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  1. Sasskia

    Help!! Mites on hatchling carpet python

    Hiya, im a new proud mum of my hatchling Jungle X Jaguar X Darwin carpet python, Sasskia. I only get her 2 weeks ago and noticed some mites on her bedding (hand paper towels) the other day. I spoke to a vet (friend of mine) and she recommended soaking her in warm water with a couple of drops...
  2. J

    Wanted, Hatchling Macleay River Turtle

    Hey all, I'm trying to track down any person/breeder who has any Macleay turtles available. I reside in Sydney NSW and am happy to arrange freight if necessary. Cheers for the help Carstairs
  3. Deedee78

    Stimson Python hatchlings for sale

    I currently have 7 Stimson python hatchlings for sale. Beautiful lil snakes, unsexed at present and 2.5mths old. All feeding, shedding and pooping well and ready for new homes! Email: [email protected] or text 0427744288 for more info and pictures.
  4. Nutsy

    Wanting to buy BHP HATCHING MALE

    wanting to purchase a male BHP hatching please.
  5. Sherlock Bones

    Sold Bredli Hatchlings

    Sold I have 20 Bredli python hatchlings available, these little guys have shed, are eating and pooping like champs and are now ready for new homes. $75 each Located Lismore N.S.W, but will be doing a run down to Port Macquarie mid May.
  6. S

    RPM Hatchlings "jungle" $300ea

    Will update with photos once assistant is here (my niece lol) but here is a link to give you an idea... http://www.southernxreptiles.com/Hatchling Gallery/AAHatchlingpages11/MRPMs 2011-2.html Reduced Pattern Morelia "Jungle" hatchlings, 11/12/18 clutch of 24 so a few to choose from & all...
  7. T

    Wanted: Croc hatchlings

    Currently in the process of obtaining my Advanced Wildlife Licence in Victoria. I’m wondering if there’s anyone who is/will be soon selling croc hatchlings. Saltwater or Freshwater.