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    Solid lighting and heating brands

    Hi just wanted to get an idea of what lighting brands are good to use. As I started I purchased reptile one lamps and bulbs for my day lights and infrared lighting. I thought I as being smart in purchasing them in bulk at the time but I have the bulbs don’t last long and occasionally they come...
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    New fella with an age old question.

    Hey guys and girls hope you are all doing okay in this time of pure covid chaos. Ive recently gotten back into the reptile game after years of being out and well i cant seem to stop getting new animals. My question is as old as time itself. How can i maximize my heating to multiple enclosures...
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    Heating advice for Albino Darwin Carpet Python

    Hello! I have an (approx 1 year old) albino Darwin carpet python in a 60x40x40cm enclosure. I have a heat mat on during the day whilst he’s in his hide, highest temp reaches 32 degrees & then a CHE on during the night whilst he’s up & about which is set to 31 degrees on a thermostat with a 3...
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    Heat mat and thermostat

    Hey again! I am getting a children's python and would just like to know what everyone uses for heating. I know I want to use a heat mat but I am unsure how many watts and also if I need to get one with a thermostat attached, separate or to get a completely different thing to check temperatures...