1. cooperftw

    SOLD Adult friendly Murray Darling Carpet Python + optional enclosure

    Hi there, Just welcomed my first child, am moving house and need a larger enclosure for my beloved Murray Darling Carpet Python (morelia spilota metcalfei). Too much for me to take on at the moment so I've decided to sell the family pet. Also included (if you want it) is a used but in good...
  2. Codie

    Belly scales lifted!!

    Ok so my jungle carpets belly has these lifted scales (you can see and feel them). When I got her she had mites which I have successfully gotten rid of and she was also underweight. She still is a bit skinny now and that's why I'm thinking they could be raised from that. But like I'm not sure...
  3. P

    Jag Jungle often have nero problems? What is hypo jag?

    Is this true? Is it the same risk for all types of jungles?
  4. P

    Diamond Jungle Cross

    Hi, what do people think of this carpet cross? I have seen the Zebra version and it looks great! (If it was female I would have purchased it on the spot!) Do they have problems with temp or shedding? What do people think? Thanks
  5. D

    NSW Female striped and spotted coastal carpet python

    She can be a bit cage defensive especially at feeding time but once out she's placid. Also have a 3ft reptile one enclosure as seen in the pictures. Pickup Harrington Park 2567 NSW PM if interested.
  6. Mitch.11

    Recent finds on the Gold Coast

    A Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli), Common Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus) and Brown Tree Snake (Boiga irregularis) found recently. The climate for reptiles in South East Queensland is great at the moment. For more info on each...
  7. pyalda

    NSW Diamond intergrades

    Hi Im not able to upload photos here again, please PM for them, ill be happy to send them. 3 diamond x coastals left 1 currently on hold. 2left Both eat/poo without any issues, both handle well, about 2yrs old Unknown sex Make me an offer Negotiable Need more Info please PM me Must have a valid...
  8. K

    Coastal carpet colours/morphs

    Im still pretty new to owning reptiles, and would like to learn more about the colours and how to identify them But one thing that has me confused are the coastals, I own coastals and love them, but im pretty set on only owning pure, ive recently learnt about caramel, zebra and orange pepper...
  9. A

    NSW SOLD 3 Albino Darwin carpet pythons Full Stripe breeding trio ONO $3,000

    Selling 3 Albino Darwin carpet pythons. One female has a full yellow stripe. All hand raised and never had them bite. Excellent investment for breeding. Price also includes a full setup custom made glass enclosure with carved wooden lid. Pythons are 1m+ in length. 2 females and 1 male. – 1...
  10. jared_tst

    Reptile Carpet Sydney

    Hey guys, I've been searching everywhere to buy reptile carpet for substrate but can only find it in U.S stores that don't ship here. Anyone know where to get some?
  11. StunningMorelia

    John Montgomery Details

    Hi all! Does anyone know if John Montgomery still breeds his Palmerston jungles or would have any available? And if it would be possible to get contact details for him? Cheers!
  12. SpottedPythons

    Elusive Morphs...

    There are a few python colour morphs that are definitely on my wish list, but I haven't seen a lot of. Does anyone have any info (price, etc.) about these: Ebony Spotted Python - from what I know they are very dark spotteds, almost uniform black Silver Peppered Carpets - pure Murray Darlings...