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  1. Nero Egernia

    Swollen Leg

    I noticed today that my adult Frill Neck has a swollen front leg. He stays off it and keeps it raised. He appears to be having trouble climbing. I've booked a vet appointment for tomorrow morning. Anyone have any thoughts on what ails him? I don't think it's metabolic bone disease as he's got a...
  2. Nero Egernia

    I've Done it Again

    I've done it again and made another lizard video. I should probably stop doing this, haha. ;) I was trying to make a video that features more of my Frilled Lizard, as I always seem to be filming the Western Netted Dragons. It's a little hard to film him, however, as he spends approximately 90%...
  3. N

    Shipping reptiles

    hey everyone, first post on here i was just wondering how you guys go about freighting your reptiles within state and which company you do it through. thanks
  4. Josch

    New Enclosure for Frilled neck Lizards

    Hi guys, that`s my old enclosure for Frilled neck Lizards late in the 90ies: Since summer 2015 I have again four young frillies and are now building a new terrarium, see the next post ............. - - - Updated - - - The rough construction is assembled by a joiner electric...
  5. Nero Egernia

    Wanted: Kimberly Form Frill Neck Lizards

    I've been searching high and low for some female Kimberly Form Frill Neck Lizards (Chlamydosaurus kingii) and I'm having no luck finding them! If you have any please let me know! I'm only after Kimberly Form, young adults or juveniles, with nice red/orange colouring, healthy and well...
  6. Josch

    Feeding frilled lizard
  7. K

    Dragon Eye Photos

    Some head shots of some beardies and a frill neck lizard, Love the details in their eyes.
  8. Josch

    Hello everyone,

    and now the third try. Within the last weeks I lost my account and introduction tow times. My name is Jochen and I come from South Germany. I already hold for over 25 jears reptiles. Most of my terraria are inhabitad by lizards of the genus Lacertidae. My second passion is herpetologie...
  9. R

    Nt frilled neck male or female?

    yuo '
  10. W

    Frill Neck Pics

    Few updated pics of my Frill Necks, Brown/yellow ones are from North QLD, Red/Orange ones are from WA. They look to be on track to be breeding size this season. Fingers Crossed!
  11. PistolPython

    Frilled lizard loosing scales above eyes

    I bought a Frilly off a guy that neglected his lizard. Was missing toe nail and small bit of tail. So he could of had problems before i got him. He is 2.5yrs old. A short time after his scales have been coming off and leaving white skin behind. I took it to the vet and they said the lizard was...
  12. DeadlyDanny80

    Frill Neck Enclosure

    Refurbished Northern Territory Frill Neck Enclosure... My Male CK & Female Ruby Rose with Red frill...
  13. heidii

    QLD reptile licence species list??

    Hi Guys, I cannot find any information on the species list for the QLD reptile licence - I found a link somewhere but it seems to be a broken link :( Someone at my work's child got given a 6 week old frill neck lizard and she was concerned about what to feed it so asked me about them, I told her...
  14. Dr-Zoidberg

    Frill neck question.

    At what age/size would I be best off moving my frillneck into an outdoor aviary? The aviary will be partially shaded, and gets sun from 11am onwards. I also have a water feature and a fair few live plants to go it there. Occasionally the winters are cold here, would it be a good idea to install...
  15. shano

    Local GTF resident

    Just thought I would share a couple of pic's of a green tree frog I just took. He (or she) frequents quite often and is usually sitting on the same window sill. He is pretty big and has been around for I would guess a couple of years. Any experienced herpers care to comment on what looks to be...
  16. W

    Frill Neck Lizard Progress Pics (DUW)

    (sorry some of these have been uploaded before not all are in order):
  17. M

    Some people don't deserve to own reptiles

    I'm interested to see who else has come across some tosser who neglects mistreats or abuses there reptiles. I have a 10 month old albino Darwin that when I got her was dehydrated and not been fed in months. she has had a check up with the vet and is feeding now and well on her way to being a...
  18. Jazzz

    Some recent Australian highlights

    Myself and my partner have been on a few herping trips lately and I thought id put up a few of the highlights. I'll start with the local stuff. I've just done a couple of pretty dismal nights herping around Brisbane so far. As there isn't too much to find I've been able to experiment with...
  19. D

    Darwin to the Kimberly

    Not too long ago, myself and my girlfried, CVHG, umped onto a pressuresed metal tube and flew 2848.54 km / 1538.09 nautical miles to the NT's night life crazy CBD, Darwin. We landed at midnight, with boots, camera equipment, a bag full of field guides and a sleeping bag each. My best...
  20. Dr-Zoidberg


    So I have a frillneck that won't drink from his water bowl ever. I mist him and he drinks from the end of a syringe aswell. I've read that moving water often entices them to drink, does anyone use waterfalls in their enclosures and do you find them to be a better option?
  21. B

    pics of frilled necks and their enclosures

    I have a baby frilly and i just want to some other frilly enclosure.
  22. MrVic


    Hello everyone, Great site you have here. Very informative and a pleasant community to boot. I'm a 45 year old male from Melbourne's West, Tarneit. I'm acquiring Bob, an 8.5ft Centralian Python who is 14.5 years old as soon as the DEPI send me my licence. Why does everything that involves...
  23. kr0nick

    Wa Kimberly Frilled neck Adult breeding pair

    Scientific Name Chlamydosaurus Kingii Common Name Frilled neck dragon Age Approx 3 years Quantity Available Pair of adults General Description Successful breeding pair of WA Kimberly frillyes. Male has some frill damage. Both are kept under MVB lighting and outside in natural UV...
  24. T

    Newest frilly enclosure build!

    Thought i would share some photos of a frill-neck enclosure i have been working on recently. All thats left is adding some plants, lighting and a few large logs. any advice/ questions are more than welcome! Cheers
  25. HaberfieldsReps

    NT Frilly Hatchlings

    4 x NT Frilly hatchlings. 6-8 weeks old. Feeding well on woodies. Unable to sex accurately at this age. All are in guaranteed good health. Photos are from a few years ago however are from the same line and are representative of the animals for sale. Freight available for purchases greater...
  26. GeckPhotographer

    Kimberley Australia

    So over most of January and February of this year I was staying in the southern Kimberley region of Western Australia. I was here to assist an honours student working on V. panoptes and while this took up most of each day I also managed to get around a little of the local station I was staying...
  27. Snakester

    Frilled Neck Lizards - Hatchlings

    Scientific Name Chlamydosaurus kingii Common Name Frilled Neck Lizards / Frilled Dragons Age A few weeks. Will be available for sale in approx 2 weeks time. Size Small (approx 10cm) Quantity Available 5 Bred By Me General Description Stunning little frillies...
  28. DeadlyDanny80

    Frill Neck

    My QLD Frill Necks new home...
  29. kr0nick

    Kimberly region Frilled Dragons

    Scientific Name Common Name Frilled Dragon Age 9 weeks Size Still small Quantity Available 10+ Bred By Myself General Description For sale. I am dropping the price of my Kimberly Region Frilled Dragons to $450 each and $400 for 2 or more, I am willing to freight but details will...
  30. P

    Adult male Qld frill neck $200

    General Description Eats ok on crickets however is quite skinny at the moment due to me moving house, work commitments an house renovations very flighty and doesn't handle well best to be just a looking at animal probly best for someone with frilly experience. Don't txt me askin for a deal...
  31. CarpetPython313

    Frilled neck lizard/Blue tongue skink

    Hi, I was wondering could anyone please tell me the care of frilled necks lizards or blueys or if you can both of them. Thank You Matt:D
  32. kr0nick

    WA Kimberly Frilled Dragons

    WA Kimberly Frilled Dragons (EOI) Scientific Name Chlamydosaurus Kingii Common Name Frilled Neck lizard Age Hatchling Size 10cm approx (including tail) Quantity Available 10 plus Bred By Myself General Description Up for sale soon (as this is EOI) I have some WA Kimberly regions...
  33. L

    Frilled neck Lizzard bubs

    Scientific Name Common Name Frilled neck Lizzard babies Age 3 months Size 150mm Quantity Available 10 Bred By Myself General Description Very cute and active! Eating extremely well and growing just as fast! Location Karalee QLD Willing to Freight? Yes at Buyers expense and...
  34. geckoboy2001

    Reptile half ounce silver coins

    I was thinking about coins and reptiles there my favourite hobby and why not have both a reptile on a coin I was thinking if anyone would buy a half an once silver coin. Green tree python,woma python,knob tailed gecko or bearded dragon if you would buy one of them say i would and which one it...
  35. P

    Male qld frill neck

    Adult male selling to make room for a female sexed via ultrasound He's got an awesome frill and loves showin it off he's very very flighty and will jump at your face... He's 100% look but no touching unless needed He will only eat crickets no greens Looking for 500 Contact via pm or...
  36. Snakester

    Frilled Neck Lizards - Hatchlings

    Scientific Name Chlamydosaurus kingii Common Name Frilled Neck Lizards / Frilled Dragons Age 3 hatchlings available from 2 different clutches (aged 9 weeks and 5 weeks respectively) Size 10-15cm Quantity Available 3 Bred By Me General Description Stunning little...
  37. Fang101

    NQLD Herping

    Hey Guys, haven’t posted here for a while so thought I'd share some photos I've taken since I've been in NQLD recently. So first up is a wallaby, found between Mareeba and Cairns. _MG_7090 by Kieran Palmer, on Flickr Next is a gravid Frilled necked dragon that decided to climb my leg after...
  38. D

    Male Northern Territory frill neck lizard

    Scientific Name Chlamydosaurus kingii Common Name Frill neck lizard, frilled dragon Age 1 year old DOB 4/2/13 Size Quantity Available 1 Bred By Reptiles on the move General Description This is a Northern Territory male frillie, he is just over a year old so still has a bit of...
  39. J

    Need Help PLease Yearling frilled Dragon

    Hi guys i just recently adopted a yearling frilled dragon from a friend as he was no longer able to keep it. The thing is im not to sure on how big this lil guy should be hes 30cm from head to tail, and 3cm wide on his skull and 3cm wide on his belly, he has just recently done a full shed while...
  40. L

    Male frilly 2 years old excess stock $500

    Scientific Name Hi Everyone I have 1 x male frilled neck Lizzard Up for sale. He is an extremely handsome fella and would be a great addition to any reptile collection. Ready for breeding now as has just been put with a female and he knows what he is doing! Eats very well no sulking from this...
  41. L

    Frilly babies up for sale

    Scientific Name Common Name frilled neck Lizzards Age 2 weeks Size small Quantity Available Bred By General Description Hi everyone I have the cutest little reptiles available on the market. They are eating well on small crickets, woodie roaches and rep-cal baby beardie pellets...
  42. S

    Shingles, bearded, burtons, frillys, blue tongues....

    For Sale: Hatchling Burtons legless lizard, one left $150 Wa pair of shingles, ones yellow, other is black and white $400 Adult male/female pair of central bearded dragons $300 Adult female frilled lizard - Make an offer Hypo Eastern blue tongue lizard - $50 Pick up is in Cairns QLD or...
  43. Rlpreston

    Victorian lizard with a 'frill'

    Hello all lizard people, My husband and I are having a 'discussion' about what kind of lizards I'm allowed to get ;) He is INSISTING that he used to see one type of lizard when he was a kid in Tooborac/Heathcote in Vic that had a large frill, about 20cm, grey-brown colour. He assures me they...
  44. DeadlyDanny80

    Frill Neck Lizard Keepers

    Just wondering if there is anyone on here who keeps frill neck lizards? No people on this forum keep Frill Neck Lizards? They are rarer than I thought
  45. eddie19

    albino water dragon question

    Hey a few years ago someone on this site was saying they had an albino eastern water dragon they had pictures and seemed to be for real but I m not sure could have been photoshoped I guess but what I guess I m asking is if anyone knows if it was a real albino and if it ever bred
  46. clopo

    2013 in review

    Hi all, Its been a while since i have put a post up, so I will try and put everything from the year in one big post. There will be a few areas of Australia covered. I am still working in Mount Isa in North-west Queensland, however I am now living in Brisbane. This change has given me a...
  47. W

    Frilled Neck Hatchlings. Avaliable soon.

    Chlamydosaurus kingii Frilled Neck Lizard NT Variety New Born. Should be available mid Jan Eggs in incubator now and looking good. Both parents eat anything and run around like they are on crack. Please email expressions of interest to me at [email protected] and I will let...
  48. P

    Female frill neck

    Female wanted roughly 1-2 years of age will freight if needed
  49. T

    frillneck lizard

    Scientific Name Chlamydosaurus Kingii Common Name Frilled Dragon Age approaching 1yo Size appropriate Quantity Available 1 Bred By Lovethefrilly General Description Lovely little QLD Form frilly, very nice colours and patterns, feeds VERY well on woodies, small mealworms and...
  50. P

    Help needed on ID locality

    Just confirming my boys a nt frilly ?