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    Beardies in the wild. Where have they gone?

    Hi there I’m a new member of the site. I’m not a reptile collector but am passionate about sighting reptiles in the wild and as a kid used to catch them and keep a few (there wasnt clear laws then and we had no idea what the affects of taking them from the wild would be). I now live in...
  2. G

    NSW WANTED: Female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python

    Hello, I am looking for a female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python (morelia spilota variegata). I am located in Northern NSW and would be happy to drive up to 3 hours to pick up, otherwise could arrange freight to the local airport. I hold a valid reptile licence. Please let me know if you...
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    QLD 2 coastal carpet pythons

    New to forums so apologies if not posting correctly 2 coastal carpets - 10 years old One of the snakes is a fussy eater Not handled enough anymore - life has gotten busier and busier In the Logan area