eastern water skink


  1. S

    Are Eastern Water Skinks good pets?

    I couldn't decide between a blue tongue skink and a eastern water dragon but then i discovered eastern water skinks. I like how they are smaller then EWD. I am also keen about making a paludarium. In contrast to BTS and EWD, how comfortable are them with handling? I understand because they...
  2. CrazyLizardLady

    VIC Wanted Eastern Water Skinks please!

    Hey everyone! I’m after Eastern Water Skinks (Eulamprus quoyii) please! Male, female, young, old, one skink or 10+ I’m located in Vic Please text me on 0437928221 Thank you :) Also looking for any of the Eulamprus species particularly the Southern Water Skink. Keen to see people’s Eulamprus...