egernia major


  1. lord of snails

    land mullets anyone?

    land mullets are in my opinion the most beautiful Australian skink, have been looking at them for a while in the past,from what I understand they like a large enclosure, basking temps of 30 degrees(? not too sure about this), a mostly vegetable diet, and decent humidity. I would be keeping my...
  2. Herpo

    Maleny so Far...

    God I love this place, The people are so friendly, and it is just a beautiful place overall. Visiting the market, we bought some delicious homemade jams and relishes and some wood burnt art from a very talented elderly woman. But, I wanted herps, and so far, I have a few, but no photos. I was...
  3. ronhalling

    Please tell me what this lizard is

    Ok Guys and Gals could someone please identify this Lizard for me, unfortunately a dog in the street got to it before i did and the poor little thing was deceased, to me it looks like a Land Mullet but i have never seen 1 here in Port Macquarie, i have done an exploded view of the head to show...
  4. P

    VIC Adult pair land mullet

    Large pair of adults for sale the female produced 5 healthy babies last season Ex pit animals male has all toes an tail the female has 30-40% regen tail 400 Selling due to work commitments Basic license required No freight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. P

    VIC Baby land mullets

    Scientific Name Common Name Land mullet Age 1month Size Appropriate Quantity Available 5 Bred By Me General Description Nice babies selling as bulk lot only, sex unknown eating well on fruit dog food mince meat and roaches Location Mornington Willing to Freight? No thanks...
  6. C

    Old article I found on goanna's and land mullets

    While searching around for info on land mullets I came across this Old article from a copy of The Courier Mail from 29 July 1950, the electronic translation needs a few corrections, is better to read the original article, - - - Updated - - - Hey...
  7. richoman_3

    Couple herping shots

    Draco sp. (Flying Dragon) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Northern Ridge-tailed Monitor (Varanus primordius) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Slaty-grey Snake (Stegonotus cucullatus) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Roth's Tree Frog (Litoria rothi) by Nick Volpe, on Flickr Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus...
  8. C

    QLD 2.5 yr old female Woma

    Scientific Name Aspidites ramsayi Common Name Woma python Age 2.5yrs Sex Female Size 3.5ft Quantity Available 1 Willing to Trade For Gillens or Storr's monitor or a few geckos Bred By Michael Finger (Julatten) General Description Great temperment and colouring, has a couple of...
  9. C

    QLD 2.5yr old female Woma python

    Species Common Name Woma python Age 2.5yrs Length 3.5ft Quantity Available 1 Bred By Michael Finger, Julatten General Description Great temperment and colouring, has a couple of small sores on her from getting needles last year, they don't affect her shedding or health and have been...
  10. M

    Legal trading of wild caught reptiles

    which states are you allowed to catch wild animals?
  11. AlexandreRoux

    New in Brisbane, let's go herping !

    Hi everybody, As I already said in my presentation message, I'm a french herper coming to Brisbane (yes I'm gonna live there one year long) ! I don't know Australia, and I don't know Australian species that's why I'm looking for some people who can come or invite me to come on the field next to...
  12. Native_EWD

    NSW WTB Land Mullets

    Looking to buy baby or adult Land Mullets located Western Sydney. Pm or ph 0413 155 134
  13. Native_EWD

    NSW Adult Land Mullets

    Looking for Adult Land mullets, Preferably a pair or trio in Sydney region Will pay good for the right reptiles, Name your price, PM or 0413 155 134
  14. Coppersimon

    Sandy enclosure finally finished!!!

    I have finally finished my sandy enclosure so I thought I might throw a few pics up. For near start to finish. I forgot to take a pic right at the start. I used mostly recycled materials and I know the rustic look won't appeal to some but I'm a fan.
  15. B

    Species that would make the most of...

    I'm trying to decide what would make the most use of a 5 foot long by 2 wide by 3 high wooden enclosure. It was originally for my Jungle but she's still a baby and this enclosure screams lizard. I'm at the point in construction where I must make a final choice so as to continue down the specific...
  16. P

    Land mullets

    Juvi's wanted will freight pm your askin price
  17. bohdi13

    your specials!

    just curious to find something that means a lot to you to do with reptiles. it could be a DIY enclosure, first reptile, favorite reptile or a special reptile. my stimsons python means the world to me and when we moved i was so grateful to have him as my pet, he has never tried to strike at me...
  18. Skippii

    Expo = New Addition..

    Hey guys! So, like many of you, I made a brief appearance at the Castle Hill Expo today. Man it was hot and sticky in there! Definitely some AMAZING animals though. I was so stoked to get to see the black woma in person, also got to pet a sand monitor which really made my day. Sadly, I didn't...
  19. naivepom

    Melbourne herping - Xmas '12

    I spent 3 weeks in Melbourne over Christmas 2012 visiting the girlfriends family but managed to make my excuses and sneak out as much as possible. Sorry for the generic descriptions under the pictures but I just copy/pasted them from Flickr. I live in the UK and most of the people seeing these...
  20. HerpAddict

    Port Stephens bluey

    Hi everybody. Just finished climbing Mt tomaree in shoal bay and saw a nice bluey. Didn't get a picture, but it was completely black. Is the local colour dark? Or melanistic in the wild?
  21. X

    What Invertbrates or Other Insects do you own?

    I own a Rainforest Scorpion. Hoping to another one.
  22. B

    Skink ID

    I purchased this guy a few years back as a Black Rock skink but kept it separate to my others for obvious reasons got an idea what it is and that it is a male as i originally had two which always fought but would like confirmation
  23. DaReptileBoy

    Good Starter Lizard Besides Bearded Dragon

    hey my friend wants a lizard (no snakes aloud in his house) but he doesn't want an bearded dragon so what are some good starters?
  24. jinjajoe

    QLD Baby Land Mullets

    Scientific Name Bellatorias major Common Name Land Mullet Age Babies... Size 8-10 cm SVL Quantity Available 2 Bred By Me General Description Awesome little Mullets !!! not looking to split them at this stage........ Location Brisbane Willing to Freight? Yep Contact Details PM...
  25. Gruni

    Wildlife Photo Collection

    I had a look through my folders and discovered that I had more wild herp pics than I realised and thought I'd throw them in here together. I know some of the species but not all but I'm happy to just post them and see how many can be identified by the experts in here... something I am far from...
  26. P

    Land mullet

    I'm after a land mullet prefer roughly a year old. Must be in Victoria. Pm me if you have one for sale thanks
  27. K

    Land Mullets

    HI I am thinking of getting a few land mullets just wondering if they have any other specal needs than other large skinks. What are they worth as adalts if you could get them. How do other keepers keep them. Just trying to get some background info on them so please be nice guys. Thanks
  28. B

    Born Free...........Na!

    It's been a couple of months in the making but the new outdoor enclosure for the Land Mullet is ready to go barring a few cosmetic touches. Today is the big day, and the three Mullet who have been raised in an indoor aquarium for the past few years were all "released" together! Trouble in...
  29. Skelhorn

    Wholly Crap...Some People....Blue Tongue and Jungle together!

    Have to check this out. I can't believe it...should almost be reported! ( no links please as it IS against site rules) And I quote "Both tame, both in same tank and get along very well"! Well of course they get along together...they are both reptiles right????
  30. P

    What are your favourite Exotic Species?

    Exotics, even though Australia has the most reptiles species and diversity of anywhere else on the planet there are still quite a lot of other awesome species out there. What are your favourite exotic species? For me there's a couple: Common Green Forest Lizard - Calotes Calotes Blue...
  31. DionP

    VIC Giant Tree frog/Land mullet

    Wanting juvie white lips and juvie land mullet soon to be breeding pair
  32. jinjajoe

    QLD Land Mullet

    Scientific Name Bellatorias Major Common Name Land Mullet Age 3yo Size Sub Adult Quantity Available 1 Bred By Tony Bright General Description Perfect specimen.... I suspect male but not 100% sure....... Location SEQ Willing to Freight? Yep Contact Details PM License...
  33. K

    Land Mullet... HELP!

    Okay, on Monday we found a Land Mullet in my backyard. At first we thought it was a blue tongue so we fed it banana and kiwi fruit. (I could only find 1 snail!) I'm not going to keep it, I'm just encouraging it to come back. We think its a girl. It's called Spiffy and it appears to be...
  34. jacks-pythons

    What did you buy from the castle hill expo and what did u think?

    to start off i bought 2 turtles and two coastals. very happy with my purchases and they all seem to be settling in well. as for the expo i enjoyed it. just wish i took more money lol.
  35. fishunter

    NSW Land Mullet

    Hi Im after a land mullet i'd prefer a hatchie but age isnt a real issue. Must be reasonably close by (under 60km) Cheers
  36. Renenet

    Wish I'd had a camera, otherwise known as a really bad ID thread.

    When I was looking into the rainforest earlier today, I saw a reptilian head emerge from behind a rock. I gasped in excitement and watched, thinking it could be my first sighting of a Far North Queensland snake, but it was only a lizard. Not that that's not exciting, of course! It was a...
  37. jinjajoe

    Land Mullets

    Does anyone on here keep Land Mullets ?? I have recently acquired a pair...... & wondered if anyone on here had any experience with them that they wish to share ???? This girl is a nudge over 60cm in length & is extremely temperamental as most Mullets are..... Please post any photos or any...
  38. C

    Caught a mullet with a (piece of) mullet...

    Hello there! New member, chanced upon this site in my quest to ID a type of skink my wife caught in a fox trap baited with a piece of mullet today. She was trying to catch a feral cat in our newly declared Voluntary Conservation area... We eventually identified the reptile as a "Land Mullet"...
  39. S

    Small skinks to keep in a captive colony?

    The impending move of my blueys nt an outdoor pit has me contemplating what to do with my six foot tank and I'd love som ideas or even pics if anyone has any of small critters who will live happily ia colony type arrangement.they don't have to be stunning, I have a lot of interest in lovely...
  40. geckodan

    QLD Land Mullet

    Scientific Name Egernia major Common Name Land Mullet Age 4 years Size 50 cm + Quantity Available 1 Bred By Its Mummy General Description Suspected female, massive animal, feeds on anything - will consider trade for levis or golden tail pair. Location...
  41. 6

    Found a old pic

    I was looking in my hand drive and found this it was on the fly screen and i have some idea i know its a skink i think but not sure of the name and it was quite large
  42. krefft

    Who here keep's Land Mullet's?

    I'm in the process of moving house and will have more space for pits than room indoors. I'm trying to work out what would be good lizards for pit's in Sydney. Land Mullet's are top of the list. It would be good to hear from anyone who keeps them in a similar way, or from anyone who is breeding them.
  43. keeper10

    wanted land mullet

    i would love a land mullet or even better a pair thank u
  44. keeper10

    land mullet

    is there any one that breeds them or have some idea how has them i really want a pair thank u
  45. D

    Guess - Lizard

    Same rules as 'Guess'.
  46. Squinty

    Are SLR cameras worth the money??

    Im in the market for a new camera cause the one i have is getting on with age. I find that is is hard to take good photos of my animals with. Kinda has a yellow tinge to it. Is it worth buying an entry level SLR or should i just stick with a point and shoot?? I do enjoy taking nice pictures...
  47. garthy

    Herp bible???

    Which herp books/author do you read or use as your bible? eg, Shine, Hoser, Barker/Barker, Swan plus many more? I have found Swan to be easy to follow and interesting. In my opinion, spending some dollars on good reading/reference material is a must, more should do it!
  48. lace90

    black blue tongue

    Interested in black blue tongues - what is their going price? Anyone breeding them this season? Thanks :)
  49. F

    Cute Pics!

    Was just taking some pics, the baby Land Mulletts I took the other day as they are no longer ours. The other pics are of my little win eating.
  50. FusionMorelia

    few noob questions

    just wondering a few things about lizards, 1 whats the biggest handleable lizards/monitors Australia has 2 whats the most colored lizard? 3 can ya feed incect eaters grass hoppers/locusts/moths collected around the yard? 4 whats the most dangerous lizard to keep? also are there any rules...