1. C

    Too cold for crested

    I currently have a 120cmLx120cmHx60cmW tank for my crested and currently using 250w basking light and 250w ceramic light at night for heat. But as it is very cold this past week , his basking spot isn’t getting over 35 and average temp is around 27. He is only 7 months old. Any suggestions to...
  2. G

    Pygmy Bearded Dragon- is now a good time to brumate?

    I’ve got an 8-month old PDB that has been growing like crazy, smashing his crickets and veggies and shedding every fortnight. Recently, he’s been slowing down, sleeping on the cool end of his tank or in his big cave hide. I gave him a coconut husk, dirt and bark mix as his bedding (which has...
  3. S

    VIC SALE: Baby Southern Angle-Headed Dragons: $80

    10 young southern angle-headed dragons for sale. Between 2-4 months old. Too young to be sexed. Will not freight; pick up only.
  4. B

    Eastern water dragon outdoor enclosure (penthouse)

    Hey guys, Welcome post from an old member with a new account. Been many years since I’ve been on here but thought I’d come back. Here’s some photos of my eastern water dragon set up. Just moved outdoors he’s not liking it as much as he was inside. He’s become very timid. Hoping he will adjust...
  5. T

    How much do you feed your Mountain dragon?

    I hope this is the right forum..Sorry if it's not. I am wanting to buy a mountain dragon in the future. I've done my research and everything but I cannot find anything about HOW much you feed your mountain dragon (how many bugs) and how often. So how much do you feed your mountain dragon...
  6. Kieran Revell

    NSW Rodents for Snake Food

    Revell's Reptiles is proud to offer Wollongong and the surrounds with high quality rodents for your snakes, monitors and dragons. Mice: Pinky 0-3 grams, $7.50 pack of 10 Fuzzy 4-7 grams, $10 pack of 10 Hopper 8-12 grams, $12.50 pack of 10 Weaner 13-17 grams, $12 pack of 8 Adult 18-27...
  7. S

    3 Tiny Dragons

    Today while cutting up a fallen tree I came across 3 small dragon lizards, perhaps 5-6 cm long not including the tail. They appeared to be hatchlings of some kind, but I know they weren’t bearded dragons. I thought perhaps they may be Tommy Roundhead dragons, but I live in central western NSW...
  8. Nashii111

    Mites on my Southern Angle Headed Dragon...HELP!

    Hey guys, I've had my juvenile Southern Angle Headed Dragons for about a month now and today noticed my little girl had tiny red mites crawling all over her. My male doesn't seem to have it yet. They have a semi bioactive tank and I'm about to take everything out and clean the absolute [email protected]&...
  9. Barmy

    How many gallons is the Exo Terra Medium Low terrarium?

    I am getting a bearded dragon and I was wondering what the size of this terrarium was in gallons, and whether or not this size is suitable for a bearded dragon. I’m pretty sure the dimensions are 60cm(l) x 45cm(w) x 30cm(h).
  10. E

    Ctenotus Sp. And Dragons

    Just finished a little herping trip to Australia, and being a first-time visitor to the continent, identification is not always straight forward. These guys puzzle me a little bit, so hopefully someone here can help me. All Photos are from the Litchfield area, NT. Ctenotus sp. nr.1...
  11. T

    Mountain Dragons?

    Hey, i've been looking around to buy my first reptile, and came across some Mountain Dragons. 4 for $60, i don't i have enough space for 4, maybe not even 2, but i would like to know what i would need to take care of them, and some information from someone who owns one as i can find barely...