coastal carpet python


  1. K

    NSW 1.5 year old male coastal carpet python for sale - north sydney

    Selling my 1.5 year old male coastal carpet python as I no longer have time to take care of him as he deserves. He handles great and is really sweet, eats well and sheds well. snake by itself: $200 tank is ReptileOne 60cm high x 45cm deep x 45cm wide snake + tank and accessories: $450 -...
  2. A

    NSW wtb coastal carpet or diamond python

    located in bermagui nsw but happy to pay shipping or travel once its possible
  3. K

    NSW Coastal carpet python hatchling

    Hello everyone i am looking to buy a coastal carpet python hatchling or a yearling. please contact me if you have any for sell or if you know anyone who has some. Thanks in advance ?
  4. M

    Can snakes soak too much?

    This might be a super silly thought but recently my Coastal Carpet Python has been spending 70% of his time just chilling in his water bowl for the past couple weeks and I'm wondering if this in any way could be bad? Ive read heaps of threads on what it could be and im fairly certain it's not...
  5. P

    Size and Feeding Coastal Carpet Python

    I have an 18 month old Coastal Carpet Python, Just shed a 80cm skin (shes 60cm or so long). What size should she(?) be at this age? How much should I be feeding her?. She has only been feeding 1,1,2,2,2 pinky rats with me, the first 4 weeks she did not want to eat with home change etc. Thanks
  6. L

    QLD Pure Coastal Carpets (silver phase) Ipswich QLD

    2yo 1x male and 1x female. Smaller than some others of this age as I believe in slower healthier growth. Beautiful patterns with dorsal stripe and will be the lovely steely blue silver coloured carpets. $150ea, will do better if sold together and freight for additional fee. Please send SMS to...
  7. A

    Carpet python lighting concerns

    Hello! I've just transferred my coastal carpet python (yearling) into a new enclosure that's about 1.5 metres high with a UV light at the very top. Although there's plenty of room to be at a reasonable distance from the light, she is pressed right up next to it, facing it. Is it possible for...
  8. Jarrad_lee420

    Tank temperature.

    Hey everyone!! I live in Adelaide South Australia and I’m still new to handling snakes. I have a 5 month old coastal carpet python and it’s beautiful. It’s quite a hot day today here in Adelaide and I need some tips on keeping my tank at the right temperature so it doesn’t over heat it while the...