1. N

    Beginner seeking husbandry help - Childrens python

    Hi, I will be getting my first snake soon, a children's python hatchling, and I am wondering how I should prepare the enclosure. I have the reptile one hatchling tank, a heat mat on one side, a hide on each end, a water dish and am currently finding a small lattice for climbing. I am unsure...
  2. G

    Hosmer's husbandry tips

    I've just gotten a young pair of Hosmer's Spiny tailed skinks (Egernia hosmeri) about a couple of months old. Unfortunately they didn't come with much guidance and there's not a lot available when I did a Google search. So any husbandry tips would be very welcome - enclosure setup, heating...
  3. S

    Black headed python. Respiratory infection

    Hello everyone my name is Sean from Raleigh NC USA, I have a 3.5 year old black headed python who is starting to show symptoms of a respiratory infection as of now just some light whistles when being handled or moving too quickly and a small amount of mucus in her mouth. I've already made an...
  4. lord of snails

    land mullets anyone?

    land mullets are in my opinion the most beautiful Australian skink, have been looking at them for a while in the past,from what I understand they like a large enclosure, basking temps of 30 degrees(? not too sure about this), a mostly vegetable diet, and decent humidity. I would be keeping my...
  5. K

    Darwin x Coastal Carpet substrate

    Hello! I’m absolutely certain this has been covered multiple times, but please humor me guys. I have a bit of a need for specificity and would appreciate suggestions. I have a 3 year old female Darwin x coastal carpet (7 feet + and growing) who has been on coco husks in her enclosure. Now...
  6. Laikin

    Baby Bredli Husbandry Help

    hey everyone, i'm getting a baby Bredli python in a month or so and was wandering if anyone could help with the general husbandry (i've done my own research just wanted to get more opinions)
  7. Laikin

    Spotted Python INFO wanted

    Hi, can anyone please share some links to recommended info on Spotted python care as i'm having a hard time finding good articles or videos on the specific snake. Cheers Laikin
  8. Laikin

    Spotted Python Advice WANTED

    Hi everyone, after some thought and consideration i've decided to get a spotted python! the only problem is I need some help with the basic husbandry and general cost of things. I just want to know what everyones opinions are on things like bedding, tanks size, what heating method is best, food...
  9. P

    Reptile books

    Hey guys, Looking to expand on my knowledge of reptiles, specifically bearded dragons and southern angle-headed dragons. Wondering if anyone has any book recommendations?
  10. H

    Black Headed Python Tips? - First Snake

    So, I just got myself my first snake, he's a Northern Territory Black Headed Python, about a year old and around 90cm long. I've only had him for 2 weeks and he feeds well so far and is getting used to being handled. I don't have any real concerns, I am more just after some husbandry tips or...
  11. azzmilan

    Aquarium Gravel Into Tank

    Hey everyone any help would be appreciated. I am planning to keep a little pool area with my Southern Angled Headed Dragon (Hypsilurus spinipes). In the pool area I am going to keep it reasonable shallow but I was wishing to inquire if I were to use gravel from my aquarium, (water has been...