darwin python


  1. E

    What size should I feed my Albino Darwin Python?

    Hey Guys, I’m a young reptile enthusiast and I’m looking for a little help about what I should feed my Darwin python. I recently got my Darwin python (at the start of the year in January). When I received him he was feeding on pinkie mice. He is now roughly 8 months old and I’m still feeding...
  2. E

    New Darwin python

    Hello! I’m looking to own a Darwin python (I have found my breeder) and I just want to get some suggestions for best substrates and best heat lamp/mat arrangements. I have read up a lot about each subject but I’m just not too sure what to do. I’m not too sure on what light set up to have. I’ve...
  3. Ian Gibbs

    HELP! Getting our darwin python hatchling to feed.

    Hi. we are having all sorts of problems getting our albino darwin python hatchling to feed. Got her just before xmas. at that point we were told she had sed twice and eaten 4 times. since then she just won't feed. when ever we try she just runs away. we have tried day & night feedings. in...
  4. Joshua Donlen

    18week hatchling won't eat

    I know it's been asked and I have read previous threads without any success so any constructive advice is greatly appreciated. Albino darwin, 18 weeks, Shed+fed prior to pick up on 01/12/18, Cage: 8.3L tub (approved size from breeder), only one side can be seen through which is covered by a...
  5. Edward87

    Heating a tall enclosure ideas needed!

    I recently just purchased a 1200H 950W 650D enclosure, for a Darwin python that I am setting up for when it grows bigger, it hasn't got any heating fixtures in it, what would be the best heating setup I have a pro herp 40watt radiator panel but I'm guessing that wouldn't be sufficient? Also if...