1. Joshherp

    Breeding advice

    Hey, sort of a double post but I have some breeding questions for stimsons. many males-females to start of with B.what locality’s C. Where can I get adults (preferably of morphological quality) old enough to breed. As I don’t want to wait to grow them up. I do have two I’m growing up at...
  2. Joshherp

    Breeding beginner

    Hey, thinking of getting into breeding. But have some questions first, so I’ll get right into it. (I live in wa by the way) it a good idea 2.what would you advise breeding for ease and an actual market for it 3.general 4.I know it’s dumb but you can’t sell to pet stores can you? and if...
  3. S

    Breeding HELP PLEASE

    G'day everyone, I'm a long time owner and really looking to expand on my love of snakes by looking into breeding! Now I am a perfectionist and really want to get it right the first time. I'm wondering if there are ANY easy resources for me to look at that will tell me how to breed Antaresia...
  4. W

    Rough-Scaled Python Info?

    Was wondering if any experienced RSP breeders knew how old on average they live in captivity and how old they breed up until (when do they start getting too old)?
  5. Skinky

    White Lipped Whip Snakes breeding more than they should?

    I have 2 breeding adult White Lips, I keep 4 specimens (3 adults, one juvenile) cohabbed in a communal habitat. My wild caught female (unknown age) recently gave birth to 5 after my captive born male (1 years old) mated with her. Within days of her giving birth, he immediately started attempting...
  6. 4

    NSW Female woma for breeding

    Hi, My ten year old son wants to breed our 5-year old male Woma. I'm looking to buy/rent/borrow a female. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  7. Ben Carson

    Can a snake breed with a prolapse?

    I recently purchased a large beautiful female south west carpet python, after a feed and passing the food a prolapse was noticed, it went back in by itself. Asked the previous owner and they knew about the problem but where never too fussed about it as it solved itself within an hour or two. I...
  8. Lukecee

    Breeding mice

    I've owned mice before more as pets than anything and I've housed males and females together but they never bred, not that I was trying to breed them. But now I want to breed them. Any tips on how to get started?
  9. T

    QLD Licence type required to breed Woma pythons

    Ive recently purchased an adult breeding pair of Womas, turns out they are a restricted snake in Queensland which I was unaware of. The person I purchased it off of said I needed a restricted licence to breed them. He said there is a version that doesn't include elapid endorsement, does anyone...
  10. S

    Breeding Varanus help please

    Hey there. I'm wondering if anyone here with Varanus breeding experience can help me. I have a 3-4 year old Varanus Melinus pair, been housed together since they were babies. They seem to go really well with each other, no fights or resource hogging at all over the years. However, they seem to...
  11. D

    VIC adult blue tongues

    looking for yearling to adult blue tongues(eastern, northern or blotched) nothing over 100 each but there are exceptions. will be for breeding so the nicer the color or pattern the better i have been keeping blueys for 7 years and look forward to breeding in the coming season MUST BE IN VIC
  12. mrnofear


    Hi I'm selling my awesome Lacey pair (yet to breed) with large outdoor enclosure. Male is 11yo, Sex Verification from Reptile Specialist Dr Tristen at Lortsmith Animal Hospital He has an old scare on he's back from when he had a fight with another male when he was very young Female is 7yo...
  13. S

    Breeding Woma pythons

    Hi, I am looking into possibly breeding Woma Pythons, and cant find anything about captive breeding online. Any information would be appreciated, My understanding is they only mix with black head pythons but I cant even find anything about that either. I may just resort to Bredlis, Darwins, and...
  14. J


    So in the next few weeks I'm picking up an Albino Caramel Jag that had just recently hatched, Farther was a Caramel Jag and the Mother was an Albino Darwin Carpet, both are beautiful snakes and so are the babies. Two questions, one, has anyone else done this before Caramel Jag x Albino Darwin...
  15. R

    Wanting To Breed Darwin Carpet (need male)

    Hi there, I've wanted to breed my Het Darwin Carpet for years, firstly out of my personal interest but also as apart of an educational program I run at my secondary school. I have done lots of research in the past on the process of breeding but have read and heard varying things; from specific...
  16. B

    QLD BlackHeaded NT Python Male

    We are selling our male NT BlackHeaded Python. He is 9yrs old. He is a calm snake, very easy to handle. He also eats well. We have not had any problems with him. He is approximately 6ft. His enclosure is also for sale. We also have rat breeding set up (with watering setup). Make reasonable...
  17. Southernserpent

    Male female size difference

    What do people think about dramatic differences in size of male and females when breeding. Is their any tips or recommendations when it comes to the risks associated with this
  18. C

    Incubator Question

    so i recently purchased a incubator and i started testing the temps and see where they sit in comparison to what i had it set to (31c) and noticed that the build in thermostat brings it up 2 degrees higher then the set temp and then drops down to the set temp (31c). so i tested it i put a...