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  1. D

    Snake For Sale Reservoir, Melbourne

    Adult diamond python for sale Regretful sale but he just isn't getting the attention he deserves. A little cage defensive but very calm once out. Never even tried to bite me. Around 3.5 years old. Beautiful colouring, especially in the sun. Currently feeding on large rats Also have a large...
  2. D

    Snake For Sale Woma and enclosure. West melbourne

    Hey guys and gals I have a woma and enclosure for sale out in west Melbourne. Cost of living, not being the best owner I can be and now I have my first child on their way and need to convert my room into a duel study. Enclosure is built by me out of 16mm black mdf 1800x600x600. InkBird...
  3. Alyssa3040

    HELP setting up heating on my new 2x2x2 enclosure (childrens python)

    I am currently setting up my 2x2x2 enclosure (btw will be upgrading to a bigger one when she’s older and bigger) for my new children’s python coming on Saturday , but I’m having trouble doing the temperature. The basking /hot side it 33 c and the cool side is 28-29. This is with a 50w heating...
  4. V

    Please help? Heating/red light question. I’m stressed haha

    Hi, I’m trying to set up the heating for my enclosure before my snake arrives but I’m having trouble and am stressing about it. She will be roughly 4mo, childrens python. She will be in a 7.9L click clack with aspen, leaves and two hides and a water dish. At first I got a heat mat, last...
  5. M

    Snake For Sale Sanctuary point, NSW

    Julatten jungle male with enclosure. 3 years old. Approx 1.5m long. Eats greats and sheds great. Doesnt bite unless there is food involved. $450 negotiable
  6. Sarah Jane

    Heat mat in enclosure

    Can I put a heat mat inside my snakes enclosure? I can’t afford a new bulb as it blew as well as my thermostat and the ceramic bulb holder and I simply cannot afford to buy new ones right now, I’m so, so broke. There is a hole in the bottom of his enclosure where I can place a heat mat, some...
  7. E

    Enclosure type - Childrens Python

    Hi there, Hoping someone will have an answer. Soon to be first time reptile owner! I’m getting a 4 year old 100% het marble Childrens python. He has been brought up with a heat mat as a source of warmth. Just wondering for his enclosure what would be best a vivarium (glass and melamine) or...
  8. C

    Need Help! 1st time Snake Owner

    Hi, so im a new reptile owner, i have a T+ Stimson Hatchling, but in his enclosure i have him on the paper towels, and hes spilt water on the paper towel but hes also in shed and he travelled yesterday to get him to my home, i dont want to stress him out by getting him out to change the towel if...
  9. C

    New Reptile Owner

    Hi, So i am due to get a new reptile soon, A Stimson Python to be exact Which will be hatched next month i think? so ready to pick up around christmas time, but from my understanding they need to be in a smaller enclosure for the warmth, I was going to buy 2 enclosures, 1 for when i first...
  10. J

    stimson python enclosure upgrade

    hey guys. my stimmy is really close to outgrowing her first home I recon. I'm gonna give her another tub that's a bit bigger but was thinking I might attach her old one to the new one cause I know she feels happy and safe in it literally never struck at my hand when I go to pick her up. my...
  11. DaNReD

    6ft Aquarium tank with custom built lid, light fittings, hides, stand, and accessories. Mornington peninsula / south of Melbourne CBD $380 ONO

    Tank 38cm / 15inches deep 184cm / 6ft wide 1cm thick glass, so I'm assuming it was designed to be filled with water. As it was resealed at some point before I owned it by someone who wasn't an expert (beading not the neatest) and I have never filled it with water, I cannot guarantee it won't...
  12. KurumiTheDarwinCarpet

    Wanted carpet python enclosure photos

    hi all. i got a darwin carpet python on wednesday, and while i do have her in an enclosure at the moment, i’d like some inspiration for when she moves into a bigger tank. thankyou!
  13. Camilaa.S

    How have you set up your water python’s enclosures?

    Hey all, I’m having a custom made enclosure made up for my new baby (not putting her in yet as she’s still small), but still having enclosure made for when she’s a bit bigger. How have you set up your enclosures? Photos would be super appreciated :)
  14. D

    Jag X free to good home (with enclosure and peripherals)

    Hello everyone, With a heavy heart I must find a new home for my fellow. My partner and I will be heading overseas and I have no immediate options for rehoming. He is a 6 year old 2 meter Jag X, and he will go with a vertical enclosure with all the bits and pieces. He is a gentle fellow, never...
  15. D

    Jag X free to good home (with enclosure)

    Hello everyone, With a heavy heart I must find a new home for my fellow. My partner and I will be heading overseas and I have no immediate options for rehoming. He is a 6 year old 2 meter Jag X, and he will go with a vertical enclosure with all the bits and pieces. He is a gentle fellow, never...
  16. T

    Reptile one hatchling starter kit review

    Hi everyone! I have my very first snake, a hatchling stimsons python coming in a few weeks, after it's eaten 8 times and shed properly, so probably ~2-3 months old. I am now in the process of getting a hatchling/ click clack style set up ready so I have it right for when the snake comes. I...
  17. grimjob

    PVC reptile enclosures

    I have 2 pvc reptile enclosures that I have designed and constructed. One is 600x600 and has a toughened glass door. The second one is 900hx600x600 and doesn’t have a door for it. I no longer need them. Asking $300 each. $600 for both. Perfect reptile enclosures for cleaning and sanitary.
  18. R

    Green Tree Python (+Enclosure, Lamp, Humidifier) $800

    "Monty" our GTP is for sale. Originally acquired by my wife for our classroom at school (yes, we work together!) however due to starting a family and her on leave from work I have too little time to dedicate to all our animals. Monty is ~6 years old, a very bright and lively display snake who...
  19. Renagade

    Small lizard enclosure

    I have previously kept a yearling snake in this tank but for the last 8 years had a Bynoes gecko living in it. Would be good for many inverts too. Has a mesh lid for ventilation. Comes with 3 hides and some wooden furnishings. Bargain. Listed elsware. 400mmL x 300mmH x 240mmW $40.00 from...
  20. B

    WTB - Reptile Enclosure as shown

    Hi I am after one of these reptile enclosures, new or used, I am in Victoria, identical or something similar. Or does someone know of a retailer that sells these? Cheers Brent
  21. D

    Solar powered diamond python enclosure

    Hey guys, does anyone have experience with using a portable solar panel to power an enclosure? I'm looking Into getting my first snake (diamond python) and thought a setup which used clean cheap energy would be a huge plus. Any help much appreciated, cheers!
  22. PythonMelb

    Must Sell - Price Negotiable - 4x2x2 Ft Full Reptile Enclosure Setup - $280 - Two available

    Get a bargain - Each setup cost me approx. $1,000 in total a few years back. Selling due to relocating to an apartment. Price is negotiable and there are two enclosures available for sale. 4 x 2 x 2 Ft or 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm The enclosure & setup includes: - 1200mm x 600mm enclosure with...
  23. Joshherp

    Large enclosure

    I’ve been looking for the biggest commercially available reptile enclosure I can find but wich is 1.20 m by 1.20M by 0.60m. I’m not keen on making one as I do not have the time but preferably need somethings bigger than that as it is for a pair ackie monitors. Does anyone know I bigger size and...
  24. Zer0tonin

    Polyurethane coating causing smell

    Hello my dudes, I'm hoping some of you might have run across this issue that I am having in the past and know what I can do about it. I recently built a pair of plywood enclosures for my two pythons. I stained the wood with water based stain and sealed it with clear water based polyurethane...
  25. Lukecee

    4 x Glass tanks/enclosures

    I have a total of 4 aquarium tanks/reptile enclosures. They have been used as terrariums but also still hold water. Available is a 3ft tank, 4ft, 5ft and a 6ft. Negotiable on prices send an offer if interested . Located Spring farm 2570 Nsw Cheers
  26. lord of snails

    land mullets anyone?

    land mullets are in my opinion the most beautiful Australian skink, have been looking at them for a while in the past,from what I understand they like a large enclosure, basking temps of 30 degrees(? not too sure about this), a mostly vegetable diet, and decent humidity. I would be keeping my...
  27. lord of snails

    Frilled dragon help

    thinking about getting a frilled dragon in the next couple of months, just wondering what lights do you guys use, was thinking about a exoterra solar glo 160 watt mercury vapor. as an adult I will be using one of those abasco sheds fowl houses from bunnings to house it, as a hatching to juvenile...
  28. Cyansnake

    Stimson Python Questions

    Hello! I am not new to the reptile community but it has been almost 2 years since my last reptile. (Had a 16 year old Beardie who I got at 8 years old who sadly passed on) and I have been thinking of renewing my license. Now I have 10 years experience with lizards and geckos though I was...
  29. Atlas

    Thick tail Gecko Housing (help?)

    Hey guys! My housemate and I are considering getting a pair of thick-tailed geckos - both 3yr old males. (Won’t be housed together, don’t worry!) Neither of us have any experience with geckos however we’ve both kept pythons and I’ve got a beardie. We’ve both been doing as much research as we...
  30. Jduff

    Children's Python Enclosure

    Hi all, I have had my Children's Python for almost a year (purchased as a hatchling) and it has recently shot up in size, and so I need to get a new enclosure. My current enclosure is 60 x 40 x 45, and based on the last shed (of which was a few days ago) the snake is around 60 cm. I was...
  31. Zer0tonin

    Water based timber stain safe for snakes?

    Hey guys, Currently building two large plywood enclosures for my snakes. The timber looks really nice but I want to stain it and make it water resistant. https://www.bunnings.com.au/cabot-s-1l-merbau-water-based-deck-and-exterior-timber-stain_p1520166 Anyone know if this stuff is safe for...
  32. DaNReD

    [SOLD] Huge Enclosure 1850 x 1850 x 620 Located south of Melbourne CBD

    Extremely well built, 1850 x 1850 x 620 reptile enclosure All accessories and fixtures you see in the pictures come with the enclosure 2 Ceramic fixtures and one regular fixture 3 Cages for all the bulbs. Thermostat Sliding door Hand-made ceramic reptile caves Large water dish On wheels Bottom...
  33. O

    Knob Tail Gecko Pair Enclosure Size

    Would a 50cm x 30cm x 30cm be big enough for a m/f pair of knob tails?
  34. S

    Ballarat/Melbourne folks from colder climates - please help (carpet pythons)

    Hi guys, I'm waiting for my license to be approved and I'm so excited to get my first python, which I've decided will be a Murray Darling. I read 'Guide to Australian pythons in captivity' and watched tonnes of videos for months before deciding on getting the MD. I've been lucky enough to hold...
  35. M

    W.T.B. red or black morph bearded dragon and tank

    I am a new R1 lisence holder and I am looking to buy my first lizard. I have my heart set on either a red or black morph bearded dragon, preferably female. I am happy to skip the baby stages if you have an adult one needing a good new home. If i could get a tank as a part of the deal that would...
  36. Aria abedinnezhad

    1 year old Albino Darwin Enclosure Size

    Hello beautiful people! So my little Jiya is growing bigger (she just turned 1) and I think it's time to get her a bigger home. She's been living in an enclosure a bit bigger than a shoe box (higher as well) She is now just over 90cms. I've started looking for enclosures but the more I...
  37. timothyng1998

    Boyd's Forest Dragon Setup Advice

    Looking at getting 3-4 boyd's forest dragon next year (1M : 2-3F) Want to know if a 1800 long x 800 deep x 900 tall enclosure will be better or a 1200 long x 800 deep x 1200 tall? I was thinking the 6ft long one might be better because i can fit a lot more vertical branches for them to get away...
  38. Lizard750

    SOLD - Woma python Tanami - female

    Woma python Tanami locale female, approx 3 and 1/2 yrs old about 4ft/130cm Handles well, never bitten, very placid nature. Eats, sheds and poops fine. Would make a great 1st snake, good with children also. Regretful sale, she is a great snake. Can sell with enclosure 4x2x2 melamine with glass...
  39. Flexxx

    Displsay Encloure Ideas?

    Who has a flash display enclosure that they want to show off? Im going to move a bank of BHP/Woma enclosures and a couple of SW carpet enclosures from my reptile room to my bar/man cave and want to redo them to look more naturalistic. More of a jungle theme for the carpets and more desert theme...
  40. Becf98

    URS 4x2x1.5

    URS Glass Reptile Enclosure 4x2x1.5 foot / 1220 long, 600 high, 470 deep Quality built, heavy and sturdy. Has holes cut in mesh on roof for light fixtures. Glass needs a better clean, otherwise in good condition. Pickup Wamuran (near Caboolture) QLD $200
  41. steppo94

    2x DIY cabinet enclosures for sale (SYD)

    2x self converted reptile enclosures for sale. Both have perspex doors. Please see images attached. Suitable for a small or juvenile python. Includes unique backdrop artwork from 16yo me Available for pickup in Botany or Granville Feel free to message me if you need more details - 0427004036...
  42. K

    A couple questions related to housing (heating and enclosure)

    Background: I currently have a Darwin Carpet Python, that I have kept in a 30x30x15 enclosure, being heated with a heat matt, connected with a thermometer. The snake is a hatchling that I've currently had for about 3 months. Q1: I have another enclosure that is 60x45x45 and is practically set up...
  43. Sarah Jane

    Safe expanding foam?

    Looking at making my own backdrop for my snakes enclosure and want to know if there are any safe expanding foams out there? If not, what else is a good substitute? Thank you all!
  44. G

    Looking For Scorpion!

    Hi! I was wondering where I can go to find information in what scorpions can and cannot come into Australia? Also, are Heterometrus swammerdami by any chance available in Australia or available to ship here? (I’m in QLD) THANK YOU!
  45. Mountain Dragons

    Water Dragons: Health Concern in new enclosure.

    So my water dragon hatchlings (7-10 weeks) have been in their new enclosure for about 2 weeks. The larger one is comfortable enough but he has gotten bloated over the last week. What are the chances this is an impacted gut? He doesn't seem to have any behavioral, feeding or energy changes. Is he...
  46. Jackrabbit

    2 Piece Reptile enclosure

    Home made enclosure designed to come apart in 2 separate pieces for easy removal. Total dimensions 2100 h x 930 w x 630 d Top Section is 1300 h - Top section twin hinged doors, secured by slide latch on one door and magnetic child lock on the other side. - plug n play ceramic light...
  47. H

    How do I know if a snake is relaxed

    Hi, So I just got a yearling childrens python. I have looked online how to tell if a snake is relaxed or stressed when he is in the enclosure and it's not exactly clear on the difference. The only thing I definitely know is if its not eating its stressed. So please help me by giving me signs of...
  48. mrnofear


    Selling this awesome Reptile setup & lizard This setup comes with everything u need/see as described below: Plus 1 x Female blue tongue, proven breeder Perspex Tank some scratches (holds water). Timber Stand with 75mm recess for tank to sit in. New Dome Light with clamp New 60watt Barking...
  49. mrnofear


    Hi I'm selling my awesome Lacey pair (yet to breed) with large outdoor enclosure. Male is 11yo, Sex Verification from Reptile Specialist Dr Tristen at Lortsmith Animal Hospital He has an old scare on he's back from when he had a fight with another male when he was very young Female is 7yo...
  50. Jackrabbit

    New outdoor enclosure

    hi, I am setting up an outdoor enclosure for my 2 diamond pythons. I am going to use an old dog run as shown.(not bought new, it already exists where I am moving to) My main question is do I need to do anything specific for the bottom or can I leave the ground as is? I was going to stake it to...