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  1. M

    Wtb 100% het albino spotted female

    Wtb 100% het albino spotted female ready to meet my visual male. Ph 0410442245. Cheers Pic of my boy
  2. 4

    Female woma for breeding

    Hi, My ten year old son wants to breed our 5-year old male Woma. I'm looking to buy/rent/borrow a female. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  3. G

    WANTED: Female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python

    Hello, I am looking for a female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python (morelia spilota variegata). I am located in Northern NSW and would be happy to drive up to 3 hours to pick up, otherwise could arrange freight to the local airport. I hold a valid reptile licence. Please let me know if you...
  4. daniel101

    EOI Female Scrub Python 4m ++++

    Hi Guys, Just posting an expression of interest for the sale of my 8 year old Female Scrub Python. Regretful sale as I will be moving out in a few months and the snake is just to much of a handful for my father to handle alone (typical scrub python behaviour). The snake is a very good feeder...
  5. P

    WANTED dark imbricata

    Looking for female dark diamond or a dark female imbricata. Must be confirmed female, proven breeder even better. Paying for tipoffs if I end up buying the animal you tipped me off to. Very negotiable Not interested in other carpets. Please text me on 0419419052 if you can help me!
  6. S

    Wanted to by female 3-4 years

    Hey just wanted to buy any kind of axanthic albino or any kind of jag you have for sale please if you have anything interesting msg Steven on +61 422 791 656 thank you
  7. D

    Female striped and spotted coastal carpet python

    She can be a bit cage defensive especially at feeding time but once out she's placid. Also have a 3ft reptile one enclosure as seen in the pictures. Pickup Harrington Park 2567 NSW PM if interested.