1. Laefiren

    Adelaide amphibian vets?

    Hey guys. I know there’s a mega post for this but I never got an answer and I’ve emailed a whole heap of vets who do exotic animals only for them to say they don’t do amphibians. Does anyone know of any vets that do do amphibians. Preferably south or east. I would like to keep them in a small...
  2. Laefiren

    Looking for custom frog enclosure ideas?

    Hi guys, thinking of making my own frog tank later down the track wanted some ideas on how to make it. It would need to be relatively waterproof so I’ll probably make some of it from PVC board? But I’m not really sure how to go about the doors as I quite like the front opening doors my Exoterra...
  3. X

    Scratches on Scales?

    Hi there, I have a Murray Darling Python and I’ve noticed some indentations and marks on his scales. He is eating well, sheds perfectly and seems generally happy but I am concerned about his scales. They look like scratches/indentations and there seems to be patches of odd scales. I haven’t...
  4. B

    Help, baby murray darling

    First time snake owners. Thought we were doing really well, now not eating and has patch of broken scales near neck. Here's her history... dob 19/12/21. Shed 5/1/22. Pinkie fed by breeder Jan 6, 9, 16, 18, 19. We picked her up 21 Jan. Breeder gave us the tub she had been using. Took pinkies...
  5. X

    Snake Yawning?

    Hi there, I have a 2 year old Murray Darling. He’s been doing really well, good sheds, eating great, pooping etc. Today I saw he had his mouth open like he was yawning. There’s been no signs of sickness or anything like that and he seems his usual self. Is this normal (it’s the first time I’ve...
  6. H

    Snake got blutack stuck to face

    Last night my snake escaped her enclosure (pressumibly through the hole the thermostat goes in). As a quick fix to stop escapes we put blu tac to fill the hole while thinking of a proper solution. This morning she had tried to escape again waking up to her having blu tac all one side of her face...
  7. C

    Feeding python after shed

    Hi, so I have just bought my new Stimson hatchling, And he came home a few days ago but was in shed, now he’s finished his shed, I want to know the best way to get the pinkie mice ready to eat for him, like what the actual process is from start to finish, from taking it out of the packet...
  8. C

    Need Help! 1st time Snake Owner

    Hi, so im a new reptile owner, i have a T+ Stimson Hatchling, but in his enclosure i have him on the paper towels, and hes spilt water on the paper towel but hes also in shed and he travelled yesterday to get him to my home, i dont want to stress him out by getting him out to change the towel if...
  9. S

    Is my Diamond Python set up ok? 😰

    Hey guys and gals, So I have a diamond python called Snoot whom I love very much. Snoot is about 1yr and 8 mths old. I’ve learnt recently that Snoot is quite small for his/her age and that Snoot is underweight so I’ve started feeding him bigger mice, (Wheener mice) which Snoot gobbles down...
  10. X

    Heating Lamp Recommendations

    So I’ve been using a reptile one heating lamp bulb and it just blew (only 3 weeks of having it). After reading reviews apparently this is super common with all reptile one bulbs. Does anyone have any recommendations for good heat lamp bulbs? I use a heat mat as well of course but would like the...
  11. C

    New Reptile Owner

    Hi, So i am due to get a new reptile soon, A Stimson Python to be exact Which will be hatched next month i think? so ready to pick up around christmas time, but from my understanding they need to be in a smaller enclosure for the warmth, I was going to buy 2 enclosures, 1 for when i first...
  12. HerpDerp

    WANTED Jungle Carpet, well established hatchling, early to mid december

    MatthewKeating submitted a new resource: WANTED Jungle Carpet, well established hatchling, early to mid december - wanted to buy Read more about this resource...
  13. HerpDerp

    VIC Jungle Carpet, well established hatchy, early to mid december

    Hey everyone, First of all I want to thank everyone for all their help with my incessant and likely silly questions. You have all be a great help and I have enjoyed my time here so far. Secondly, I am in the process of buying everything I need to house and raise a snake. And I would like to...
  14. HerpDerp

    What is that one piece of advice that you wish someone had given you when you first started keeping snakes?

    Hi all, My name is Matthieu, I'm in Melbourne and I've always wanted a pet snake. There is nothing more frustrating for me than people who intentionally or unintentionally abuse their animals because they are ignorant or because they want to join the latest fad. This has lead me to be...
  15. M

    Help! Python not eating!

    My diamond python (5yrs, male) won’t eat. He at first starting being a bit weird with his food a couple times in a row- being interested and striking but guarding before eating, or not eating until I left the room or turned out the light. He’s never had problems with eating before this. But...
  16. X

    Stimsons Not Feeding

    Hi there, I’m a first time snake owner with a 7 month old Stimsons Python. He was feeding relatively well for the first 3-4 months. He’s shed twice (both clean full sheds) and the last shed was just before winter. Now I haven’t been able to get him to eat for almost 3 months. He shows interest...
  17. H

    First time snake owner

    Hi all, first time snake owner here. I have a roughly 8 month old Children’s Python, I have had it for around 5 months. It always handled well and only tagged me once when I scared it. A few weeks ago I went to pick it up to handled it, but it was around feeding day and it mistook my finger...
  18. R

    Help!! Is my spotted okay?

    I got a new enclosure for my nearly 1 year old spotted python and she was exploring and somehow ended up getting herself through the lid clip (I’ll attach photo- hard to explain) on the roof of the enclosure. She seemed a little stuck but managed to really slowly pull herself all the way...
  19. M

    Strange contorting behavior in python

    Occasional lurker, first time poster. For about 2 weeks now my Central Australian Carpet Python (5 years old, 1.5m long) has been showing strange behavior. It started with insistent face/chin rubbing along the walls, but not to the point where there was visible damage to the snake. Then it...
  20. Lucidslair

    Injury? Please help! Deep dent in snakes body

    Hey guys This is my first reptile it’s a roughly 8 month old jungle python. Everything up until this point has seemed fine, it’s been eating properly and I just upgraded it’s food to weaner mice and earlier today he had first one and ate it fine however I’ve just looked in the tank before...
  21. Grigals

    Darwin carpet python substrate

    Hi guys! I'm setting up a new terrarium for my Darwin carpet python August and the last thing i need to add now is substrate. All the pet stores were recommending aspen bedding but I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing to use? I would really like a more natural looking substrate anyway, if...
  22. Laikin

    NSW WANTED Bredli Hatchlings

    Hi, im looking for a bredli hatchling, i live near Coffs Harbour, NSW
  23. Atlas

    Thick tail Gecko Housing (help?)

    Hey guys! My housemate and I are considering getting a pair of thick-tailed geckos - both 3yr old males. (Won’t be housed together, don’t worry!) Neither of us have any experience with geckos however we’ve both kept pythons and I’ve got a beardie. We’ve both been doing as much research as we...
  24. Laikin

    Baby Bredli Husbandry Help

    hey everyone, i'm getting a baby Bredli python in a month or so and was wandering if anyone could help with the general husbandry (i've done my own research just wanted to get more opinions)
  25. Jduff

    Children's Python Enclosure

    Hi all, I have had my Children's Python for almost a year (purchased as a hatchling) and it has recently shot up in size, and so I need to get a new enclosure. My current enclosure is 60 x 40 x 45, and based on the last shed (of which was a few days ago) the snake is around 60 cm. I was...
  26. R

    ive never owned a reptile im 14 and am buying a beardie what type should i get

    and ideas on what is better for a nub reptile owner???
  27. A

    Pygmy bearded dragon help

    Hi there :) I've very recently bought a pygmy bearded dragon (around four days ago) and I'm not sure what to do with a few things and i have a few questions... I'm not sure how old she is? the people I got her from said that she was born late December to early January maybe, but she is quite...
  28. lyzzi

    Help with Flies in Reptile Room

    Hi friends (sorry if this is the wrong place for this) Any advice, tips, tried and tested ways to get rid of flies in your reptile room/in the room your reptiles are in? I don't want to use fly sprays or the things you put in you power outlet, because they say 'not safe for fish' and I don't...
  29. Link the Noodle

    Night heating for pastel ball python

    Hey everyone! New owner here, I was wondering if it would be ok for me to turn off the heating lamps at night for my ball python, Link. I don’t have an UTH yet, so I’m still cautious with the whole heating arrangement. I know it’s not healthy for there to not be an established day/night cycle...
  30. F

    Caring for Plains Rats?

    Hi! I need some help. Has anyone had any experience with plains rats? They’re native Australian mammals that are absolutely adorable, and I’m thinking of getting one! I’ve done tons of research, but since they aren’t as common as other pets, they isn’t much info on them. Can anyone give your...
  31. Snakebreak

    Do snakes get worse before getting better (RI)???

    My snake seems to be more mucusy since giving him the antibiotics prescribed for him. Is it true that he will get worse before he gets better? Is he just bringing up the mucus so it rids his body of it? It's been 2 weeks now. His a albino Darwin 4 years old. QUICK BACK STORY Temp and...
  32. I

    New Stimson's Python Won't Hide! (Newbie)

    Hey there! I'm a new snake owner and purchased a Stimson's python three days ago. He is about 5 weeks old and quite aggressive but I know through proper handling each day he will grow out of it. He lives in a 3ft tank and climbs up into one of the lid corners instead of basking or hiding. The...
  33. M

    Help- Olive Python has scabs over nostrils

    Hi there, My snake has had a habit of rubbing her face on her cage. She has stopped doing it but I’ve noticed that her scabs have covered her nostrils completely! What can I do? What’s normal? Will this stop her from eating? Will this harm her in any way?
  34. Conner the dragon

    bearded dragon runny poop

    hey my 5-6 month old bearded dragon has runny poop. he eating really well as normal. he tank clean as i cleaned it out yesterday and he veggies are all fresh i make up fresh stuff every 2 days. maybe stress but he gets the same deal every day. maybe parasites but im not sure. if its parasites...
  35. G

    QLD Looking For Scorpion!

    Hi! I was wondering where I can go to find information in what scorpions can and cannot come into Australia? Also, are Heterometrus swammerdami by any chance available in Australia or available to ship here? (I’m in QLD) THANK YOU!
  36. K

    First snake, need help please

    hey all, im new. and i dont really know much when it comes to caring for a snake. hoping some of yous could answer my questions. so i recently got a snake, henry. we got him from a family member who was too scared to look after him. he hasn't had his cage cleaned in 2 years and hasn't eaten in 3...
  37. xXFlying

    What should i put in my 4ft?

    So recently my beloved blackheaded python passed away and while it breaks my heart i think the best thing i can do now is move on and stay positive. I have this 4ft x 2ft x 2ft enclosure with a sandy substrate and the heat mat under it. I still have the decorations and heat light ect. What...
  38. Conner the dragon

    Sudden Bearded dragon behaviour change

    My young bearded dragon has be acting off lately he been going to bed early he likes to bury himself in he bedding. He done this for 3 days in a row. This morning I came home from work to feed him. I went to pick him up which I’ve done number of times. He flattened out and puffed up at me black...
  39. alexandra566

    Gecko help!!

    Hi everybody! Just wondering if I could get some advice. I am pretty new to smooth knob tails and have unfortunately come across my little female with a pretty nasty cut on her head. I did notice her head looked a bit odd before her shed but it seemed to improve so I just kept a watchful eye on...
  40. xXFlying

    Aggressive bhp?

    hey guys, I’m new to this site and semi new to the reptile hobby but have done a lot of research. A couple weeks ago I bought a 1 and a half year old black head python (female) and was told she handled well and didn’t bite for the 8 months the previous owner had her. When I got her home she was...
  41. L

    Bearded Dragon lost outside!

    This afternoon my 8/9 month old bearded dragon slipped out of his harness after he was scared by a bird and ran off into the bushes and greenery around my house. It is a large area of bushes, trees, grass, and other greenery. It is in my front lawn too, so he can easily escape all throughout the...
  42. Tahlia

    Left hubby in charge of frogs while away and he over fed Gerald. Help I’m quite worried :(

    Hi all I’m really new here (made this account for this but always read threads). So I went away for 3 days, my partner had 3 jobs just to do their water daily, humidity sprays and feed them once. I have 3 young GTF and Gerald is my favourite yet is also a pig and will stop the other 2 eating...
  43. A

    URGENT Frog help: bubble under skin

    Hello, everyone. We were Gerni-ing today and hurt one of the precious little frogs we have living around our house. They're Litoria serrata, or Green-eyed frogs if you were wondering. I'm guessing it was hit with a blast of water, as there is a bubble on its back, presumably full of water, and...
  44. C

    Macleay River Turtle advice

    Hi guys, I purchased a baby Macleay from Amazing Amazon around 5 years ago, and have followed the care guide from Australian Freshwater Turtles as closely as I could (except the width of her tank is a bit smaller than advised, and she’s the fussiest eater you’ve met). I had great plans for her...
  45. F

    Blood in urates?

    I need help, my female woma has a few specks of blood in her urates. it is only a few speckles. this happened about a week ago. she is feeding on 2 doc a week. she went again and everything was fine. i then later went away for the weekend and got back today and found this. as you can see...
  46. I

    Snake questions

    HEY I’m wanting to get a snake but I have some questions. If you guys can where them thank. Q1: How king do I need my reptile license/Do I need to have lizards before a snake. Q2: what would a good begginer snake be. Q3: how much attention does a snake need/how expensive
  47. A

    Water Pythons

    Hi. I'm looking to buy my first snake, and the water python really calls to me. I was wondering if anyone would recommend them as beginner snakes, or if I should get one after I have more experience with owning snakes.
  48. A

    Carpet python lighting concerns

    Hello! I've just transferred my coastal carpet python (yearling) into a new enclosure that's about 1.5 metres high with a UV light at the very top. Although there's plenty of room to be at a reasonable distance from the light, she is pressed right up next to it, facing it. Is it possible for...
  49. C

    Help! My blue tounge is badly injuried...

    So I'm 38 weeks pregnant and in early labour so stuck on bed rest.. Also live 1 hour to the closet vet. Was hoping you guys could help me. Partner was cleaning his tank/cage when a log dropped on him. He has since been sorta curled up with his head over his back. He seems to be in so much pain...
  50. rainmonitors

    Blue Tongue Concerns

    I've had my blue tongue for almost 4 months now. In the last few weeks, he hasn't pooped at all (fed twice, feed roughly once/week), doesn't come out to bask at all, and doesn't come out of his hide at all. Normally, I wouldn't be concerned about him being in his hide all the time, bc he's...