeding female pythons


  1. Snakebreak

    First time breeding ?

    Hey, so this will be my first time breeding snakes. I've kept them for many years But never stepped into the breeding world until now. So I have afew questions: 1. What age and weight do the MALES have to be before breeding for jungles and darwins? I have a jungle almost 1 year old now is that...
  2. R

    Wanting To Breed Darwin Carpet (need male)

    Hi there, I've wanted to breed my Het Darwin Carpet for years, firstly out of my personal interest but also as apart of an educational program I run at my secondary school. I have done lots of research in the past on the process of breeding but have read and heard varying things; from specific...
  3. D

    Breeding snakes behaviours

    Hi my female and male carpet pythons were put together and the female began wagging her tail and some pink bits were seen by her cloaca then after a bit of time I saw what looked like dark blood on the newspaper but when looking over both snakes there were no bleeding spots or anything I...
  4. Ken666

    WTB Breeding sized female morelia's

    I am looking to buy a few female carpets, that are ready to breed this season. I would prefer animals over 2kg, from pure lines, or hybridized morphs with full genetic makeup known. No cross breeds without recessive, or co-dominant genes please. PM me with details Cheers ken