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  1. X

    Missing Snake!

    Does anyone have any advice regarding escaped snakes? My hatchling Stimsons has somehow managed to escape his enclosure (I’m honestly at a loss as to how other than I mustn’t have put the lid on properly). I’m pretty devastated as he was my first snake and i love him. I’m pretty sure he’s still...
  2. Blakemarshall96

    Aussie GTP locality

    Hey guys this is probably a stupid question but what locality/types of green tree pythons are in aus, are they called Cape York locality green pythons or the typical Biacs etc? all the info I have been watching has been American based. stupid question I know but only ask a stupid question once...
  3. W

    help!! Substrate stuck under yearling scale?

    Hi! So I’ve had my spotted python since February and everything’s been running smoothly - however today whilst handling I’ve noticed one of the belly scales has been crammed with substrate and I’m worried it will develop into further scale rot !! Does anyone know how to clean it or should I take...
  4. antaresia2021

    Help! 6-7 month old Spotted Python not eating... again.

    My spotted has always been a stubborn eater. He is at least 6 months old now - maybe 7 - but hasn't been growing by the looks of things. He's approximately 35cm and has a diameter of a 5-cent coin. So I feel as though he's very small for his age? When I first got him (early March) he ate at...
  5. antaresia2021

    More advice needed with my juvenile spotted!

    Since his purchase, my juvenile spotted python has been refusing to feed on a weekly, between 7-10 days basis which is necessary for such a juvenile python. I'm increasingly concerned by this, as his appetite should be driving him in those weekly periods as such a young snake - as I understand...
  6. antaresia2021

    Cut on juvenile spotted's belly - should I be worried?!

    I just saw this now. I have nothing sharp in my enclosure and am extremely concerned by this new discovery. It appears to be a cut, but I could be wrong - I've attached files. Please someone respond asap!
  7. antaresia2021

    What are the pre-shedding signs to look for in a juvenile spotted python?!

    I'm back, and still stressing out because my juvenile hasn't had food for 2 weeks (and isn't that too long?!?). I know people have told me to not feed him for days or weeks longer if he's being reluctant. But he's still very young and they can only go without food for 2-4 weeks this young. I've...
  8. R

    Pet Help Needed :)

    I'm looking to get some more reptiles but #1 my parents are being reluctant to let me buy another one and #2 I have a bearded dragon already (his tank is kind of big but he loves it- just takes up room)- I've got a standard RWL so yeah- also please recommend sizes for different species (it will...
  9. A

    First gecko

    Hi, I am very new to the reptile world but i am wanting to get a gecko of some sort. I am from Qld Australia if that helps narrow down what i am able to have. i would like a gecko specie that would be - easier to care for as it would be my first - one that would be interesting and wouldn't mind...