1. C

    Magnificent green tree frog mouth problems

    Hi everyone, Haven’t been on here in a long time now, I got two tree frogs two days ago, one magnificent green and one northern green. They are a year old and both appear to be female. I bought them from a pet store, there original owner bought then from there as babies the previous season they...
  2. honkygeo

    Heat Lamps vs Water Heater (Frogs)

    Hi everyone! For a while now I've been looking into adopting some Australian green tree frogs but I want to be 100% prepared, especially when it comes to setting up a vivarium for the first time. For the vivarium's heat source, is it better to get a heat lamp or water heater? From what I...
  3. Tahlia

    Needing help on substrate!!

    Hi all, I’m wanting to make my 3 small dumpy’s a full bio active Vivarium (isopods, springtails, plants etc) for a 60x45x45cm reptile one rainforest viv but I’m having a hell of a time finding the substrates to make it I.e. tree fern fiber can’t be found here that I’ve found for more than a 1...
  4. mrnofear

    VIC Brand New Reptile Heat Globes

    Brand New Reptile Heat Globes 265 X 25w Nocturnal $3 each or $100 per box of 50. 34 X 40w Nocturnal $5 each or $130 the lot. 45 X 100w Nocturnal $5 each or $190 the lot. 54 X 150w Nocturnal $5 each or $200 the lot. 12 X 25w Red $5 each or $45 the lot. 114 X 25w Basking $5 each or $320 the...
  5. B

    Southern Brown Tree Frog Setup?

    Hi all, I am looking into getting a pair of brown tree frogs had some questions: How deep should the pond area be and how much of the base of the tank should it cover? Do you need a filter? I live in Melbourne would I need anything else like heating? If anyone had any photos of their setup or...
  6. M

    Looking for Blue Mountains Tree Frogs (Litoria citropa)

    Hi, does anyone breed these guys? Hoping to get some in the next 6 - 12 months. (Newcastle area NSW). Marita