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  1. S

    SALE: Baby Southern Angle-Headed Dragons: $80

    10 young southern angle-headed dragons for sale. Between 2-4 months old. Too young to be sexed. Will not freight; pick up only.
  2. L

    Want to buy Angle headed dragon

    Looking for a hatchling to juvenile Angle headed dragon in Victoria
  3. Smittiferous

    Anyone get anything from the VHS expo?

    Went there unsure of what was available, was hoping for a Spencer's.... Instead I made off with an RSP, a pair of N. Levis and a V. Indicus (latter two from Haberfield's Reptiles) What (if anything) did anyone else pick up??
  4. GeckPhotographer

    Recent-ish Photos.

    Some pictures from herping and random adventures over the past while I guess. Done a bit of stuff here and there and photos some places and what not. Post is somewhat lengthy already so not much info with each picture. If you want a bit more follow the flickr link and most have a more lengthy...
  5. M

    ripped off :-(

    So.......new to the reptile world and decided to trust someone and it failed big time. I paid for a pair of albino darwins and their transport. Meant to be flown from Rockhampton and they didn't show up. The whole"if its to good to be true" thing is real unfortunately:-(. Any idea what my...
  6. M

    Southern Angle Headed Dragon in Screen Terrarium

    I was wondering if keeping southern angle headed dragons in a large arboreal screen terrarium would work. I would have no heat source for them, only a UVB bulb above it. I couldn't think of any issues that would come about but thought I'd better just check
  7. L

    Gympie for Chrissy

    Hi, I am heading up to Gympie for christmas and was wondering would any one like to show me around a few herp spots while I am there. I will be staying down Sandy creek. I should have access to a car which can make getting around a bit eazier. Thanks in advance.
  8. G

    Good first Lizard/ Dragon

    hey guys im getting the itch to get a lizard of late and was wondering what the community would suggest for my first one i currently own a spotted and rough scale python so im not really new to the reptile scene and i know some things that lizards need (covering crickets and stuff in protein...
  9. jscarlett

    Southern Angle Headed Dragons

    Species Common Name Forest Dragons Age 4 months Length 10cm Quantity Available 3 Bred By myself General Description 3 nice males left. All are health and eating well. Location Warriewood Willing to Freight? AAE $100 Contact Details PM, [email protected], 0401476044 License...
  10. jordanmulder

    This seasons Hauls (Pic heavy)

    So I thought I'd post a thread sharing some of my photo's from this years sightings. I've been able to find a whole heap of new species for me in my local area, a rather broad definition of the word 'local' too. I will start with reptiles from the newcastle-central coast vicinity... Red belly...
  11. T

    Southern angle headed dragon help with setup

    Morning all, I have just signed up and im keen to get some info on keeping a Southern angle headed dragon. What size enclosure do i need to keep one or maybe 2? Glass, mesh, wood etc? Humidity and temp requirements and enclosure setups? I only need a uv lamp as they can overheat and dont...
  12. Thelizardqueen

    Southern Forest Dragons (Angle-headed Dragons) care sheet.

    Hey guys I've decided to write out a care sheet for Southern Forest Dragons as I have found that the care sheets I have come across are very vague. :) If you have any questions about the species feel free to message me. Kind regards, Thelizardqueen
  13. MANIAC

    angle headed dragons

    hi, if anyone is selling southern angle headed dragon hatchlings please let me know i have been searching for weeks for a good price for them it would be much appreciated if you could freight thankyou Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  14. MANIAC

    how do you know if you have a healthy lizard?

    hi, im getting 2 southern angle headed dragon hatchlings and im wondering if there healthyor not thanks ;) Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  15. Wild~Touch

    Results of Overheating Incubator

    In the recent extreme hot weather here in Qld. the incubator overheated 3 thickies hatched alive and well :) yet to be seen what else survived All angle headed dragon eggs perished :( 1 wheeleri hatched is alive and well but his brother didn't hatch- see pics below I have heaps of...
  16. C

    need help deciding what size tank to go for Knob tailed male and other stuff

    Hey all, I'll be getting a male pilbara region smooth Knob tailed gecko soon and am trying to decide which spare tank to put the bud in. I have available a 36cmx23cm one, 2ft and 3ft ones, all have lids with flyscreen on them (I know, not necessary but already had them from keeping other...
  17. Thelizardqueen

    Southern Forest Dragons (Angle-headed Dragons)

    Scientific Name Hypsilurus Spinipes Common Name Southern Forest Dragon, Angle-headed Dragon Age 1 month old (Hatched mid January) Size Small - 1 month old Quantity Available 4 Bred By Thelizardqueen General Description Healthy southern forest dragons. Easy to care for and...
  18. 007_lizards

    Southern Angle headed ate bark

    Southern Angle headed ate substrate Hi all, I was feeding my SAHD's the other day and while they were eating I saw one of them miss the cricket he was after and accidently got eat a piece of the substrate which is currently a product called "Repti Bark". I tried to get it out of his mouth but...
  19. reptilezac

    Southern Angle-Headed Dragon HELP

    hello everyone im going to be getting a angle headed dragon soonish but im wondering what do people setup there enclosure like im going to have logs screwed into the roof and live pothos plant (devils ivy) and what temps is it true they only need 20-28C and just a uvb light all help is welcome :)
  20. LuckyPhil78


    So, after having a python for 3 years, Ive now decided its time to get a dragon. Im undecided weather to get Bearded , Central Netted, Eastern Water or Southern Angle Headed Dragons. Out of all those I think Bearded Dragons would be the easiest to keep and handle well, but im still seriously...
  21. GeckPhotographer

    Herp pics (warning - pic rich!)

    So this thread is composed of a bunch of reptile pics I've taken since back in October, through to now over a couple different trips. First off was a short night up around Newcastle with a couple of friends. This Rough-scale was one of the few snakes out on the road. Tropidechis carinatus...
  22. NathanT

    New Member Introduction - Southern Angle Headed Dragons

    Hi Guys, I've used this site previously so thought I would officially sign up. I own two Angle Headed Dragons (Bailey and Fern) who are now 2.5 years old and are starting to consistently lay eggs during the spring/summertime period. Definitely up for a chat on how to maintain and improve the...
  23. Alaska

    Southern Anglehead Dragon Feeding Issues + Bent Tail

    I've had my SAHD for a couple of months now, I bought her (I think it's a her anyway, it's difficult to tell if her patterning is increasing but it seems to be since her first shed in my care) through a friend from another breeder. The first thing I noticed was a very noticeable bend about 5cm...
  24. Sparky85

    Southern Angle Headed Dragon Enclosure Complete (This is a long story!)

    Hey Guys So I finally finished my SAHD's enclosure. Not working flat out on it, I'd say it took me about 3 months all up. The basic set up includes a 4ft aquarium with a custom "hood" which I built, a pond area with waterfall, a land area and a home-made rock background. I thought I might...
  25. Sparky85

    Lighting for Southern Angle Headed Dragons?

    Hey Guys I have a question regarding SAHD and their ability to see coloured light. I have their enclosure set up and i wish to provide it with a little heat as my house drops below their prefered temperature range at night. I am going to use 40w blue incandescent globes (as I do for my pythons)...
  26. T

    southern angle headed dragon help

    i have a SAHD and its about 1year old now but has barely grown its about 15cm snout to the end of its tail i thought it would b closer to being fully grown by now, i have 2 uv bulbs one a 2.0 and a 5.0 and provide heat during winter. im a bit concerned that shes still so small can anyone help?
  27. K

    Pics of my new rainforest enclosure

    Hey everyone, Here is a few pics of my new enclosure. It currently contains 3 female and 1 male Southern Angle headed Dragons. The aquarium has 4 Dwarf Gouramis and 1 butterfly pleco (L168 ) (still waiting on 6 checkered rainbows). Please do not discuss where this enclosure came from or the...
  28. S

    Most realistic rock you have ever seen....

    I've noticed a lot of DIY fake rocks being posted lately. One of the worst looking fake rocks you can have, is one that is all the same colour. Rocks are rarely if ever mono-tone. Having a single colour rock background looks awful. However the good news is, that with some acrylic paints you can...
  29. HerpNthusiast

    Southern Angle Headed Dragons

    Hey guys I am interested in these awesome creatures couldn't get the Storr's Monitor so now I'm choosing between Angle-Heads and Smooth Knob-Tails as our next and final new species addition to our reptile room as we will get mates for our present geckos now I've seen a lot of care sheets for...
  30. Sparky85

    Recommend a pump?

    Hey Guys I want to put a waterfall into my Southern Angle Headed Dragon enclosure. To achieve this, I want to pump water from a pond, up a height of around 400mm, so that it trickles back into the pond over a piece of cork bark. Im not really sure about the type of pump to use? Are all aquarium...
  31. B

    Species that would make the most of...

    I'm trying to decide what would make the most use of a 5 foot long by 2 wide by 3 high wooden enclosure. It was originally for my Jungle but she's still a baby and this enclosure screams lizard. I'm at the point in construction where I must make a final choice so as to continue down the specific...
  32. J

    Enclosure ideas.

    Hi all I am currently finishing an enclosure That is 900mm High*900mm Long*450 Width and realised we havent thought of what Reptile i want to put in it. So any idea's would be great. Thank's.
  33. BDkeeper

    Southern angle headed dragon

    Hi all was wanting to get a southern angle headed dragon and was wondering I could fit one adult into a exo terra 60 wide x 45 deep x 90 high and what there basic husbandry is and so on any help would be helpfully because I can't find anything on here. Thanks anyone? I just want to hear what...
  34. apprenticegnome

    Is the use of latin names in posts always necessary?

    I am not that versed in what I assume are Latin names for snakes and lizards and after reading replies to some posts over the last few years I felt it would be a good question. Why do some people tend to use Latin names when replying to posts that have been using common names, eg: rattling off 8...
  35. R

    What do I need for a forest dragon?

    Hay guys just wondering what I need to keep some forest dragons or even southern angled headed dragon pics of sit-ups would be great as well
  36. GeckPhotographer

    Coastal NSW Herping.

    Coastal NSW, some common fauna and some flood oddities. So the past few months have been pretty hectic. Lots of herping, a herping conference, more herping,... more herping. Somehow I've ended up with a few photos from various trips I haven't put up yet and I decided to do all the trips here...
  37. goaty777

    Southern Angle Headed Dragon Breeding Pair

    Scientific Name Hypsilurus Spinipes Common Name Southern Angle Headed Dragon Age 2.5 Size age appropriate Quantity Available 2 (sold as a pair) Bred By Unknown General Description Southern Angle Headed Dragon breeding pair, excellent condition. Female has laid 3 clutches (23 in...
  38. Eric_john_said

    southern angle headed dragon

    i bought a 3week old baby today , looks very healthy and has nice colours , just wondering if i should leave the water fall on 24/7 ? or only 16 hours a day ? & how long do they live for on average ? cheers
  39. jaclyndaniel

    SA License for Dragon Species

    Hi, Im hoping for some info from herp keepers who know a bit more about what species fit where in regard to licence. I'm doing some research as to what license is required to keep a boyds forest dragon, southern angle headed dragon and lace monitor in South Australia? I am assuming they are...
  40. Reptiles4me

    Southern angle headed dragon.

    Hey so I just finished posting/reading on the thread Dora vs angle headed dragon in chit chat and was wondering do all southern angle headed dragons behave like that? And are they any good for a beginner reptile keeper? I'm asking because I'm thinking of getting one for my brother. He wanted an...
  41. C

    Xmas Presents

    what are you shouting yourself to? i have a albino Darwin arriving on Sunday then a jungle and spotted in the seller can find her license :/ Pics up soon :D
  42. Endeavour

    What's the best present Santa is bringing you this year, and is it what you want?

    With Christmas fast approaching I just wondered what everybody is looking forward to receiving by way of gifts. The best present I will be getting (or am pretty sure I will be) is a Thermos flask that I can mount on my mountain bike. The thought of being able to stop mid way through a long ride...
  43. greggles91

    Got ripped off.. How embarrassing!

    Hey every one, Sooo there was an add on gum tree for a female gts in Queensland that I wanted to pair my male with next season. After talking with the guy and sussing it all out... The fact he was willing for me to pick up before he knew I was interstate, and made a reservation with AAE which...
  44. joelysmoley

    Can you keep...

    I was just wondering if you can keep boyds forest dragons or southern angle headed dragons on a QUEENSLAND recreational licence? If you cant what licence do you have to have?
  45. reptilezac

    All i want For Chrismass Is a Python

    But i wont get It as Mum hates them :(
  46. Trench

    More help with SAHD eggs

    It is day 69 and last night I noticed that two of the eggs looked to be a bit wet which is strange as incubation substrate was looking a big dry, after checking them I found that the moister was coming from two of the three eggs and to day one of them is now about 2 thirds of the size of the...
  47. Y

    bag eggs

    Hi So I just caught my southern angle-headed dragon laying eggs. I let her be for a about 12 hours. Next morning I went for an egg hunt and found she had laid 4. However, like previous times, the eggs are not perfectly oval-shaped, they've got big dents in them or looked squashed. I've never...
  48. saintanger

    southern angle headed dragon underweight

    i recently decided to get back into angle headed dragons and found someone selling a 6 month old pair. so i went out to pick them up and he told me since the female was underweight and not eating i could have her for $20 and full price for male. normaly most people don't buy reptiles that are...
  49. goaty777

    Southern Angle Headed Dragons

    Common Name Southern Angle Headed Dragon Age 4-6 months Size age appropriate Bred By Myself General Description 4 and 6 month old Southern Angle Headed Dragons. Too young to be able to sex. Call or SMS on 0403 611 061 or email on [email protected] Location Sutherland NSW...
  50. G

    is my lizard dead or playing dead please help

    hi my angle headed dragon is on the bottom of the cage looking dead. it is not moving and it does not look like it is breathing. is my lizard dead or do these lizards just play dead very well. please reply cheers