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  1. F

    Mixed species habitats

    OK so not sure if this belongs here. But I have myselfs a terrarium of seven Spotted Marsh frogs (Limnodynastes tasmaniensis). And what I assume to be a singular Marbled gecko. can I or can I not house them together in my 45x45x60cm terrarium. There's tonnes of hiding spots. there will be cracks...
  2. Alex5

    Looking for red eyed tree frogs (litoria Chloris) or Dainty tree frogs

    Hello all, i live in Sydney area and am looking for some red eyed tree frogs or dainty tree frogs to add to my collection. I am an experienced frog keeper and have a wide range of different frogs At the moment, any places anyone knows of that may have any for sale? Anyone know were i could get...
  3. Alex5

    Trying to breed Peron’s tree frogs

    Hey all, I am new to breeding frogs and i was wondering if anyone has bred perons tree frogs with any success and may have any tips or tricks on how to do so? I have 7 young adults atm, 3 suspected males and 4 suspected females. They are currently in a large enclosure with the base full of...
  4. Laefiren

    Feeding frogs outside their enclosure?

    So I’ve seen a lot of places on the internet where people say that they prefer to feed their frogs or lizards in a different set up to their ‘home’. Do you guys think this is a good idea? What should the feeding enclosure contain?
  5. Laefiren

    Drainage issues tree frogs.

    Hi again guys. How do you guys keep your tanks humid without also flooding them with water? I’m getting a little sick of manually emptying out the water in the tank the hard way. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for a long term thing or if everyone just drills drains into them. I’m...
  6. Laefiren

    Green tree frog making indicator noise?

    One of my frogs (pretty sure this one is female but not 100% certain) was making noises similar to a car indicator. It was quiet and I could only hear it as I was close to her. She was watching food at the time so it could have something to do with hunting? I could tell it was her because her...
  7. Laefiren

    Anyone know any good picking up frog tutorials?

    Hi again guys. Just wondering if anyone knows any good picking up frog tutorials. Y know so you can remove them from the tank for cleaning purposes. They don’t mind my hands for spot cleaning purposes and one of them has jumped out and sat on me when he got a liiiiiiiiiitle too eager to catch a...
  8. A

    Frog ID (tiny green frogs)

    Hi I am a veterinary nurse and my work was handed in 10 surrendered tadpoles. They were quite large and brownish, I kept them really warm in a tank and they underwent metamorphosis in only 1 or 2 weeks! I am unsure what they are now possibly some type of tree frog and even some of the vets are...
  9. C

    Magnificent green tree frog mouth problems

    Hi everyone, Haven’t been on here in a long time now, I got two tree frogs two days ago, one magnificent green and one northern green. They are a year old and both appear to be female. I bought them from a pet store, there original owner bought then from there as babies the previous season they...
  10. honkygeo

    Heat Lamps vs Water Heater (Frogs)

    Hi everyone! For a while now I've been looking into adopting some Australian green tree frogs but I want to be 100% prepared, especially when it comes to setting up a vivarium for the first time. For the vivarium's heat source, is it better to get a heat lamp or water heater? From what I...
  11. Tahlia

    Needing help on substrate!!

    Hi all, I’m wanting to make my 3 small dumpy’s a full bio active Vivarium (isopods, springtails, plants etc) for a 60x45x45cm reptile one rainforest viv but I’m having a hell of a time finding the substrates to make it I.e. tree fern fiber can’t be found here that I’ve found for more than a 1...
  12. mrnofear

    Brand New Reptile Heat Globes

    Brand New Reptile Heat Globes 265 X 25w Nocturnal $3 each or $100 per box of 50. 34 X 40w Nocturnal $5 each or $130 the lot. 45 X 100w Nocturnal $5 each or $190 the lot. 54 X 150w Nocturnal $5 each or $200 the lot. 12 X 25w Red $5 each or $45 the lot. 114 X 25w Basking $5 each or $320 the...
  13. B

    Southern Brown Tree Frog Setup?

    Hi all, I am looking into getting a pair of brown tree frogs had some questions: How deep should the pond area be and how much of the base of the tank should it cover? Do you need a filter? I live in Melbourne would I need anything else like heating? If anyone had any photos of their setup or...
  14. M

    Looking for Blue Mountains Tree Frogs (Litoria citropa)

    Hi, does anyone breed these guys? Hoping to get some in the next 6 - 12 months. (Newcastle area NSW). Marita