1. K

    QLD Darwin male roughly 2 years

    Searching for a MALE Darwin python roughly 2 years of age or older. Either a HET or albino. I'm located north good Coast.
  2. Grigals

    Darwin carpet python substrate

    Hi guys! I'm setting up a new terrarium for my Darwin carpet python August and the last thing i need to add now is substrate. All the pet stores were recommending aspen bedding but I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing to use? I would really like a more natural looking substrate anyway, if...
  3. Gabrielle & Ártemis

    What will my snake look like?

    Hey everyone, I’m new here so I’m so so sorry if I’ve posted incorrectly or to the wrong forum or chat or whatever. I honestly don’t know how to use this site aha I’ll learn eventually. anyways, I purchased this beautiful girl (I’ve named her Ártemis) and I was wondering if anyone had any...
  4. Snakebreak

    How much BAYTRIL do I give ?

    I have Enrofloxacin 2.5% w/w injectable for my albino Darwin who is currently suffering bad RI since he went missing for 12 months. . I've completely forgotten what the said to dose him and they are not open today on a Sunday nor is my vet back on roster until Wednesday and he really needs the...
  5. N

    Albino Darwin 'scared' of new snake?

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a big water python who has been great. Problem is, my albino darwin has been going nuts since the newcomer arrived. They have separate tanks but the newcomer is on a lower level as its a floor to ceiling type set up with three big glass tanks. Anyway, the albino...
  6. Mitella

    Recent herping around Darwin, NT.

    G'day everyone, here's a little 8 minute video of herps from around the Top End recently. It was pretty hectic and I definitely recommend to visit there for a herp if you get a chance!
  7. R

    Wanting To Breed Darwin Carpet (need male)

    Hi there, I've wanted to breed my Het Darwin Carpet for years, firstly out of my personal interest but also as apart of an educational program I run at my secondary school. I have done lots of research in the past on the process of breeding but have read and heard varying things; from specific...
  8. A

    NSW SOLD 3 Albino Darwin carpet pythons Full Stripe breeding trio ONO $3,000

    Selling 3 Albino Darwin carpet pythons. One female has a full yellow stripe. All hand raised and never had them bite. Excellent investment for breeding. Price also includes a full setup custom made glass enclosure with carved wooden lid. Pythons are 1m+ in length. 2 females and 1 male. – 1...
  9. Dobby

    Albino Darwins Gender Difference

    Hey, im weeks away from getting an albino darwin and havent decided on gender, is there any diference in temperament? i know the females will be larger but anything else?
  10. pythonmum

    NSW Albino Darwin 3-month-olds

    These lovely little snakes have mellow temperaments and are developing stunning colours. They are feeding strongly on thawed hopper mice. Most have had a second slough or are close to it. Suitable for beginners or experienced keepers. All come with a full feeding and sloughing history, click...
  11. Dmnted

    NSW Male Albino, 100% Het And Black & White Jungles

    Hi All, Unfortunately i need to let go of the last of my collection. All up for sale of reasonable offer 1 Male Albino 4 years old of breeding age $600 1 male 100% Het Albino, 4 years old $200 2 x female 100% Het Albino, 4 years old $200 each Proven Breeding Pair of 9 year old black and white...