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  1. saratoga

    Northern Snapping Turtle: short video

    Filmed recently in the Top End Northern Snapping Turtle (Elseya dentata) in the Finniss River catchment, NT. - YouTube
  2. T

    Up on the Arnhemland Plateau

    Doing a bit of a stroll around the place last week I managed a few herp photos that might be of interest here. I'm not the best on ID but others will probably know. The only snake I managed to get, almost as thin as a boot lace, Furina ornata, Orange-naped Snake. An interesting turtle...
  3. D

    Herping NT to the Gulf of Carpentaria, Qld

    In continuation from my previous posts, here is the 2nd to last chapter of a herping trip myself and a few friends went on from October-December 2010. Previous posts found below. http://www.aussiepythons.com/forum/field-herping-reptile-studies-5373/nt-qld-herping-trip-western-155397/...
  4. D

    Sunshine Coast Reptile Meeting - Thursday 24th of Feb

    This Thursday Matt & I will be doing a talk on the 2nd half of our trip through the Northern Territory and Queensland at the end of last year. This will cover the areas between Darwin, NT and the Northern Qld area between Normanton and Cooktown. It will be held at the Coolum Beach Hotel, and...
  5. StephenZozaya

    Herping Australia during the worst time of year - Part 2

    This is the second and final installment regarding this particular trip. The majority of the time I spent with Kris during his trans-Australia roadtrip was concentrated in the Top End of the Northern Territory. This is an amazing area of sandstone gorges, massive wetlands, extensive mangroves...
  6. GeckoJosh

    Guess the herp

    Hey guys, Rules: Yes or no questions only Whoever wins does the next one
  7. StephenZozaya

    Wet Tropics and Townsville Area Herps

    I recently joined Gus up north to the Tully area to assist him with his masters project, which involves tracking the endangered rainforest frog Litoria rheocola. His site was near Mena Creek in a patch of secondary rainforest. I first spent time at the site in August 2008 while assisting another...
  8. dottyback

    WTB: Northern snapping turtle and/or saw shell turtles.

    I am after: Elseya dentata and/or Wollumbinia latisternum send pm cheers!
  9. A

    Elseya - Wollumbinia ??

    OK, let's get to the bottom of this...does the Elseya genus still exist? Has it simply been replaced or renamed as Wollumbinia? A few months ago I read a paper by Richard Wells which described what he calls the "Latisternum Complex" and then sets about renaming what seems like most (or all?) of...
  10. E

    Southern Snapping Turtles 4 sale

    Scientific Name Elseya albagula Common Name Southern-snapping turtle Age 1 Month old Sex not known Length 5.5 cm Quantity Available 13 General Description Rare in captivity Southern snapping turtles, eating well and thriving. Location Sunshine Coast,Qld...
  11. T

    Need Help with heating turtle pond (photos included)

    I have to retype this whole post again, I just closed the window accidently just before I got to submit the post, what a pain in the ass. Anyway here goes. Ive almost finished building my turtle pond. But I need some cheap/easy way of heating it. It is only a 300L pond so i bought a...
  12. E

    Turtle egg comparison

    Hi, for those of you interested in turtles below is a photo of a few different species of turtle's eggs showing size comparison and also how a fertile egg 'bands' up starting with a small white spot in the middle of the egg which spreads outwards towards the sides and ends of the egg. This only...
  13. P

    turtle feeding

    hey all, i was wondering what is the easiest and best method of feeding turts cause i just got a little eatan lonmg neck for my lil brother fo christmas and he doesnt seem to be going for the floating aquatic turtle feed i give him. cheer's, jeremy ps: answer ASAP as i dont have the net...
  14. B


    i want to get a turtle but i want one that doesnt grow that big.Can anyone give me any advice on what turtle to get.thanks in advance.
  15. Tommo

    imported turtle on Harry's Practice

    i was watching harrys practise last night because he had a albino blue tongue at the start of the show and i was hoping he would come back to it. anyway they have this thing on the show when they talk to children about their pets. this little 6 year old kid was there and he says "this is my pet...