eulamprus heatwolei


  1. CrazyLizardLady

    VIC Wanted Eastern Water Skinks please!

    Hey everyone! I’m after Eastern Water Skinks (Eulamprus quoyii) please! Male, female, young, old, one skink or 10+ I’m located in Vic Please text me on 0437928221 Thank you :) Also looking for any of the Eulamprus species particularly the Southern Water Skink. Keen to see people’s Eulamprus...
  2. K

    request ID please

    Hi, I saw this skink and wonder if it is Eulamprus quoyii. Sorry, I seem to find these skinks very confusing. Thanks for your help.
  3. NickGeee

    SE NSW herping 2016

    Hey guys, I recently got back from a herping trip to New South Wales' south east coast, camping at Pambula Beach. Most of these photos are from the area, but some are up at Mimosa Rocks NP and afew other spots. Having a quick flip behind a coastal swamp I was graced with this awesome Mustard...
  4. NickGeee

    SE nsw herping.

    Headed up to Pambula in southern New South Wales for afew weeks in January. Behind many of the residential houses the area was cleared with many fallen logs. this made good habitat for many lizards, snakes and frogs. first reptile i flipped, not a bad start. Cryptophis nigrescens by...
  5. NickGeee

    Some recentish vic herping finds

    Hi guys, here are some super common species i have come across the past few months around greater melb and also places like the grampians. I am still not too skilled with a camera but slowly getting there :P Crinia parinsignifera by nickgherping, on Flickr Eulamprus heatwolei with a sore tail...
  6. jordanmulder

    This seasons Hauls (Pic heavy)

    So I thought I'd post a thread sharing some of my photo's from this years sightings. I've been able to find a whole heap of new species for me in my local area, a rather broad definition of the word 'local' too. I will start with reptiles from the newcastle-central coast vicinity... Red belly...
  7. cheekabee

    Recent Herping around Victoria

    I went for a short trip to far east Gippsland and ticked off a few cool species of frogs and managed to get a couple shots of some cool reptiles. Untitled by Akash Samuel Melbourne, on Flickr Victorian Smooth Froglet (Geocrinia victoriana) by Akash Samuel Melbourne, on Flickr Victorian Smooth...
  8. NickGeee

    Pambula / east gippsland Herping... ish

    hello everybody... headed up with the family and a friend to Pambula beach, we hang around for two weeks. there isn't really much diversity as we stayed aroud the same place apart from when we had a look around Gippsland and Tilba Tilba. I am a pretty unexperienced photographer so I have just...
  9. naivepom

    2-WEEK TOUR OF ASIA-Oct'13 (Oman, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia + Malaysia)

    My apologies for anyone who has already seen this post from Field Herp Forum but I thought I would include it here too.... I have finally got time to sit down and do a write-up of a trip me, my girlfriend and friends and family members did in October. It was a combination of business, pleasure...
  10. PythonOwner25

    Hunter Valley Sep 2013 "PIC HEAVY"

    Hey all. I flew up to NSW last week for some herping around the Hunter Valley with a few mates. After getting off the plane, we went for a poke around some spots in Newcastle. First finds were a young Marsh Snake and She-oak Skink. Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis signata) by Matt Clancy Wildlife...
  11. GeckPhotographer

    An Easter Weekend of Few Reptiles

    So for the Easter long weekend a family of friends and my family stayed down near Royal NP south of Sydney. I of course spent a plenty of time looking for herps but found few and photographed even fewer, with the only particularly interesting species being a Tiger Snake the others saw that I...
  12. A

    skinks skinks skinks, please help me...

    Hi, there are so many different skinks in Australia... perhaps you can help me to merge my pictures: Queensland near Mackay: QL near Mapleton and near Brisbane: NSW, Border Ranges NP: NSW Blue Mountain NP: Thank you! I will send you a link to my report if I finish it ;-) Alexandra
  13. Levold

    Golden waterskink?

    This guy is living in my backyard. Is it a golden waterskink? And does it look pregnant? It is so pretty and calm. Didn't think they were in my area. Sent from my GT-I9300T using Tapatalk 2
  14. PythonOwner25

    East Gippsland VIC & South Coast NSW

    Went for a month long trip to the East Gippsland area of Victoria as i do over summer every year, and also ventured a little into south coast Nsw. Found many interesting reptiles as usual and also some stunning frog species. Enjoy :D Eastern Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus) by Matt Clancy...
  15. M

    Skink ID - Eulamprus heatwolei?

    Hello, is this Eulamprus heatwolei? Found in the Blue Mountains (NSW) in November 2009. Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
  16. jordanmulder

    Herping north of coffs harbour

    Ok so I went herping with Stephen around Coffs harbour and north of it. I had a great time and found many new species which pleased me. The last few shots are from around the hunter valley after we came back. The quality of my shots will vary because I was borrowing different equipment at...
  17. Trench

    can we keep any of these?

    can we keep any of these species? Superb two-lined dragon (Diporiphora superba) at the Australian Reptile Online Database | Grassland earless dragon (Tympanocryptis pinguicolla) at the Australian Reptile Online Database | Crested dragon (Ctenophorus...
  18. G

    Morning Walk

    Headed up river to kill a few hours this morning for a walk and to clear the head. After being down south last weekend and finding a few small eyed snakes and a broady, I had little expectations of finding much at all but I really enjoy my local national park. There was a number of these little...
  19. moloch05

    a day in the Blue Mountains

    Greetings all, The last 6 months have been a busy time for me at work and I have not been out much. I have had a few free days so will post photos of what I observed when out and about. Back in December, I headed to the Blue Mountains National Park for a day. This area is about a 2-hour...
  20. naledge

    Scorpions and Herping in S.A?

    I was thinking of going out on the weekend and looking around for herps and inverts, taking photos etc. My dad's lived here (Mount Gambier, South East S.A on the VIC border) and he said he's never seen a scorpion before. I was just wondering whether there are any commonly around this area...
  21. A

    Herping in Kangaroo Valley, NSW south coast

    Hi everyone, This will be my first post to this forum so hope it works! I've been out quite a bit recently looking for reptiles in my local area, Kangaroo Valley on the NSW south coast, about 150km south of Sydney. The weather has been great for reptiles the last few weeks, and I've noticed...
  22. Snakebuster

    Please Identify this skink.

    Hello all, My dad found this at work, I took photos of it, then released it. [ As well as those garden skinks. ] Does anyone know what it is? Thanks, S-buster.:)
  23. jordo

    Gunbower Island & Mt. Hope DUW

    Went up to Gunbower Island on the Murray with other naturalists from uni a few weeks ago for a bit of herping and birding. We were on the island for 4 or so days, got plenty of new birds and a couple of good herps... Found this long neck on the road before we'd even arrived, the island was a...
  24. James_Scott

    Skink ID please

    Calling all experts! Anybody able to give me common and latin names to the following species of skinks?
  25. B

    What is this SPECIES of Skink??

    Hello Everyone, Just wondering if anyone could help me. The kids are always catching little skinks and spiders in the creek that runs on the back of our house. Typically they catch little garden skinks that I always caught as a kid, however the other week they caught one that neither I or they...