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  1. Drew Cheshire

    Bredli x Jungle or Jag cross??

    Hello, I'm very curious if anyone has any experience in these two species cross-breeding and what the outcome is, if so. Is it possible to cross a Bredli and a Jungle or Jaguar carpet? What do the offspring look like? Are there any health concerns regarding this other than the...
  2. A

    Zebra Jag

    For sale is my zebra jag hatchling, eats really good on defrosted fuzzies. Gorgeous patterns. Asking $250 Located wollongong area
  3. D

    Jag X free to good home (with enclosure and peripherals)

    Hello everyone, With a heavy heart I must find a new home for my fellow. My partner and I will be heading overseas and I have no immediate options for rehoming. He is a 6 year old 2 meter Jag X, and he will go with a vertical enclosure with all the bits and pieces. He is a gentle fellow, never...
  4. P

    Sale price of Jaguar python

    So I have a 6 year old jungle jaguar python, what's a good sale price?
  5. S

    Wanted to by female 3-4 years

    Hey just wanted to buy any kind of axanthic albino or any kind of jag you have for sale please if you have anything interesting msg Steven on +61 422 791 656 thank you
  6. C

    VIC, Looking for a juvenile JAG Diamond or Jungle

    Hey everyone! I'm currently on the market for a hatchling or atleast a young Diamond or Jungle python. I'm based in Melbourne, so I'd prefer to pick one up in Victoria but I'm happy to have one freighted if interstate. Please contact me on 0421033608 or [email protected] if you can help! :)
  7. P

    Jag Jungle often have nero problems? What is hypo jag?

    Is this true? Is it the same risk for all types of jungles?
  8. D

    Hypo Pepper Jungle Jag

    Selling my yearling pepper jag unsure of sex eats like a champ typical jungle attitude awesome looking snake would make great breeder one day can come with set up 4x4 reptile one enclosure with thermostat 2 light fittings and rock wall back ground 700 for complete set up and snake or 400 for...
  9. P

    Jag Jungle Vs High Yellow Jungle

    Hi, Does the Jag bring in certain pattern? change colour? High Yellow gives a much more yellow snake? Thanks