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  1. Mr.pristis

    Pignosed turtles for sale

    Scientific Name carettochelys I sculpts Common Name Pignosed Turtle Age 2 Size 12cm Quantity Available 2 Bred By me General Description Excellent condition, feeding well, no skin issues, kept with other turtles outdoors, last of the clutch from two years ago, no eggs this year. No...
  2. CrystalMoon

    Turtle ID please

    I had a young fellow come into work with a hatchling long necked turtle, it is one I have not seen before? It's shell looks a little malformed(wonky) The colouring of the shell is very dark, almost black. The most different feature of this little one is it's red eyes. I could not take a pic...
  3. Fenno

    New 2 Turtles...

    Hey All, I am new to owning a turtle :-). He/She is a busy little thing and eating very well. I just had a couple of questions, hoping that someone out there would give me a hand with... Firstly, I haven't seen it basking on its dock. How often do turtles bask? I thought it would at least...
  4. Mr.pristis

    Pig-nosed Turtle

    Scientific Name : Carretochelys Insculpta Common Name : Pig-nosed Turtle Age : 5 months Size : 90 - 110 grams Quantity Available Bred By : me General Description : Probably the only juvenile Pig-nosed turtles available for sale in Australia. Great condition, see pictures of...
  5. G

    Please Help we are desperate !!! Murray River Turtles

    Hi Everyone, We are new to forums of any kind but we desperately need help for our turtles : Barry and Terry :) - Murray River Turtles - she is 15 months old - 4 ft tank shared with another turtle of the same breed and age and sex. - good filter - UV light and heat lamp - docking getting a...
  6. R

    Maclay river turtle help please seems to maybe have mites???

    Hey not going to make this too long navies I typed up a massive thing and it don't work I saved a maclay river turtle from a guy I was buying some geckos off he had them in an Esky with dirty green water and no filter or UVB anyway he then had moved them into a bucket not sure why he had Sven...
  7. Mr.pristis

    Pig-Nosed Turtles (Carettochelys insculpta)

    Scientific Name Common Name Pig-Nosed Turtle Age 1 & 2 Size approx 100gm & 210gm Quantity Available 2 Bred By Greg Miles (1 year old from very last batch) General Description A very rare opportunity to obtain the ultimate pinnacle of freshwater turtle species, the Pig-Nosed Turtle...
  8. Reptilez123

    Help shellrot? long neck turtle

    i found this long neck turtle with bad shell at the back near its tail it was sitting on the dirt near a creek it had blood coming from its back side area and i was afraid if i left it the water dirty water from the creek would infect its wounds so i decided to take it home because its shell is...
  9. R

    Advice for a Canadian conservation biologist travelling to Oz!

    Greetings all, My name is Ryan Bolton and I am a conservation biologist, professional photographer, and television host from Canada. I am currently supposed to be in Australia right now assisting in conservation genetics research on various lizard species; however, a shoulder separation injury...
  10. Sezzzzzzzzz

    ALMA PARK ZOO? anyone been recently?

    We are heading up next week for a couple of weeks with my Mum and Dad at Mt Tamborine. It will be the first time in ages that we will all be going together so we are wanting some exciting places to take Tilly, but dreamworld/movie world/seaworld etc seems a bit overpriced to take a 3 yr old with...
  11. NuKL7

    Anyone have any good turtle tips?

    Hey guys! a few days ago i saw a picture of an eastern long neck turtle and it was so cute! I decided i will be getting one or two early next year. I've been reading many care sheets researching their requirements and stuff. I think i have got the gist of it but still refining my knowledge. I...
  12. tyson001

    ELNs not eating fish

    My 2 baby Eastern long necks aren't eating fish, they're eating pellets, frozen dinners and worms. I just noticed this isn't a question, my question is, is this normal and how long until they will start eating fish? They are a bit larger than a 50 cent piece.
  13. S

    About breeding Pig Nosed Turtles

    Are there any turtle botherers out there? I tried to put this up on the Freshwater Turtle Forum but was told I couldn't advertise on that forum. I don't quite get that as I have nothing to sell. Anyway - I just wanted to point out that if any of you are interested about the ins and outs of...
  14. F

    Pet Turtle

    Hi Guys, I have just recently applied for an Australian NSW Reptile Licence for a Class 1 Reptile. When the Licence comes through the mail, I was planning to get 2 Murray short necked turtles. I was wondering if you guys could tell me how to look after them as in what I need to get for them...
  15. gavman

    Trying to contact Craig Latta

    Hi, is there anyone that could help me to contact Craig or Gabby Latta . His APS (expansa1) profile seems to be inactive. I'm happy to have my contact details passed on to them. Thanks...Gav
  16. N

    Turtle help

    My daughter and her friends found a baby freshwater turtle on the beach we are thinking the recent heavy rain has washed it out to sea. At first they thought it was dead but then noticed some movement so took it to a friends home with the plan to take it to the vet hospital today. Now the other...
  17. mreyes

    Who's going to Scales & Tails expo?!

    Hi guys, just wondering who's going to the Scales & Tails Expo next week? Would suck walking around and passing by people who we chat to on APS... :) Cheers, Mitch
  18. waruikazi

    Traditional herping... er hunting!

    I was lucky enough to go turtle hunting on the flood plain in my community last night. These are Chelodina rugosa, Northern Long Necks. Finding them is alot like crabbing. We used what the locals call a 'goopa' which is Aboriginal English for crow bar, it's a long peice of iron with a wooden...
  19. T

    Newbie to monitor

    Hey guys i just bought a yellow spotted monitor today. this is my first reptile and just wanna know abit more about it. Iv been told to grab him everyday for half an hour or so and he will be very tame. what i wanna know is at the moment i have terf but can i put him on sand or is he like...
  20. Jazzz

    Tutle help!

    a few months ago i noticed a dark colouration around his shell and i emailed craig off the fresh water turtle forum and he said it was nothing to worry about its just shedding. over exams i havent been paying as much attention to my turtles as i should have been and someone has rearanged my...
  21. saximus


    Hey guys just after some info on the different species we can keep. My girlfriend loves them so I was thinking of looking into their care requirements and eventually getting one. So could someone tell me which are the smallest species and also a rough idea on pricing? Any other info I can...
  22. Pinoy

    Pig Nose Turtle setups

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone here keeps/breeds Pig Nose Turtles? It's something I would like to get in the future but not for a while and figured it wouldn't hurt to start researching and getting as much info as I can early. So if anyone had some tips and pics of their turtles and set...
  23. antho87

    Do i need a heater

    hey guys another question which i cannot find any answers for what should i be doing as in heat wise for my stimmie the ppl at the pet store reckon i dont need heat mat or anything the light will do the work as long as i put in on for a bit everyday is this correct here are some pics! thanks...
  24. M

    which turtle??????

    ok so i have decided that i am going to get a turtle or 2 or 3 lol but i dont really know anything about them. & yes i have done my research and everywhere has something different to say. so i put it all to you guys to tell me about the ones u have & maybe post some pics of urs. thanks any1???
  25. A

    New Victorian DSE Wildlife Act and Regulations for 2012

    As some people may be aware and others are probably not the whole DSE Wildlife Act and Regulations in Victoria are to be be totally renewed next year.This basically means a whole new set of regulations to be revised and renewed to over take the existing one.I have personally spoken to senior...
  26. craig.a.c

    QLD licencing system.

    I'm moving to Townsville in a couple of weeks and was trying to find a link or something that outlines what pythons I can keep in QLD on a standard licence. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers - Craig.
  27. W

    What is "experience"?

    Some one asked me recently: "when am I going to be experienced enough to have a GTP?" I thought this is an interesting topic. "Experience" is an uncertain entity with no limits, boundaries or benchmarks, yet we often refer to it as if it was black and white. If you kept two snakes for 20 years...
  28. melluvssnakes

    Baby Turtles

    Hey guys does anyone know where to get baby turtles in central queensland? We're after eastern long necks, or painted turtles (i think that's what they're called, they've got red bellies) Cheers, Melissa P.S. I've already put an ad up on Australian Freshwater Turtles
  29. daniel1234

    What type of foods I can feed my turtle

    I have aquired a murray short neck turtle, and the previous owner fed it chicken. We are currently feeding her turtle pellets but we don't know what else we can feed her, can we feed her some greens as she doesn't seem to like pellets much. She is getting hungry, as we have stopped feeding her...
  30. Snakelove

    Reptiles and Salmonella

    Does anyone know whats the deal with salmonella and reptiles? apprently you can catch it just by touching the inside of a snakes mouth? So what happens if we get bitten? Any information is awesome guys.
  31. Mighty_Moose

    Turtle Thread

    (not sure if there is one already couldn't find it) Well I'm looking for some ideas before I jump into anything. So I would LOVE to see some pictures of Turtle setups ! and describe whats going on (filters lights etc).
  32. R

    Turtle biting me

    Hi, just wondering, how can i get my turtle from trying to bite me? Thanks
  33. dezza09

    Turtle Lifeless and Limp HELP!!

    One of my Murray Shortnecks has been limp and lifeless since yesterday. I regularly put them in a tank out the front of my house to let them dry out as they don't use their docks enough and their shells have shown signs of this, Yesterday however I made the stupid mistake(and am so annoyed at...
  34. Frozenmouse

    Baby turtle (warning extreme cuteness)

    told you .lol. i have UVA 5.0 and all of the right food and water params. I have done a stack of research on turtles but still have one unanswered question. Should i leave the basking (40w IR) light on at night or turn it off it gets to about 12 oC inside the lounge room at night in winter.?
  35. vaughans81

    Turtle tank advice needed

    Hi, I just have a few questions if anyone could offer some advice - I have a Aqua One 2Ft Turtle Tank for two baby Macleay River turtles and just need some advice on the following - I am looking at the Fluval 105 canister filter, is this a good quality filter or is there a better option...
  36. K

    Question about Qld reptile license

    Hi, im fairly new here, was just wondering how many snakes a standard reptiles license in Queensland allows you to keep, the wording is sort of vague "allows keeping of maximum of two restricted reptiles or amphibians other than dangerous reptiles" so, does this allow the keeping of two...
  37. R

    Coolest turtle

    What is the coolest turtle? Ive heard that the eastern long neck is most common but a bit dull and doesnt have a great personality. I want a turtle that is full of energy and excitment and a turtle that gets used to people. Anyone know of a pretty easy turtle to maintain like that?
  38. Kitah

    Kreffts issue

    Heya guys, yesterday I caught my kreffts boy (3 yrs 3 months) from his new 650L outdoor tub, and he doesn't look too good; very pale in comparison to his usual self. He has a large basking dock, rocks, plants etc to burrow around in his tank, though the tank has turned green from algae (which...
  39. Nash1990

    Turtle Enclosure

    Hey i was wondering if anyone could help me I'm getting 4 baby snake-neck turtles and need to know what i need for them eg. type of filter, heating, lighting, etc and any general tips would be great. Thanks
  40. S

    Turtle Pond project - advice welcome

    HI All, first time poster, but have been reading your great site for awhile. We have a little long neck named 'squirt' (shell about 3' in diameter). He currently lives in an 3 foot aquarium in the house, where he seems happy enough. However we have decided to put a water feature in the...
  41. horsesrule

    Turtle destined to become dinner rescued

    The turtle was similar to this one, also a wattle-necked soft-shelled species. (David Lee) An Australian man's mission to save an endangered turtle from the serving plate of a Hong Kong restaurant has come to a happy ending — thanks to a Buddhist nun. Craig Latta, president of the...
  42. Kitah

    Crowntail betta with fin rot

    I've posted before about my new pet, which is a crowntail betta. when I got him he had a mild case of fin rot; I'd read up on it and had initially tried changing his water every day to treat it, but it started to slowly get worse. I then tried triple sulfa as it was recommended on a number of...
  43. Kitah

    Kreffts turtle question

    Well I noticed this arvo when i took turt out of his tank that his right nostril looks weird- like skin has partially grown over it! has anyone seen anything like this b4?
  44. K

    Eastern box turtle in my backyard

    Yeah, I'm in the US. :D Check out what I found in my back yard today. She's laying eggs!
  45. K

    Saw shelled turtle - appears to be an infection, need help

    Alright, so i cant afford the vet costs right now unfortunately and am almost at the point where i'll just give the turtle away. His shell has slowly turned kind of redish around the bottom of his shell (see pics) The shell was a little bit softer today and the vet said it might be an...
  46. mcloughlin2

    Murray River short neck turtles.

    Can anyone help me out with breeding Murray short necks. I need to know: How to sex them? (Looked in google but found alot of different opinions) What size do they need to be? Does age matter? Can they breed in a large tub with a 2ftx1ft platform in it with a deep layer of sand about 10cm...
  47. loubear

    newbie - help with eastern long neck turtle

    Hey my name is Lou and I have had my turtle (Bumper) for about 3 months or so. I feed him turtle food pellets and veggies (which I have been putting calcium on) and a bit of meat. Anyway, recently he has been kind of inactive and I was wondering if it's because it's usually the time they start...
  48. deadflesh


    I'm doing a 'turtle rescue' (from a negligent owner) tomorrow (unknown turtle species) and was wondering what the general tank arrangement is. He comes in a large 4 ft tank and the turtle is about 6-8 years old and is still very very small (palm of hand). I know i need to organize a turtle...
  49. wiz-fiz

    Eastern Long Neck turtle

    i am thinking about getting an Eastern Long Neck turtle please answer these questions. *Do you need a pond to breed them? *Do they need to hibernate to breed? *How often do they need to be fed? *How big do they get? *How big does the tank need to be for a 20cm-26cm turtle? *How much do they...
  50. maxamus

    turtle tank set up help plzz

    i need to know how far away from light to put turtle dock and wot temp range should it be .also do i need a basking light or just a uvb fluro im planning on getting a murray river turtle plzz any info would be great