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  1. S

    Marbled Children’s Python - Milky Way

    Here’s Milky Way (Milky for short) my first snake I’ve ever owned (was really stuck between the names (Milky Way, Dice and Pebble). About a month ago I decided to begin saving up for a beginner snake so I obviously decided on a Children’s Python and found the marbled morph jus looked really...
  2. S

    Sold Childrens Pythons - Newcastle NSW

    Childrens Pythons Hatched 27 Sep 22 Both parents are 100% Het T+ (Sire from Irene Nowack and Dame from Reptilia Australia) but we’re only selling normal coloured hatchlings (50% Het or better). All feeding on pinkie mice and pooping well, shed at least once with no issues, and regularly handled...
  3. J

    Albino Darwin hatchling, shedding?

    Hi guys new snake owner, got my girl just a couple of months ago, no issues with feeding, a little defensive but I’m putting that down to just being her age. She is currently in a large tub with heat mat sitting at 31 degrees, has a hide, water (on the cool side) and a branch/fake leaves for...
  4. C

    6 month old antaresia not feeding

    Hey guys and girls, I have a 6 month old childrens who’s been awesome but the last 2 weeks she’s been acting strange and I was wondering is someone could shed some light on why…. I’m new to snakes so don’t have much experience hence the post. She’s been an awesome feeder that took food every...
  5. A

    What is the best reptile (bearded dragon) egg incubator?

    I am new to breeding (egg-laying) reptiles and have gravid female bearded dragons. I am looking to buy an affordable, high quality incubator (and one that does not waste too much electricity) for them. I have had egg incubators before to hatch chicken, quail eggs which cost around $20 off ebay...
  6. kei0002

    Need a name for a snake

    So I have adopted a hatchling Murray darling carpet python and I need a name for them, they are not sexed so I don’t know what the gender is they’re very friendly, and not cage defensive whatsoever right now, quite adventurous as well if that helps
  7. B

    Help, baby murray darling

    First time snake owners. Thought we were doing really well, now not eating and has patch of broken scales near neck. Here's her history... dob 19/12/21. Shed 5/1/22. Pinkie fed by breeder Jan 6, 9, 16, 18, 19. We picked her up 21 Jan. Breeder gave us the tub she had been using. Took pinkies...
  8. S

    Wanted Python Hatchling

    Looking for a hatchling python; bredli, jungle carpet or spotted python :)
  9. HerpDerp

    Jungle Carpet, well established hatchy, early to mid december

    Hey everyone, First of all I want to thank everyone for all their help with my incessant and likely silly questions. You have all be a great help and I have enjoyed my time here so far. Secondly, I am in the process of buying everything I need to house and raise a snake. And I would like to...
  10. T

    Rough Scale Python Hatchling Questions

    Hey guys, I got a little hatchling rough scale python a couple of weeks ago, she is 4 months old now. She has just gone through the first shed since I had her and honestly it wasn't great at all. She went blue and then about 7 days later I began to see the skin on her tail begin to peel. I left...
  11. W

    Twine to Chain Feed Snakes?

    Hello, trying to get a fussy hatchling to eat mice/rats and have read about chain feeding them to help them transition, but wondered what everyone used to tie them together? Thanks!
  12. S

    SALE: Baby Southern Angle-Headed Dragons: $80

    10 young southern angle-headed dragons for sale. Between 2-4 months old. Too young to be sexed. Will not freight; pick up only.
  13. C

    Olive python hatchling being snappy

    Hi all, I recently got myself an Olive Python hatchling and I’ve found that it’s a bit snappy, to the point where when I offered food it was going for my hand instead. Also when I walk into the room it starts turning into an ‘S’ shape. Also when I’m trying to change the water and I use the hook...
  14. D

    Looking to buy Centralian Morelia Python - Hatchlings

    Looking to purchase Centralian Bredli Carpet Python Hatchlings. I live in Parramatta, happy to travel anywhere in Sydney or Newcastle. I have my license and ready to go now! Desiree
  15. A

    Zebra Jag

    For sale is my zebra jag hatchling, eats really good on defrosted fuzzies. Gorgeous patterns. Asking $250 Located wollongong area
  16. Noureldebal

    Children’s python

    little guy glowing a few days after his shed ! Now feeding off fuzzies #4months
  17. T

    Reptile one hatchling starter kit review

    Hi everyone! I have my very first snake, a hatchling stimsons python coming in a few weeks, after it's eaten 8 times and shed properly, so probably ~2-3 months old. I am now in the process of getting a hatchling/ click clack style set up ready so I have it right for when the snake comes. I...
  18. D

    WTB Ivory Zebra Jungle Python Hatchling

    Looking to grabbing a black and white Jungle Python hatchling (Male or Female). I'll pay for all freight costs to Deception Bay
  19. Laikin

    Looking for BREDLI breeders

    Hi everyone, i'm looking into getting a bredli python hatchling, i know that bredli season is long gone so i was wondering if there are any breeders near me that will be breeding next season. I live near Coffs Harbour, NSW
  20. Laikin

    WANTED Bredli Hatchlings

    Hi, im looking for a bredli hatchling, i live near Coffs Harbour, NSW
  21. Atlas

    Sexing+Handling Help?

    Hey guys! I’ve recently welcomed into my collection a 5month Bredli and just yesterday a 4month Diamond. I usually take my new animals to the vet for a general check up a few weeks after getting them just to get us started off on the right foot, and was wondering what a good age to have them...
  22. S

    Wanted python hatchling

    Looking for a jungle carpet hatchling in particular. NSW can travel, happy to pay freight.
  23. A

    BHP hatchlings

    Hi all new to forum just wondering who would I contact for the best quality BHP hatchlings after a female and also what’s the best setup for a hatchling BHP cheers for your help
  24. HeatherWinter

    Seeking unusual Antaresia pythons

    I'm in the market for a few Antaresia (preffered Stimson) pythons. Anything visually unusual. Age preferred hatchling -2 years. Gender not fussed. Not in a crazy hurry so if you have a clutch coming I'm all ears :)
  25. S

    Ballarat/Melbourne folks from colder climates - please help (carpet pythons)

    Hi guys, I'm waiting for my license to be approved and I'm so excited to get my first python, which I've decided will be a Murray Darling. I read 'Guide to Australian pythons in captivity' and watched tonnes of videos for months before deciding on getting the MD. I've been lucky enough to hold...
  26. S

    Spotted python breeders Brisbane

    Looking for a spotted python hatchling. Have licence and wanted before Christmas. Hope someone can help :)
  27. Shahista

    My parent's are telling me to sell my beloved python

    Hey everyone I am truly heartbroken as I have to let go of my 9 month old Jungle Carpet Python (hatchling). I got him about a month ago when the opportunity came, without telling my parent's as I have been wanting one for YEARS. I truly thought they would end up accepting it. I had visitors...
  28. V

    Stimson Python

    Hey guys. Very new to being a snake owner (almost four weeks in). I have a couple of concerns and the Pet City I got my Stimson from isn't very helpful. My Stimson was hatched on the 10/02/19. I've had her for four weeks tomorrow. She's been taking two pinkie mic since the 04/06/19 and they...
  29. mrnofear


    Selling my used hatchling rack as not needed anymore. Made from Malemine, slight damage on the end of top shelf (was like it when got it) but doesn't affect operation. Has been used for Snakes & Lizards. Heat cord on all 9 levels with all 45 tubs included. Controled by Digital LCD display...
  30. Ian Gibbs

    HELP! Getting our darwin python hatchling to feed.

    Hi. we are having all sorts of problems getting our albino darwin python hatchling to feed. Got her just before xmas. at that point we were told she had sed twice and eaten 4 times. since then she just won't feed. when ever we try she just runs away. we have tried day & night feedings. in...
  31. V

    Green tree python worth?

    Picking up my first gtp hatchling in a couple of weeks and I'm overly excited. But as the prices fluctuate so much I'm just curious as to if I'm paying the right price. It's a sorong x aru x biak with high yellow and mite phase in its lines First time posting so unsure if this was the right...
  32. Joshua Donlen

    18week hatchling won't eat

    I know it's been asked and I have read previous threads without any success so any constructive advice is greatly appreciated. Albino darwin, 18 weeks, Shed+fed prior to pick up on 01/12/18, Cage: 8.3L tub (approved size from breeder), only one side can be seen through which is covered by a...
  33. C

    FOR SALE Black & White Jungle Hatchies

    Juliet by Col_83 posted Apr 25, 2018 at 10:05 AMIndia by Col_83 posted Apr 25, 2018 at 10:05 AMCharlie by Col_83 posted Apr 25, 2018 at 10:05 AMGolf by Col_83 posted Apr 25, 2018 at 10:05 AMFoxtrot (1) by Col_83 posted Apr 25, 2018 at 10:05 AMEcho by Col_83 posted Apr 25, 2018 at 10:05 AMBravo...
  34. J

    Olive python hatchling striking cage

    Hey guys I recently got a Olive python hatchling, roughly 650mm long, it's currently in a hatchling cage (600x 300x 150) that has a hiding cave and a water bowl, as well as a heat map underneath the cave. What concerns me is that it is constantly striking anything that moves even when there's...
  35. Barmy

    Just got a new rick walker red beardie!

    Today I picked up an approximately 5 week old rick walker red!
  36. Alifleming

    Snake amputation sydney

    hi there I got my first hatchling in August and the poor little noodle has caused me nothing but grief. No eating or ****ting (he had no trouble for 7 months untill he was flown from qld to Syd) somehow he has hurt the end of his tail. It has begun to die and is now spreading up up tail in a...
  37. N

    Spotted python poop

    Hi everyone, I have a new spotted python he is 8 months old, ive had him 3 days and he was feed 3 days ago. However im yet to see any poop in the tank. Should i be worried or is it normal? Also can snakes be overfed?
  38. pythonmum

    Albino Darwin 3-month-olds

    These lovely little snakes have mellow temperaments and are developing stunning colours. They are feeding strongly on thawed hopper mice. Most have had a second slough or are close to it. Suitable for beginners or experienced keepers. All come with a full feeding and sloughing history, click...