diamond python


  1. S

    Is my Diamond Python set up ok? 😰

    Hey guys and gals, So I have a diamond python called Snoot whom I love very much. Snoot is about 1yr and 8 mths old. I’ve learnt recently that Snoot is quite small for his/her age and that Snoot is underweight so I’ve started feeding him bigger mice, (Wheener mice) which Snoot gobbles down...
  2. A

    NSW wtb coastal carpet or diamond python

    located in bermagui nsw but happy to pay shipping or travel once its possible
  3. M

    Help! Python not eating!

    My diamond python (5yrs, male) won’t eat. He at first starting being a bit weird with his food a couple times in a row- being interested and striking but guarding before eating, or not eating until I left the room or turned out the light. He’s never had problems with eating before this. But...
  4. D

    Under feeding and over feeding?

    I have a beautiful high yellow diamond python that's only 4 months old, it's growing kinda fast and had one shed with me, eye caps and all were in one piece not one rip, it's my first snake and I've had a really good experience so far, it hasn't even striked at me and is very comftable with me...
  5. F

    NSW Diamond python and enclosure

    Calm diamond python Complete enclosure nothing to spend Can deliver syd metro
  6. L

    NSW Wanted diamond python

    Hi everyone I’m looking at expanding my collection and I’ve always wanted a diamond python.im in brookvale but I’m willing to travel If anyone has any available for sale (reasonably priced) pls msg me 0401281917 Tank featured is a work in progress measure 4x4x2.5 I am licensed as well
  7. B

    milky caps

    my diamond shed 4-5 weeks ago and he has milky caps over his eyes again, is this something to worry about? he is two and i have had him for 12 months and in that time he has shed twice, i have just changed his heating from a matt to a lamp
  8. D

    Solar powered diamond python enclosure

    Hey guys, does anyone have experience with using a portable solar panel to power an enclosure? I'm looking Into getting my first snake (diamond python) and thought a setup which used clean cheap energy would be a huge plus. Any help much appreciated, cheers!
  9. H

    Diamond python huge bulge 4 days after feeding

    I have 2 diamond pythons roughly 6 years old I’ve nicknamed Grumpy (cause he’s an asshole) and Plod (cause he seems a little slow and special compared to the other one lol). On Friday I offered them each a large rat (have always fed them large rats without any issues) Grumpy refused (he shed 2...
  10. H

    Diamond python head twitch

    Hi, I have a diamond python that I have noticed it’s head twitched yesterday. I’ve been sitting and watching it today and it’s head will twitch - not frequently. My other diamond pythons don’t do this and I have booked in to see the vet on Wednesday. Has anyone else experienced this? What...
  11. Atlas

    Sexing+Handling Help?

    Hey guys! I’ve recently welcomed into my collection a 5month Bredli and just yesterday a 4month Diamond. I usually take my new animals to the vet for a general check up a few weeks after getting them just to get us started off on the right foot, and was wondering what a good age to have them...
  12. P

    SA WANTED dark imbricata

    Looking for female dark diamond or a dark female imbricata. Must be confirmed female, proven breeder even better. Paying for tipoffs if I end up buying the animal you tipped me off to. Very negotiable Not interested in other carpets. Please text me on 0419419052 if you can help me!
  13. D

    How long do Diamond Python's live for in captivity?

    How old were your diamond pythons when they died of old age? I've read some places that they normally live to about 20-25 years, however I have heard some second-hand anecdotal evidence that people have had them live to 50 or 60 years old. What experiences do people here have?
  14. H

    NSW WTB adult diamond pythons

    Hi, Looking to buy adult high yellow diamond pythons - 3 years and older. Please send through what you have available. Will pay good money for the right animals. Located in Sydney, NSW.
  15. Aidan Swanson

    Should I get a Diamond Python?

    *READ THIS, AND PLZ HELP* Im quiet certain I want a diamond python, i have done all the research that needs to be done and now up to the stage where I need to consult with you guys. I have a 90x45x60 exo terra enclosure brand new do you guys think a diamond python would be happy in that size of...
  16. Ebonie

    Thermostat Recommendations

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at thermostat options for when my hatchling Diamond moves into his more sophisticated enclosure. I'll want a thermostatically controlled (heat and time) 60W reflector lamp, and a fluorescent light on a timer. Is there anything that can do all this? Or will I be...
  17. Jackrabbit

    NSW 3Yo Diamond Pythons for Sale

    Hi, I am moving and have 8 Female diamonds that need a new home. I am on the Northern suburbs of Sydney. Asking $100 each but serious offers can be discussed. Will post pics by PM to anyone interested.
  18. Leotide

    Diamond python skin condition - Black and pink marks

    Hello everyone, was just hoping for a bit of advice with my yearling Diamond Python Kerrigan. My partner and I took her to the vet about a month ago to treat her for a RI (followed by enrotril injections once every two days, didn't get better after the first two weeks so we went for a second...
  19. Jackrabbit

    New outdoor enclosure

    hi, I am setting up an outdoor enclosure for my 2 diamond pythons. I am going to use an old dog run as shown.(not bought new, it already exists where I am moving to) My main question is do I need to do anything specific for the bottom or can I leave the ground as is? I was going to stake it to...
  20. N

    Diamond Python Owners: What do you feed and how much does it cost?

    Looking into getting a diamond python, with them liking cooler temperatures and requiring feeding less, although they need a lot of more careful care than other snakes to stay healthy, they seem like the perfect snake for me (plus I'm a massive fan of how they look). However, the place near me...
  21. Edward87

    Diamond python hide placement

    I just got 3 year old diamond python for my bigger enclosure and put my hatching back in smaller enclosure as it wasn't utilizing the big space for it. The enclosure is 4ft high 3ft long and 2feet deep my question is were to put the hide or hides as I've read they don't like hot temps for too...
  22. J

    High Yellow Diamond Python Hatchling

    Looking for a hatchy high yellow diamond python. Will consider other hatchys with prettiness potential.
  23. J

    NSW Diamond python juveniles, $220 each (SOLD)

    Diamond Pythons (Morelia spilota spilota) juveniles from black/gold/white parents (see photo). These three were held back from last year’s clutch because they were slow to start feeding. They are all feeding well now on hopper mice and are ready to go. They will make great pets as the have a...
  24. M

    Diamond python bioacitve enclosure

    Hi everyone, I have been looking into creating a bio active enclosure for my diamond python. I was wondering If anyone had any tips or advice. Thanks.
  25. Oscar's

    My snake wont eat

    My 10 month old diamond python wont eat. Last time i fed him/here was about 3 weeks ago, him/her hasn't ate since. is currently feeding on frozen pinkie mice. His previous owner only fed it over 8 months 4 times.
  26. acdstrt

    Diamond Python Q's

    Hey everyone, I've recently gotten myself a Diamond yearling, and I'm pretty set up but there's a few things I'd like to suss out from you guys in regards to their care, especially those that have a diamond, or experience with them in Nsw. Im living on the south coast, and ive got him an...
  27. TeaganEliza

    Diamond Python Syndrome (Need Help)

    Hi all, I'm planning on buying a Diamond Python in a couple of weeks and I need help regarding DPS prevention. Overall, I've done hours and hours of research regarding this problem yet I still can't come to a conclusion. I primarily need help with temperature, Cooling cycles.. etc etc. Would a...
  28. Autobot_89

    My python enclosure build

    First time posting! Been a long build, and not quite complete with decorating (do you ever finish!) I hope its ok to make a new thread versus jumping on an old thread. Learnt a lot throughout the process and had a lot of fun with it. Houses my 5 year old Diamond Python named Wellington I...
  29. Autobot_89

    My python enclosure build

    First time posting! Been a long build, and not quite complete with decorating (do you ever finish!) I hope its ok to make a new thread versus jumping on an old thread. Learnt a lot throughout the process and had a lot of fun with it. Houses my 5 year old Diamond Python named Wellington. Used...
  30. acdstrt

    Diamond Python Questions!

    Hey Guys, So recently I got my licence because a mate of mine has decided to go travelling for X amount of time. He's got a Diamond, and said that I could have him. Mate got back from NZ a week ago, and the Python hasn't been handled while he's been gone (4 months). The run down my mate...
  31. C

    General Question Regarding Diamond Pythons Setup

    Hello, i'm new to the reptile world and im interested in the diamond pythons and i have some questions regarding lighting/heating. 1) what should i do regarding lights during the night? do i turn them off or leave them on? 2) I've been reading and its says that its best to have a globe that...