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  1. D

    Darwin to the Kimberly

    Not too long ago, myself and my girlfried, CVHG, umped onto a pressuresed metal tube and flew 2848.54 km / 1538.09 nautical miles to the NT's night life crazy CBD, Darwin. We landed at midnight, with boots, camera equipment, a bag full of field guides and a sleeping bag each. My best...
  2. colooch

    top 10 most dangerous snakes

    I was recently having a discussion with mate about the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world, he does not think Australia is home to more than half of the top10. so can anyone name the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world?
  3. E

    Little guest (photos)

    My sister-in-law freaked out when she found this little visitor on her daughter's thongs one morning.. she took some snap shots before leaving home, by the time she got home it had moved on. Thought I'd share. Not sure what it is (I'm still a bit green when it come to identifying snakes) but...
  4. J

    some elapid picts

  5. mrmikk

    Most venomous

    It is a common discussion amongst snake enthusiasts as to how vens compare re; toxicity, deadliness, etc... I thought you might find this table interesting, it is based on comparison with the toxicity of the Indian Cobra venom, which is assigned a 1 rating. The table is not mine, but comes...
  6. bundy

    Top 10 deadly

    can anyone tell me what are the top 10 deadliest snake within australia?
  7. zard

    i think i spoke to soon

    some of u may remember we have had a few snakes visit us lately a large coastal a smallish brown tree snake a little green tree snake which we have seen several times since posting after the last snake i said 'at least we havent had anything venomous' well i jinxed myself today this...